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Introducing The Cannes Golden Plume International Screenwriting Competition

Cannes Plume DOr

The French Riviera resort town of Cannes has long been the entertainment industry’s favorite place to showcase the best in international cinema.  The Cannes Golden Plume International Screenwriting Competition wants to launch the careers of the next generation of great writers by recognizing the absolute best screenwriting talent in the …

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Check out the Hollywood International Screenwriting Competition

silver on blk

Hollywood is the home of the entertainment industry, and the Hollywood International Screenwriting Competition was created by a passionate group of industry executives to get talented writers the exposure they deserve.  The competition’s goal is to connect great writers with seasoned production professionals.  Read more... (137 words, estimated 33 secs reading …

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The ICFFA Summer Awards coming to Hollywood, June 19th


The Independent Cinema Foundation is dedicated to making the on-screen creative process accessible to everyone and visible for all to enjoy.  They educate with workshops, seminars and round tables, and elevate by reward and recognition at film festivals and awards presentations. They also entertain the movie-going public via sales and …

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Coverage Ink’s “Get Repped Now” Is Back!

Coverage Ink

Coverage Ink has opened the call for submissions for it’s “Get Repped Now” coverage/promotion.  Basically writers you get good industry coverage at a fair price for your feature-length/hour/30 minute script, and as an exciting bonus your work may be passed along to their Manager Panel for consideration for possible representation. …

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2017 Scriptapalooza Fellowship; ‘Costa Rica never looked so good!’


Announcing the 2017 Scriptapalooza Fellowship.  The program was developed to honor dedicated writers and to help accommodate their creative process and skills.  Read more... (209 words, estimated 50 secs reading time)

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