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Comedy Screenplay Awards

 Season 5 Results:


Overall Winner - Season 5

*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our Season 5

Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winner!


The Club -  Katrina Jaxson
Questionable -   Julia Koyfman
The Love Docta’ -   Brus Messinger & 
Kimberly Bramlett
Swan and Crow -  Vera Neverkevich & Katherine Eyres
Uncle Steamroller & Champion Rabbit  - Brian Kowalchuk
Mystery Squad  -  Jose Trejo
White Boys  -  Shari Sharpe
Hostage from Hell  -  Melissa Emery
The Reboots -   Andrea Lawson
Hot Springs Pilot  -  Kat Roman
Two Cops! -   Brian Corcoran
Golden -   Fran  Lewis
Weirdos  -  John Miller
Dump The Jew   - Jake Steinberg
Off World - Adjusting to the Climate  -  Joshua Hudson
The Spacer 6  -  Alexandria Sinclair & Sara Detrik
The Last Blockbuster  -  Justin Miller & Jeremiah Castleman
Sandwich Generation-    Patricia Fox
Ghosted-  Mike Bencivenga
One Night Stan    Tony Boland
Excellent  -  Ell Orion & Pepper West
Physical  -  Dylan Murphy
StoneDead  -  Matthew Corley
Ahistorical  -  Thomas Butler
Jason and the Silent Knight  -  Eric Sandefur
Sperm Bankruptcy  -  Tony Caputi
Mixed Feelings  -  Mike Cochnar
Coming Everywhere You Are  -  Bradley Kofman
Wedding Season  -  Rob Rex
That Incident On Bus 11  -  Robert Gibson
How It Ends  -  Dicot Alvarado
Shit Show: Schmest  -  Jeanette Bonner
God The Comic  -  Stephen Winnicki
Model Minorities -   Delon Villanueva
WIlkins Will  -  Jonathan Westbrook
The Weasel  -  Brianna  Cohen
Dough  -  Jen Albanese
The Billion*Heir  -  Maureen  Sheehan 
The Wind Up  -  George Demas
Cold Feat  -  Trent Tackbary
The Big Whatsit  -  Hunter Whaley
Daughters of Enron -  Landon LaRue
Layover   - Nicholas Tass
Breaking the Fourth Wall  -  Luke Sorge
Cow Boichic  -  Michael Siegel
Road Trippy  -  Joe Heath
I Told You So  -  Brian Horgan
Kevin Pterodactyl and the Shroud of Turpin  -  Robert Nash
Master Baker  -  Tyler Boyco
The International Affair  -  Chadwick Harman
The Big Mahoff  -  Russell Brand
Death, Whatever!  -  Fraser Coull
Unplanned  -  Scott Peterman & Cat Davis
The Prince of Sheep   - Jamy Johansen
Low Budget  -  Mike Rembis
Suit Stuff  -  Timothy Mason
Guardians  -  August Xiayi Palmer
The Best Men   - Oliver Diprose
The Baby Shower   - Mike Peters
InFirm   - Carolyn Bridget Kennedy 
& Richard J. McRae
Pitching! "The Ring"  -  David Christopher Loya 
Manage Me  -  Hayley Nash
Gallery Row   - Michelle McLean
Standby Hero  -  Shawn Mahan
California King Cool  -  Eli Stern
First Graders   - Ada Sarno
Higher Education - Chapter 1: The Syllabi   - Rick Flinchum
Bishop Takes Knight   - Josh Elliott
Friendly Local Game Store   - Tony Mills
The Film Professor Who Kills Hot Students for... -  Greg Benevent
Friends Like Family  -  Bryan Mazzarello
Ripples  -  Mark Mc Quown
If I Wasn't Saved  -  Kimaya Floyd
Live at Five -   Risdon Bonnell
The Next Town Over -   Brian Pack
Off Color -   Owen Thiele & Haley Daniels
Incantations   - Will RJ Davis
Inside Out -   Patrick Farrell
Anonymous was a Woman -    Linda Rogers
Altered Egos  -  Navid Nobakht
All Art Is Quite Useless   - Jeff Racho
Seldon Seen   - Peter R Feuchtwanger
The Murder of Alice Whittaker  -  Lora Martyr
Mixed Bag: The Pilot    - Justice Whitaker
Saving The Duckplucker's Son  -  Andrew Kelly & Paul Fergus Morris
Mixed  - Travis Lischer & Alexandra Barthel
Just Potential  -  Piyali Syam & Vick Krishna
Turf Wars  -  Kelsey Ross
The Bat Boy  -  Ryan Dingus
Time Hustlers  -  Andrew Hopps
The Crazy Train  -  James McDonald
Mother-In-Law -   Heather Brannon
Little Shit   - Holt Boggs
Record-Breaking  -  Cala Adair
San Pedro Heat 1: The Search for Justice   - Michael Pascal
One Last Boink  -  Jason Ancona
The Detail Guys  -  Michael  J. McDonough & David N.  McDonough 
Maybe Maybe Not  -  Randall Kirby
Abled  -  Benjamin Davis
Liebe  -  Jamaul Phillips
Astromen  -  Derrick Casto
Living Hell  -  Tina Louzon
Thunder Buns   - Micah Goldman & Griff Kohout
Modern Screen  -  Richard Tanner
What Even Are You?   - Tristan J Shuler
USA Cox  -   Tim Mangan
Stone in Love  -  Jerrad Burford
Good Housekeeping  -  Alexandria Bigelow
The Freshmen  -  Adam Karlson & Joe Hayes
Planet 30   - Margaux Poupard
Dressed Down  -  Kali Hays
WonderHawk   - Joel Dovev
Wing Night  -  Saj Pothiawala
Thick as Thieves   - Brandon Silberstein
Life $upport   - Noah Edelson
Cecil's Indians -   Ira Wood
Transplants  -  Jacob Paul Eisenstein
Fuck! Summer's Over  -  Corey Wooten
Victoria Sucks  -  Daniel Lobrace
Soulfunny!  -  Tonya Vann
Les Go!   -  Catherine Vouvray
Henches   -  Chelsea Regenold
Show Time -   Lou Reade
Track Life   - Jordan Lavender
Don't Be a Clown  -  John Dickson
Doof Shitter: The Man Who Can Smell Names  -  Thomas Oler
Inside Dope   - Michael Salort
Geriatricks  -  Mark Renshaw
Dead Girls Walking  -  Lilian Tanner
A More Adequate Union -   Alan Franciose
The Hotel Palmyra   -  John Montgomery
Let's Kill Ourselves  -  Eddie Bick & Brian  Diroff
Man Card  -  Chris Workman
A Christmas Rapture or (Santapocalypse!)  -  Andy Greskoviak
Animal Attraction    Brian Cohen
Warrior Warrior - Pilot    Brian Michaels
Ley People  -  Tom McLean
Dorsett Dreams  -  David Gray
Gayfellas  -  Marc Edelstein
The Buried Truth  -  Elizabeth J Musgrave
The Oddity   - Laird Wysocki
Furnichangerz  -  Boaz Dror
Road Tripping  -  Rikki Lee Travolta
Full Moon Over the Nudey Bar  -  Daniel Bridges
Scooped  -  Chris Givens
Village People  -  Steven Fisher
The Checkered  -  Mark Gunnion
25 Years - Later  -  Monica Schimmer
Strike And Spare   - Elvis Wilson
Adam & Eve -   Alexis Williams
Kansas, Anymore  -  Heather Farlinger
Jail Break   - Jordan Taylor
Porkbellies  - Jonathan Ferrara
Transit Authority  -  Michael Dennehy
Dances with Dogs   - Joe Gressis & Shawn Fields
Sexy Teen Squad: Undercover Monster Hunters  -  Jon Bershad
ReEnactors   - Samuel Hutchison
Dog Biscuit  -  Jason Hawkins
Cranberry Sauce   - Michael James Dean
Mr. Tinkles  -  Anthony Rea
Sports Talk  -  Dustin Drye
How Soon Is Now  -  Vincent Venturella & Jack Guimon
Damn Pirates  -  Kelly Gaudet
Miss Demeanor   - Ruby Mainieri
'Graphers  -  Jeremy Engler
Amit With the Beat   - Howard Schreiber
Daisy   - Nicholas Anthony
Fossil Fellows  -  Sofian Khan
Fired  -  Mallie McCown
The Art of Knowing Everything  -  Yves Labbé
Now Boarding   - Mike Heslin
The Autograph  -  Ayinde Ricco
The Big Picture -   Michael Charron
Home Office -   Emily Lozano
Fake News  -  Gerald Large
Road Dogs  -  Aaron Bennett & Vanessa Leigh
Three Jokers   - Rick Giacco
Out to Dry -   David Harper
Medicine Show  -  Kimberly Turner-2
Daniel Radcliffe Stole My Life -   Ed Wiles
Producers: "For the Love of Cliche"  -  Les Zig
Totally Porno  -  Stuart Orr
Dead, But Whatever  -  Boris Coll
Pursuing Piper  -  Jennifer Ball
US Inc. -   Joel Michalak
I'm With Aids  -  Warren Wagner
Dead Cat Bounce   -  Jack Caswell
City Spirit. - Warren Clarke
Party City  -  Barry Hite
Rock + Roll (Anthology) -   Moutaz Jad
Pleasant Grove -   Zack R. Smith & Andrew Miller
Life On My Knees  -  Robin Russin
Kill'em Twice -   Eduardo Fierro
WeHo   - Cody Wacura
Girls with History  -  Susannah Stengel & Hannah  Pearson
Nudeless   - Scott Fenton
Lie or Die -   Jennifer Blakney & John Weil
The Band  -  Chris Talbott
The Darkest Hour Gothic Emporium-    Leanne Mangan
The True Story of the S.S. Rex  -  Paula Dixon
The Lot   - Jamie Granato & Derek  Larson
Waters for Thirsty Ground   - Mike Meier
Middle Age: "Village Idiot" -    Myles Hewette
The Morning Glory of Saint Winwaloe  -  VC Lennox
In Other News   - Lewis Sarmed Alsamari
Expats  -  Dorian Frankel

There's An Alien In My Bathtub   - Randall (RW) Hahn

One Last For My Heart. - Hakim Benshila    
Superbug  -  Gio Forlenza
The 7 Deadly Dates   - Brian Erwin 
Scoot  -   Joan Philo
Lenny's Luck  -  Colin Pierce
Renaissance Man  -  Robert Tolz  
Surface Tension -   Shane Walsh-Smith
Chet & Floyd vs. the Apocalypse  -  Justin Hunter
c/o Nikki Geller Mesa, Arizona   -   Gary Bigelow 
The Cast Rejects  -  Kathryn L.  Scurry
Launching   - Matthew Gold, Veronica Dunne, Kurt Maloney, Eilise Guilfoyle
Last Thursday  -  Kevin Machate
WiMe-5G: Wi The Muck  -  Patricia Hayes
Adult Acne -  Jade Tremblay   
The George Sanders Affair   -  Michael Ellis 
Five Kingdoms    - Craig Koller
Red Ink on Steel  -  John Thibault
Campus 911: Serving Since Yesterday  -  Richard C Geiwitz
Mexican Jesus   - Matthew Pinard
Good Lord  -  Matthew Neff
Burn Cruise  -  Sam Johnson, Connor Diedrich
Million To One  -  Scott Michael Branan
Pwintheth -   Steven Butler
Papaman  -  V. Alex Marquez
Crowd Work  -  Hannah Petosa
The Loser's Club  -  Jonathan Turner Smith
Lovestruck   -  Anthony Sands 
King Elizabeth  -  Joe Cline, Eric Martin
You're Doing Great!  -  Sharon Spell
The Advantages of Whiskey Over Dogs   - Michael Begg, Barry A. Lemoine
A Brooklyn Christmas   - Drew Henriksen, Anthony Mangano 
SuperHeroish! -   Andre Paul Thierry
College -  Amy Haeussler    
Double Dads -   Jessica Burnett
Hello I Must be Going  -  Sara Hallowell
Monthly Subscription  -  Ria Patel
The Caterer  -  Dale Brandenburg
Warren and the Wheelie Bins  -  Euan Mitchell
Hat Trick  -  Robert Gately
Scarlett's Ghosts   - Robert Cole
The Messenger  -  Joanna Johnson
Party Line  -  Tyler Holme
A Little Bit Louder  -  Ben Fussiner   
High Again   - Joanna Louise Johnson
Out Of The Ditch  -  Charley Vance
Forever Charlee  -  Hank Isaac  
Rodeo  -  Lynn Elliott
Black Eye: A Supernatural Lacrosse Tale  -  Zak Johnson, Joshua Perrault
Drinking in Church  -  Kieran Angelini
The Big Idea - David J Schroeder
A Spy On Every Corner  -  Bob Canning
P.S. Confidential - Gail Bashara    
Sooey!    Jurgen Heimann
Ready To Serve   - Sarah Schultz
Josie's Date With Death   - Lisa Marie Tedesco
illegal Aliens   -  Clint Buckner
Jingle Belles -   Janine Annett, Jessica Delfino, Amy Barnes
Instantly   - Gene Golus
Zombie F C -   Mike C McCarthy
A Plumb Mistake -  Anthony Catino   
Aurora Gorealis   - Lee Lawson, Steve Brumwell
Ha Ha  -  Joe Wielosinski
A Piece of Heaven  -  Philip Sedgwick
G.I.A. -   Joe Boi
Unbrotherly Love  - Nick Abdo
Cursed  -   Roy Zafrani
Pleased To Meet Me  -  Jyllian Gunther
Andy Pansky's a Corporate Lackey   - Scott Marshall Taylor
Apartment Manager  -  Adam Pitzler
The Satan Pill  -  Richard Sloggett
Cuddler-for-Hire  -  Ourdia Hodge
The Zombays  -  Lawrence Barnett
The Selfless Activist  -  Caryn Ruby, Micah Parker
Dumbest Generation   - Leslie Lyshkov
The Finicky Cat -   Garin Pirnia
Snow White From Queens  -  Diana Lee Woody
The Wayworn Wanderer  -  Jeffrey Kerr
The Selection   -  Zak Johnson, Evan Michael
Lemonlight   - M. Rowan Meyer
Beach Baby  -  Patrick Norman
It Was Probably Just the Wind   - Nathan D. Ludwig
Snowmageddon 2  -  Sean Jaskiewicz, Mike Schminke, Sean Taylor, Mike Kintz
Life On My Knees  -  Robin Uriel Russin, William Missouri Downs
Mumbly Peg   - Mark Lesser
Mann Overboard  - Jordan Jacobson, Neal Lerner
Fleaosaurus   - Benjamin Pollack
The Lady Birds   - Kim Strickland-Sargent
A Whiff of Steel   - Jason Aylmer
Life After Death  -  David Two-Saint  
Location Location Location  -  Aaron James Sutch
Sick Together  -  Kate Shine, Molly Kiernan
Stand Tall!  -  Vincent J. Paterno
The Mythical Golden Trout   - Craig Peters
Chosenville  -   Jessica Kane  
Tobacco Man  -  Mark Marinovich
Damage Control    Stephen Hoover
Ping!: "Oh, Theo!" -   Rain Story
Always A Groomsman   -  Awan Jay Wye 
Major Label -   Lily Judge
Ready.. Aim.. Smile!  -  Scott Liapis
Diverse + Inclusive -   Christine Sweeney
Hansel   - Josh Blaine
The Craziest Christmas  -  Gary Theroux
A Bridal Tail  -  Mark Jay Rosen
Smells Like Teen Spirit  -  Lina Wisur
The Fairy Godmother's Apprentice  -  Leslie Bloom, Todd Naylor
Nice to Meet Me  -  Tyler Martin
Mr. Mayor  -  D.G. Stern
The Tommy Sessions  -  James Skowyra
Rent A Life  -  Phyllis Allison
The Honeypot   - Rodney Lawrence Bernardo
ReFocused  -  Steve Becker
Columbia  -  Jesse S. Martin
Humor Management    - Mike Gallagher
Black Don't Crack   - Ericka Gomez 
Out of Character  -  Charles Neal
Jacked In South Central|BLM -  Rick Eager
It's a Job  -  Emmett Raitt
The Bad Guys  -  Bouchez
Telemedicine  -  Patrick Tierney  
General Mess Hospital   -  Boas Gonen MD
Hey  - Tom Sime
Johnny's Pico  -  Sean Monahan, Scott Hennelly
The Whole Chicken -   Krista Eulberg
Detective Show  -  Chris Warner
Hey Fritzbee!   - Christopher Sartorius
Chasing Stanley  -  Carolyn Carpenter, Douglas Shaner
Red Grapes   - Sarah M Bartley
Kill, Marry, Screw   - Jamin Keene
Parallel Universe -   Patrick McGrath
Santa's Rockin' Reindeer   -  Tim Fried-Fiori 
The Lonely Jerk -   Ryan W. Klass
#Likes4Lucas  -  Dylan Kai Dempsey
The Hit - List   - Marc Lapadula
The Dickens You Say  -  Jerry Robbins
My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad  -  Russell s Robertson

Managing Misses  -  Ben Criswell
The Academy for Early Education  -  Miles Woods
Thieves -   Anthony Brenneman
Real Men   - James Holloway
Enough  -  Sam Keller
Crawdaddies  -  Andrew Zeoli & Christian Wagner
(UN)Claimed  -   Carolyn Ratteray
Loft In Space  -  Paul Lane
Dang Dina   - Christina Shaver
First Runner Up   - Christine Pfeiffer Stocke & Dan Stocke
Clowns in the Kitchen  -  Andrew Amani
That Damn Sinbad-Genie Movie   - Joe Schlegel
Bummer  -  Autumn Withers & Ryann Ferguson
24hr Dontus  -  Danny Shoshan
Commando Chris  -  Jake Steward
Benny Bouges -   Dylan Crittenden
Gub  -  Gary Smith & Pat Himes
Snowflake  -  Wilandrea Blair
The Old Gods Club   - Tracy Schumer
Tropical Depression  -  Tom Bruno & Chris Reina
Dead Man's Cove  -  Mary Kate Allen
The Further Adventures of Jimmy Lynch  -  Robert Rossetti
As Burns This Saint   - Jake Baird
Space Junk  -  Christopher Mancuso & Jason Porcino

Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky  -  Dave Konig
Up The Rio   -  Jaime Osnato-Rosario
A Growing Concern  -  Richard Curtis
Tinsel Falls   - Samuel Holladay
Struggling in Boston   - Christopher Walker
Baited   - Daniel Fishbayn
Caribbean Cruise Vacation   - Jonathon Douglas
Joker & The Thief  -  Mark Turner
Hal, The Spud King of Japan  -  John Thibault
Token Idiots   - Matthew Lutz
Sarah Startup  -  Gregg Greenberg
The Return of The Fabulous 7   - Judy Holm
Judy The Executioner -   Jason Kemp & Chris Thoman
Horny Bikini Beach Family  -  Emily Clouse
Get Schlossed   - Stewart Fergus
Cinds & Millia -   Billie Bates
Get Educated  -  Magenta Rose Brown
Shirtwaisted   - Stacey Garratt
That's A Good Girl  -  Steven Demmler
Brook Farm  -  Alexander Wake
A Short Drop and A Sudden Stop  -  Margaret Dane
Floor It -   Abby Cohen
Toy Box   - Steve Holinsworth
Under The Influence  -  Alyssa Biller
Criminals  -  Alexander Markaryan
The Rash   -  Tony James Moore
School Nights   - John Killoran
Site 106  -  Callum Campbell & Benjamin Green
Blue Comedy   - Vincent Accettola
Fire On Holy Mountain   - Daniel Grove
I Was Just Thinking -   Dontae Muse

LMAO the Movie  -  Unnamed 
Cat's Outta the Bag   - Steffi Hill
Hot Toddy  -  Scott Cox
Perfect Harmony   - Will Gong
Coach Mom -   Nicole Myrick
The Lucid Dream: An Indy Movie  -  Lauren Kleeman
A Mid-Summer Mess  -   Zach Shinske
Bankers  -  Sparky Truman
Bommerangst  -  George Johnson
Mermaids of Media, Pennsylvania -  Carol Sabik-Jaffe
Multitudes   - Michael Boyle
Living in the Moments   - Stephen Beyer

In Search of Hysterical Jesus - David Lambertson

A Bloody Affair - Scott Jeschke

Super Turbo Overdrive - Peter Hsieh

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