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Kinberg doing Fantastic Four damage control, claims film is “not a disaster”


There has been a lot of chatter recently regarding the behind-the-scene difficulties on the set of Fantastic Four (2015).  Rumors have ranged from actor difficulties to constant clashes between writer/producer Simon Kinberg and Director Josh Trank.  The lack of workability between these two has also spurred new rumors regarding Trank being pulled from the new Star Wars spinoff he was in attached to direct.

With the release of the film looming, producers and studio reps have been doing some damage control.  In a recent interview with EW, Kinberg admitted he had difficulties on the set, but in defense of the project went on to say:

I am proud of it. It’s not a disaster. It’s a good movie. I find Fantastic Four a hard book to adapt. I think the tone is very tricky it. It’s deceptively simple. Figuring out the comedy and the drama and the powers themselves are hard to fit into a tone that is as grounded as we wanted to make it. But I’m happy with the way that it turned out. I really love this cast, and I want to keep making movies with them… What I do think we had was a very young director making a very big movie. And a director that, for whatever reason, people were either rooting against or his personality troubled the press

Did Josh Trank tank the latest Fantastic Four film, or will it be a success despite rumors to the contrary?  The movie opens Friday, August 7.


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