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Mark Marcarian

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Philadelphia, PA., USA

Prizes and Awards

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Viola & Shari Talent Group (NJ) (877) 353-8361 Commercial, Hosting, Product Print, Public Appearances, Voice-Overs

Do No Harm (Pilot)


Michael Mayer

Sex, Lies & Fish

Albert D’Auria

Steven J. Niles


Mr. Williams

James Rogy

Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware Valley

Charles Craven

Anthony Spadaccini

My Friends


Kreshnik Seseri

Nothing for Ourselves


John Daily



C-zar Ursulino

The Alcoholic


Adam Hutchison

Hollywood Zombies

Zombie Cameraman

Matthew Thompson

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Dr. Columbus

Corey Borchers


Serial Killer

Dylan Wells/Kerri Hughes


Head Referee

KC Collective/Jerry Collom

Once Upon a Bridge


Jessica Gurgick

2 of Hearts

Aubrey (Aub)

Paddywagon Pro/Brian Patterson

Sugar Tongue Slim (STS) Music Video: Cliche (Official)

College Headmaster

Kyle Thrash

International School of Shiatsu


Pain Management


Mark Eaton via Bang! Pictures

Scarebrothers Haunted Nightmare

Meat Eater Mark (Zombie)

Ron & Bill Littel

Other Experience Social Media Marketer GURU, Business promotions and excellent Mascot actor. Good motivational speaker, writer and comedian. Excellent Voice-Over actor. SEE NEW HEAD SHOT(S) BELOW:
Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 220 lbs

Eyes: Hazel

Hair Color: Salt and Pepper

Hair Length: Chin Length

Billiards/Pool Player, Boating – engine, Body Building, Bowling, Fishing, Frisbee, Golf, Running – General, Shooting – Rifle, Shooting – Skeet/Trap, Stage Combat, Swimming – ability – general, Weight Lifting, Chef, Comedian, Drums, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Percussion, Voice-over, Whistler, Middle Eastern Accent, Southern Accent


Sex, Lies & Fishwith Steve Niles and 4 others
2012 to present
Sex, Lies and Fish By Steven J Niles, based on a story by Mindy Walker is an awesome comedy. Lewis Paglinini, son of the late Francisco Paglinini, is the sole owner of the lucrative Marry Fisherman’s Fish Fillet Factory. This distinction is envied by the Godfathers of several well know mafia families in the surrounding metropolis. For years, representatives from each family have vied for partial ownership of the money-making industry. None, however, could match Lewis’s price tag. What Lewis desired, more then anything else, was true love. Mafia kingpin and respected Godfather Albert D’Auria (Mark Marcarian), found a solution to both their problems. He was prepared to offer Lewis, in exchange for half ownership of the fish fillet factory, his beautiful daughter’s hand in marriage. Things do not go as planned and hilarious slapstick comedy ensues!
Head Cases: Serial Killers of the Delaware Valleywith Michael J Panichelli Jr and 2 others
2011 to present
The story of the most dangerous and prolific serial killers in the nation’s history
The Tormentedwith Mimi Meditz and 13 others
Tormented is a psycho- thriller trilogy based on the super natural obsession that the dark mystical character “Luke Pagan” holds for Amanda Stone. She is a young vibrant snooty female in her late 20’s that feels as though she is on top of the world. Amanda’s best friend, Lori Miller, also thinks she is a gift to all mankind, so they both think. They go about their journey doing the normal routine young girls like to do, shopping, partying and looking for the next best thing. One afternoon after their encounter with the likes of “Luke Pagan”, their lives are forever changed. The story takes place over one weekend with many abnormal ups and downs throughout the film. Amanda, never the committed type of a girl, meets Tim Withers. Tim is one of Lori’s dearest friends. Tim and Amanda become acquainted and realize they both have a thing for one another. This leads to more than just a friendly encounter. Things quickly take a turn for the worse with all of the interactions with Luke, Tim and Amanda. Lori starts to become concerned with things while Amanda starts to lose confidence in what is real and what is not. TRAILER:


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Producer as well