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Rob O'Connor

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Hollywood, California.

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Writer (Polish,Rewrites,etc.), Script Supervisor, Actor, PA…


Here’s my IMDB Site address –
(I’ve worked on too many to put up.)
I writer for Charles Clemmons on his webisode, of “RUN THIS TOWN” on YouTube, Season 2. Episodes 1 & 2 (for this season) are written. Episode 1, has been shot and Ep.2, will be shot this month (April), as I’m told.

Plus, another webisode coming soon. Working title, Group Therapy (Work Therapy). It’s Comedy.

I have several other scripts in the workings for a couple of years. One is called Abolished. (which been in the making for the past two years)

Another script (working title) “BLOODLINE”, it deals with re-incarnation. (An Actor with a name in the industry is interested in it.)

I Write:
Psychological Thrillers (Horror (the GORE part (s), I leave up to the Imagination of the viewer), Family (Disney, Life Time, Hallamark Channel types) type (with humor (Comedy).& Sci-Fi as well.

I’ve been working on an Animated script for some time, as well as an idea for Television show too.
TITLES : Feature Film Scripts
(Scripts to be shot)

BLOODLINE (Psychological Thriller) –
SECRETS (Psychological Thriller) –
THE RED CAP (Family) –
NORA (Psychological Thriller, w/2 Original Songs) –
MICRO (Sci-Fi (Medical Sci-Fi w/Espionage – Mini Series) –
BLACK WIDOWS LEGACY (Psychological Thriller) –

SHORTS Films Scripts
(short (5 1/4 pgs))

(short (One Main Charactor, 2 Locations, 4 Scenes, 1 pg.))

(D.A. Counselor)
(w/Theme Song)
I’ve got permission to use the song from the singer of it, too
(yeah… I know the titles been used (Touch) but, I had it before the show it self came out. And it’s nothing like the show on TV. 😉 )


e-mail address –

Other Notes

I 'm trying to get a few known Actor/Director to help with my projects. Sci-fi and other types of genre I have written.


I work from word of mouth. By others for others.