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Dalton Gray

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Los Angeles, New Orleans, Texas

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Dalton was born in Houston Texas but shortly moved Katy, Texas. His dad is a sheriff deputy and his mom started her own aviation business to be able to travel with Dalton to all his auditions and acting jobs. He has an older sister Katie. At age 13, Dalton was asked to do print work, but didn’t do it because he wanted to focus on his motocross career. Shortly after, Dalton broke his collarbone and, unable to ride his dirt-bike for a few weeks, he contacted an agent and they setup an audition for a feature film I Lack. He landed his first acting job and that was the start of Dalton’s love for acting.

His most recent role is playing Jack Colson the son of Terry Colson (David Morse) in HBO’s Treme.

When Dalton is not working, he loves riding motocross, BMX, video games, and hanging out with friends.


Actor, national motorcross rider, spokesperson against Anti-Bullying