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Hollywood,CA and la missions media

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Im a actress in two features that are going to be in the theaters 2013, Turnaround Jake and jOBS, I am also a director of a film short I’m preparing for next months shoot and also lead actress in that film, I am also a producer for a couple of short films. Student at the LOS ANGELES FILM SCHOOL, i am a cinematographer, producer, director and actress. I also have experience of 1ST A.C and 2ND A.D .


I’M a film student at The Los Angeles Film School for my A.S Degree in Film Science. I just finished a film called Scissors i was the producer for the indy film.

Other Notes

Im learning everything about film so i can be a service when anyone needs me. I also did theater for 10 years. I am a choreographer, and a stage manager for theater. I also work for disney for three years.


non union with central casting