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Don’t Miss the 4th Annual Capital Fund Screenplay Competition

What sets the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition apart from some of the other contests available to up-and-coming writers?   Capital Fund is sponsored by entertainment industry players who are actively looking for their next project, so entries are reviewed directly by investors who buy projects and fund films at the studio level – domestically and abroad.

The contest was created for one simple reason: writers want to sell their scripts, and buyers that cut the check are the hardest people to get in front of, period.   Competition founders were meeting buyers looking for great movie and TV projects, and decided to form a direct pipeline for undiscovered writers to people and companies who are looking for projects to green-light.

“Our goal was to match writers up to film investors actively pursuing script acquisitions. Since 2014 we have been successfully collecting the best of the best screenplays and getting them directly into the hands of people that are buying movie scripts in Los Angeles and around the world…”

Capital Fund offers a robust list of prizes, including:  script options, cash prizes in a number of different categories, phone consultations with film financiers and development executives, and a table read at a major Hollywood studio.  They also place high-scoring entrants onto their Hot 100 list, which they promote at major buyers’ markets in the U.S. and around the world.

Now in it’s 4th year, the Capital Fund is accepting feature-length screenplays, short scripts as well as TV pilots into competition.  Coverage is available.  Click HERE to enter, or to find out more about the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition.

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