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Comedy Screenplay Awards
 Season 6 Results:

Filmmatic Comedy Season 6 1728x1080.png

Overall Winner - Season 6


*Thanks once again to all of the hard-working writers who entered, and congratulations to our Season 6 Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winner!​

We once again had a large number of entries this

season, boiling that group down to the list you see on this page was no easy task.  We're very grateful to have received so many wonderful projects, keep on writing everyone, and stay well!

The Betty Fam  -  Ellen Doyle

BallyZombie  -  Pearse Lehane

The Cast Party  -  Adam Patla

1400 P.D.  -  Ryan Manns & Jocelyn Manns

When Horror Met Sally  -  Ervin Anderson

Charity is Dead  -  Aaron Easterbrooks

Too Many Wades  -  Stirling J McLaughlin & Wilder Konschak

The Film Professor Who Kills Hot Students for Fame and Healthcare  -  Greg Benevent

Supermarket Zombies  -  Rick Dunning

The Ties That Bind  -  Haley Dercher



The Club -  Katrina Jaxson
Together Again  -  Emmett Loverde, Larry Maraviglia
Voices  -  James Beeler
The Real Thing  -  Matthew Papadopoulos
Born Again  -  Daniel Schooling
Leanne's Man  -  L. Andrew Cooper
The Love Palace  -  Justin St. Pierre
Rent A Life  -  Phyllis Allison
Ready.. Aim.. Smile!  -  Scott Liapis
Don't be a Jerk Today  -  Joe Leary
True Love & Other Fairy Tales  -  Brian Tuohy
Technical Foul  -  James Mellis
Unmatched  -  Arthur Tiersky
Say What?  -  Stuart Forrest
“Muffin Club”  -  Charles Petrilla
Ai! Chilito  -  Judy Chaikin
The Hollywood'll Eat    Jeffrey Riley Kazanjian
Uncle Franco's Birthday Suit  -  Lynn H. Elliott
The Fallout  -  Dominic Flanagan
A Man Running Blind  -  John T. Frederick
Half Day    Donick Cary, Chris Warner
Hookers, Video and Cheap Motels, or:  How to Save a Marriage -  David Bardos
Taming Holden Caulfield  -  Virginia Austin
As Dead As It Gets  -  Mackenzie Kalish 
Horseman of the Esophagus  -  Adam Sedlak
Art Appreciation  -  Jennifer Titus , Mark Provencher
Rasta Ho-Tep: Rise of the Mummies  -  Peter Fraser

Legless Lizards  -  Dave Drinkwater
Is He, You Know...?  -  Michael Savio
Tender & Mild  -  Jared Dunne
Sure-Fire  -  Michael Goldburg
The Righteous Knight  -  Dale  Sweeney
Paranormal P. D.  -  Jamie Marchetti
Sweet Merci  -  Gianmarco Giacomelli
Special Agents  -  Brian Pracht
Self Help!!!  -  Jacqi Bowe
Love and Other Beautiful Messes  -  Stacie Shellner
Full Moon Over the New "D" Bar  -  Daniel Bridges
Distressed  -  Loic Pichot
The Fall Girl  -  Tara Hall
Cruisin'  -  Jamie Benyon
"Nydus Gaming"  -  Ryan Manns
Walter & Tina  -  Riley Marinelli
Halfway House From Hell  -  Grant Gruber
Little Green Mend  -  Brian Menz
Three Killers and a Baby  -  August Hei
Simi Valley  -  Stacey Garratt
Lowered Expectations  -  Alejandro Grossmann
The Mythical Golden Trout  -  Craig Peters
Widows & Widowers  -  Paul Rosengren
We Are Not Good People  -  Edel Dmyto Oksamyt
Lola and Max Vs. The Grim Reaper  -  Ben Moody
WIP  -  Sina Sultani
LongStoryShort  -  Peter Macaluso
Instafamous  -  Caytha Jentis
How People Meet  -  Mary Kate Allen
2nd Rate Fairy  -  Tony Ferrendelli
The Documents!  -  Johnny Cruz
Joe Normalé  -  Wes Eastin
How to Kill Yourself Like the Ultimate Badass*...  -  Kyle Little
2nd Puberty  -  Lucas Miller
A Tender Soul  -  Jonathan Flike
Mr Frosty  -  Jonathan Glendening
John Proctor Must Die -   Savannah Lobel
Cover Act  -  Neer Musa Shelter
Can't Country  -  RK Musgrave
The Dolling Twins  -  Robert Rogers
Skpow!  -  Stephen Notley
Area 51 3/4  -  Chris Gannon
The Last of the Tough Guys  -  Carol Benanti
Fishmonger  -  Neil Ferron
Bastards -   Jonathan Hess
The Fool's Errand   -  John Murphy
Quarter-Life Crisis  -  Matthew Storms
Reality Check  -  Ashley Rebecca Farley
John Wicklebaumhausen  -  Jeff Walkley
Kurst and Blest  -  David Gray
Birth Mother Of The Bride -   Patrick McKenna
Real Men -   Dan O'Dowd
Peasants  -  Kristina Grosspietsch
Tropical Depression  -  Kelley J. Brower
A Nine-Eleven Carol  -  Spencer McCall
Five With A Bullet  -  Christopher Isenegger
The Trials of Job  -  Curt McCray
Amateurs  -  Kirsty Budding
Test of Strength  -  Danny Baram
Graduate Assassin  -  Barry Ambrose
Soaked  -  Joshua J. Young
Tarantula Juice  -  Ben Pavitt
Judy The Executioner  -  Jason Kemp
Wizard's Duel  -  Matthew Corley
Callbacks  -  Bryce Marrero
Grim and Her  -  Brendon Udy
Mortified  -  Andy Knuth
VoyHer  -  Evan Pitt-Payne
Last Seat on Capsule X  -  Aaron Sutch
Welcome To GaryTown  -  Seth Nelson
Ransacked  -  Andy Jones
Ice Cream FanBoy  -  Steven Bucky Butler
How To Date A Stripper  -  David Rorie
Life After Camp  -  Mike Miller



Mimi Goes to Rehab  -  Misa Butsuhara
Cornhole  -  Darlene Conte
Pickled  -  E.J. Kendall
Driven  -  Daniel Ferrell
Jonesy, the Sitcom  -  Caledonia Hanson
The one that got away  -  Dakota Fry
Star-Crossed, Pilot Episode  -  Melinda Layden
Lainey Goldling's Story of the Day  -  Unnamed 
The Best Last Family Christmas  -  Christine OKeefe
Do You Party?  -  Tanya Schultz
The Afterlife of Erotica Evans  -  Harvey Yazijian
Standby Hero -   Shawn Mahan
Million Dollar Johnson  -  Jeffrey Boggs
Elvis Escobar & Juniper Lea  -  Shreyas Ayaluri
Come Again - Episode 101  -  Taylor Skokan
Lila  -  Bill Watson
Chocolate Roulette  -  John Licata
Shamesgiving  -  Landon Bradford
Pests  -  James R. Cowley
Right Brain/Wrong Basket  -  Nicole Myrick
Voles  -  Chris Walls
Off Color  - Tapan Sharma
Mystery School  -  Solange Neustadter
The Zombie Invasion of Christmas  -  Phillip Ramati
The Virgin Mary  -  Craig Paulsen
Gaud Complex  -  Bryan van Gorder
Trigger Warning  -  Adam Lederer
Handbags and Heels  -  Brenna Kelly
The Breakdown  -  michael charron
I Hate People  -  Brian Gross
Meet Me at Maxim's  -  Adam Korbitz
Lefty  -  Robert Potter
Nightmare On Myrtle Street  -  Eric Hehr
The Big Swindle  -  Greg Fortier
Happily  -  Felicia Renae
Bride out of Hell  -  Richard Adrian
Rottenburgerfield  -  Myles Hewette
Grim Gets a Life -   Peter Fraser
Essential Workers - "The Revolving Door"  -  Quinton Buxton
Amusing Stories from the Royce Casket Co.  -  Brian Davis
Mother Nature and the Doomsday Prepper  -  Laurie Criego
Welcome to Highville  -  David White
La Cuarentona -  Miguel Orozco
A Real Man -   Magda Pazdej
The Impractical Murder of Christian Morales  -  Alejandro Alberola
Living in the Moments   - Stephen Beyer
Violent Delights  -  Mercedes Brazier-Thurman
Hail Larry  -  Evan Frondorf
We Run Bad  -  Dan Reilly
Monkey InthE Middle  -  Suzan Averitt
Secret Putin - Pilot  -  Mackenzie Horras
Squeal Team Six  -  Gary Howell
In the Beginning  -  Grace Fetterman 
BFFs Never Say Die  -  K. Jennifer Ilagan
To Catch a Cougar  -  Lauren Neal
Jason and the Silent Knight  -  Eric Sandefur
Together?  -  Opeyemi 
Lucky For You   - Heidi Haddad
Badass  -  Noni Salma
Two Kinds of Eggs -   Bo Martin
This Is Why I'm Single  -  Hayley Nash
Christmas Can't Wait  -  Natalia Chown
Gig Economy -   Lucy Caborn
Leviticus 13  -  Sara Spector
Michiganders  -  John Hallmann
Desperate Measures   - Ethan Homen
The Building Manager  -  Daniel Cohen
Gum Rappers  -  Jerry L. Jennings
Sex Strike  -  William Dobson
Ricky: An Overweight Underdog Story  -  Kevin Schini
The Happiness Angel  -  David M Hinds
Rival Hearts  -  Jon Ramsten
Black Ginger  -  Navonte Hill
Bride Vs Aliens   - Jaime Kawamoto
Thai- American Sex Comedy  -  James Moore
Ain't That A Kick In The Head  -  Robert Skir
This Is It  -  Berg Rosenberg
A Lil Big Weekend  -  Edward Givans
Three Dates  -  Julia Perez
Right Arm!  -  Ron Bishop
Paradise Road  -  Adam Ross
Loose Ends  -  Lee Redmond
The Gods Must Be Horny  -  Lee Tidball
Mr. Irrelevant  -  Louie Pradt
Hot Garbage  -  Navid Nobakht
Cecil's Woods  -  Kevin Renshaw
An Open Table -   James James
Hen's Night - A French Tale -   josephine Pulu  Bezzina
The Art and Beauty of Miserable Bastards  -  Marilyn Jacovsky
Ecstasy Under the Sea   - Jeremy Span
Did you hear Jake's back?  -  Brendan Hennessy
Flex   - Micah Goldman
Oh Ship!  -  Delaina M. Waldron
Sammy  -  Joel Momberg
Chris Mess  -  Deborah Stenard
Cancelled  -  Ben Bagli
Unpaid  -  Tori Collins
Slash!  -  Brad Lewandowski
Falafel  -  Sigal Erez
The Doomsday Egg  -  Nick Walsh
Don't Make it Wierd  -  Lauren Freedman
Gay, Asian, Immigrant  -  Ushmey Chakraborty
Bingo 2.0  -  Justin Kagan
The Terry Stinger Show  -  Carlos Perez
All Hope Commune  -  Kerrod Williams
Vampaw  -  David Nelson
Hot Toddy  -  Scott Cox
Caesar Of Delph  -  Patrick Corcoran
Haunt for Hire  -  Veronica Tabares
Cooper Adler's Romantic Comedy  -  Jeff Opdyke
Once Upon a Time in Queens  -  Bryan Peralta
Invisible  -  LAURA CARSON
Mad Hadley  -  Jodi Lustig
The Coop  -  Carrie Smith
Breast in Show  -  Andrea Berting
Fearless Leader  -  Jarrod Bogan
Dictator's Daugher  -  Leysan Khabibullina
Diplomatic Solution  -  Ed Tasca
Stork  -  Cathriona Slammon
Play It Again  -  Jose Benedict Luis Alvarado
Rewind  -  Bobby Gorman
He's got a cat...  -  Michael Jacques
Liebe  -  Jamaul Phillips
How Soon Is Now  -  Vincent Venturella
Knowing Eric  -  Matt Koplik
High Rotation  -  James Cripps
Claims  -  Augustin Stucker
Benjamin Lee High School  -  John Pastore
Chase  -  Lauren Noble
Singles cruise  -  Diana Djurcinovska
The Magnificent Harry Fly  -  L.E. Coleman
Rock Hard, Big Dick's  -  Thomas O'Connor
Comfort Zone   - Chrissy Lessey
Bad News  -  Jon Oliver
Bottomfeeders  -  Sarah Melick
Squirt  -  Stacy Dackson
Dropouts   - Andrew Kelley
Saving Love  -  Tammy Klembith
The Greatest Race  -  Adam Somang Karlson
Comrade Freud  -  Mick Cohen-Carroll
Mama Moo  -  Nimish Tanna
Patrick Saves Boston  -  Vince Grittani
A Single Lady’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Baby Day  -  Brit Cowan
We Made A Zombie  -  B. Isabella Bodnar
Wilder Mind  -  Paul Burger
Sunset Manor  -  Lyndon McGill
Full Circle  -  Brad Catherman
Avery  -  Bryan Kelsey
Pity Sex, White Wine, and Self-Loathing in the Suburbs   - Brian Laughran
Dig In  -  Brett Brooks
Confidence  -  Joel Michalak
The Malcontents  -  Daniel Lindeman
Telekitties  -  Bea Lovett
Last Train  -  Eduardo Macchiarelli
Porch Pirates   - J Geiran
Come Together  -  Karl Van Lear
IT Girls  -  Jess McLaughlan
Altarcation  -  Hal Katkov
Jet's Set - Pilot/This Is How I Die.  -  Joan Martinez
The Clue Boys  -  Cody Ashford &  Eric Vue
Door Salesman Dave -   Ross Henson
The Clerk and The Cocksman  -  Nick Coleman
Tammy's Replacement  -  Paul Rowe
American Daydream  -  Jim Grieco
Delirious  -  Gary Thompson
Coffee Shop  -  matthew Jehle
The Most Interesting Man in the World  -  Jessica Olsen
Charm School  -  Imogen Church
King of the Feather Wars  -  tim fitzharris
Black Monk Time  -  Robert Jordan


The Roughest Town In The West  -  Guershon Moreno
The Somebodies  -  Leah Freilich
Sugar Rush  -  Lee Chambers
Norms-Vill   - Simi Ten
Keepin' It Real  -  Joanne  Perica 
A Clown Named Tremaine  -  Dylan Amick
Jake Lathe: Private Eye  -  Cale Curlett
Deny, Deny, Deny  -  Gail  Brice
Ivy Weird  -  Gesley Alexis
What Comes After Sorrow  -  Ornella Ohayon
Story World   - Jake Ellsworth
Squire  -  Colin MacLeod
Final Act  -  Alex King
Secret Passage  -  Paul Teese
Offspring  -  V.P. Walling
The Broke Boys  -  Charlie Davidson
Unt. Innkeeper Horror/Comedy  -  Keenan McGuckin
Eleanor Of Ellendale of Earth  -  Hunter Ridgway
Onny - Pilot  -  Nonie Shiverick
Happy Little Trees  -  Patrick Franklin
The Smallest Ways  -  James Greenall
Strongmen  -  Sylvain "Sly" Raymond
Twin Flames  -  Jared Pettit, Jason Felix

Zombie/Ghost  -  Wayne Wiggins
Gary's Discount Bridal  -  Elizabeth Reichelt
Back At It  -  John Fisher
Organ Donor  -  Rustin Jarrell
Clay, May, Shawn  -  Mike Bradecich
Jank Robbers  -  Charles Tucker
Three Unwishes  -  Troy Graham
Bad Influence  -  Tim Daly
This Land is Our Land  -  Austin Rodriguez
Tripp - A Television Series  -  Wayne Nuessle
Let's Make A Baby  -  Jason Laurits
Stupid American  -  Rob Sitter
The Spree  -  Alec James
Gilbert  -  Cedric Beard 
Quinning  -  Sawyer Greenberg
Onion What?  -  Colin Ryan
Strange Events in Crimson Grove  -  Dino Sardella
The Bunker!  -  Chris Bernard
The Moron  -  Kevin J. Howard
The Quitter  -  Daniel Johnson
Better Dates Than Never  -  Tonya Holloway
Hostages  -  Finn Kobler
Fog Merchants  -  Sean Keating
Life's No Fairytale  -  Kevin Carroll
Fool's Errand  -  Aaron W. Bennett
Ace Jam  -  Matt Manser
Let's Rob Mel Gibson  -  Anthony Petito
Solutions Limited  -  Jared Jeffries
Boca Waters  - Gabe Hoffman
LA Cult  -  Michael Lucid
More of Me  -  Jade Shine
Fire On Holy Mountain  -  Daniel Grove
Shit Happens  -  Dane McCauley
Loving Mariachi  -  D.R. Ransdell
MiDog  -  Laura Antonelli
Sugar, Spice & Other Vices  -  Daniel Massarani
Mismatch  -  Martin Blinder
Titan Cats  -  Joe Crump
Trent Needs a Tampon  -  Emmett Jack Lundberg
Madison P.I.  -  Harry Ford
Desired  -  Kate Harpootlian
Cup of Jello  -  Altair Hernandez Martinez
The Adapture  -  Caleb Barge
Silent Cal  -  Claire McKey Berkman
Rock n' Horse  -  Debi Calabro
Dope Chick  -   J Kyle  Manzay
Jane Dough  -  Peter Quinn
Hall of Presidents  -  Louis Ferrante
Tripwire Love  -  J. Ryan Briggs
Bad Pussycat   - John Mahony
Secretary of Arts  -  Julie Sharbutt
Hal Mark and the Wonderful World of Christmas  -  John Dickson
Realty-V  -  Cassandra Martin
The Grandmother  -  Robert Rossetti
Slush  -  T.J. Peters
Zombies for Christmas  -  Nick Roth
Digger  -  Dave Wade
Proud Marys  -  Jennifer Paz
Slush Turtles  -  Celia Ramsey
Spilt Milk  -  Joe Wielosinski
Five Orcs  -  Kevin Ryan
The Bucklanders  -  Michael Blomquist
Solstice  -  Jonny King
Spies Girls  -  Tai Scrivener
Jack, the Stripper, and the Mormon  -  D. Max Hamblin
Last Thursday  -  Kevin Machate
Chitlin  -  Michael  Clifton 
This Is Happening  -  Emily Gadsby
Demon Time  -  Anthony Haley
The Last Blockbuster  -  Justin Miller
UPSTART  -  Luke Caso
DEAD ENDERS  -  Brent Hartinger
Mango Hostel   - Marcella Haddad
Battle of the Exes -   Matthew Hoch
UNDERTAKINGS  -  Michael Barnard
F.I.R.E. -   Julia Blauvelt
The Cliche Castle Caper  -  James Syring
Ladies & Gentlemen - Pilot -   David Zuckerman
Out of Left Field  -  Zachary Stein
The Cemetery Plots  -  Donahue Silvis
Midnight Reckoning  -  Jens Pilegaard
Val   - Wanda Taylor
Ring in the New Year  -  Lucas Abreu
Have Cape, Will Accessorize  -  Robert Walcott
Die Again Tomorrow  -  Dylan Arnow
Mourning Glory  -  Katie Frorer
Speak English  -  Kieran Angelini
And No One Mourned  -  Ky Rogers
BTW, I'm An Alien  -  J. L. Paxxiel

Grin & Bear It   -  Jacqueline Fisher 
Moth and the Tattooed Girl  -  Aiden Kutcher
3 of Me  -  Mark Jay Rosen
Loonatoona  -  Shockadelic
Rough Cut  -  Matthew Margo
The Badger Bar   - Elizabeth Stevens, James Bruner
Home of the Devils  -  Steven D'Addieco
Half Plus Seven  -  Lindsay P. Adkins, Wally Marzano-Lesnevich
Good Luck, Mister Gorsky  -  Martin Keady 
Boneheads  -  Kelly Jean Karam
Tijuana Express   - Neal Thibedeau
Str8. Man Married. Deport-Staying.  -  Rick Eager
Review  -  Jonathan Zarantonello
Staycation  -  Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Demons 4  Dummies  -  Rollin Jewett
TESStosterone  -  Erin Elizabeth Keefer
A Girl, A Beer and a Cigarette  -  John Joseph Arnau
subdivision  -  Casey Leary
Guffy  -  Will Berry
Sheep's Clothing  -  Warren Lane
Mergers and Acquisitions  -  Emmett Loverde
Falling In Line  -  Anita Chandwaney
Super Zeroes  -  Richard Bruce Stirling
The Twelve Chairs  -  Gregg Greenberg, Michael Rispoli
Peace, Love, and Law Enforcement Pilot  -  Lorraine Portman
ValleyWood  -  Derrick Murrietta, Leonardo Laciura-Foley
Hoof & Horn  -  Kevin Brunner
Greek Life  -  Danielle Dallas Roosa, Brian Cunningham
One-Night Stand  -  Shaneequa Cannon
The Mr. Dave Show...Show  -  Scott Marshall Taylor
Tech-Evolt   -  Arianne Gelica Frigillana
First-Timers  -  Jenna Jean Ebersberger
Mindy and Martin’s Melee  -  Harker Jones
Hard Candy Christmas  -  Nick Abdo
A Better Liar  -  Anthony Catino
In Bits and Pieces  -  David Toussaint
Democracy High -  Robert Brooks Cohen
Raintree Rehab  -  Joanne Bellew
Warped!   -  Rory Penland
You Already Know  -  Nicholas Pulos
Pearl of Wisdom  -  Marlene Sharp
Plum Nasty  -  Derek McDaniel
The Trouble With Parents  -  Bruce Kalish
Gag  -  Barry Staff
Harper & Maddy  - Tyler Holme

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