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Comedy Screenplay Awards
 Season 8 Results:

Copy of Filmmatic Comedy Season 8 Final 1728x1080.png

Overall Winner - Season 8


*Thanks once again to all of the hard-working writers who entered, and congratulations to our Season 8 Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winner!​

We had a large number of entries this

season, boiling that group down to the list you see on this page was no easy task.  We're very grateful to have received so many wonderful projects, keep on writing everyone, and stay well!

Otherworld N.J.  -  Matthew McLachlan

Epic Fail. -  Thomas Morris

Youth in Asia  -  Katie Crone

Scatterbrained  -  George Peterson

Chipmunk Charlie  -  Joe Eatherton

Standby  -  Patrick Tearney

Billy & Ray  -  Mike Bencivenga

Area 50  -  Della Greenawalt, Debi Yazbeck

WTF?!  -  William Miller

The People Team  -  Jonathan Weisbrod

Strange Magic  -  Will Jones



Boyfriend School  -  Rick Danenberg
Missing the Point  -  Link York
Walk of Shame  -  Khan Holland
Steady Neddy Frumpkin  -  Amy Tebo
Love Chasers  -  Randy Hines
The Gathering  -  Jordan Gibler
Jesus One Stop  -  Frederik Ehrhardt
ArtWorks  -  Jeffrey Meyer
Did You Say Blood?  -  James Yantko
Unverified  -  Matthew Saio
Birth Mother of the Bride  -  Patrick McKenna
Lethal Weapons  -  Adam Hopwood
Crawdaddies  -  Andrew Zeoli
Don't Reid Into It: You Can't Dance To Beethoven   -  Reid Davis
Mac and Cheez Save the World  -  Marshall Crawford
The Writers Room  -  Richard Powell
Episode Six  -  Joe Amadon
The Bucket Hit List  -  Karen McDermott
Life With Chuck - Adult Animated Sitcom Pilot  -  Mario Turchiarolo
The Legend of Crassus  -  Miles Randall
American Drama  -  Susan Sassi
Trust Larry  -  Erik Argenti
The Flip Side  -  Alise Morales
Truth About Crime  -  Skylar Schock
Dog Person  -  Jeanee Ledoux
Spectrum  -  Jon  Edge
SAHD  -  Matt Hyams
Drivers License  -  James Barnes
The Umbrella Guy  -  Adam Westervelt
Senioritis  -  Nate Patrick
The Wrestling Show  -  JULIE HARRISON-HARNEY
Boomerang  -  Brian Schwab
The Devil You Know  -  Daniel Reiner
Sleeper  -  Gavin McClenaghan
Hell To Pay  -  John Logan McGee
Cotton Top  -  Bill Wilson
The Most Dangerous Fame  -  Adam Senior
Bowie in Birmingham  -  Nick Griffiths
Displaced  -  Ron Conron
Happy Yet?  -  Laura Gray
Critical  -  Aidan Kilpatrick
#matched   - Joey Perotti
Scapegoat!  -  Nan Schmid
Altered Egos  -  Navid Nobakht
POSITIVE  -  Roberto Niño de Rivera
Rasta Ho-Tep: Rise of the Mummies  -  Peter Fraser
Elvis Escobar & Juniper Lea  -  Shreyas Ayaluri
Coming Soon  -  Bill Kelman
Time Tourists   - Josh Miller
To Tell You the Truth, I Lied a Little  -  Adam Ross
LA Nights  -  Arthur Glenn
Chronic  -  Rose Hurley
Reformed  -  Mark Flehmer
Sinistaar!  -  Kai Martin
Papa Bear Army  -  Matthew Sheehan
MFK  -  Richard Thompson
The Grandmother  -  Robert Rossetti
Fatal Family  -  Hilary Schwartz
Playing the Palace  -  Alex Williams
Re-Gifted  -  Joel Michalak
Bite Me  -  Andy Palmer


Steve's Law  -  Paul May
Jan's Awakening. -  Julia M. Sauder   
SKATING ON THIN ICE. -  BoB Canning    
Bagels and Blood  -  Bob Crandall, Marq Del Monte
Blood Money  -  Dominic Flanagan
The Happiness Angel  -  David M Hinds
Off His Meds  -  Luis Ortiz, Tsunami Ortiz, Tsunami Ortiz
Good News Gary  -  Chad Hutson
The Long Con -   Bill Kershisnik
Koming Out  -  Davis Eleanor Mathis
Mat-Leave  -  Tamara Lee Green
Dream Clean  -  Miles Benson
Stubs  -  Marcelle Sirkus
Chicago Style  -  Mike Harrigan
Moonwalking  -  Jillian Smart
AV ACTION   -  Terry Miller
After Prom  -  Steven James Pope, David Goren
Love and Other Bloody Messes  -  Brian McGrath
WALKING  -  Jeffrey R Wank, Jonny Gentry
Deep Blue. -  Warren Bouchier    
Recognition  -  Suzanne McDaniel VanDeMark
Heroes and Villains   - Timothy Burgess, John Burgess
Funny Gyrrls  -  Steve Abramson, Isabella Bodnar

This Vast Wilderness  -  Grace Melville
Dancing Shadows  -  ricki holmes
Fruit of My Loins  -  Gage Swanston
Fished  -  Ryan Shelor
Otherworld, NJ  -  Matthew McLachlan
Reality Check  -  John DiStefano, Mark DiStefano
5 Sandwiches   -  Michael Puzzo
REMEMBERING THE DAVID  -  Shirley Filardi Amitrano
Snitches From Heaven  -  Kevin Dobbs
The Reluctant First Gentleman  -  Curt Samlaska, MD, FACP,  FAAD
HOOP  -  Gregory Abbey
The Bus Stop   -  Parker Briscoe
As Burns This Saint   - Jake Baird
Downline  -  Jacob Zorn
Blue Lobsters  -  Daniel Powell
Little Green Mend  -  Brian Menz
All Hail Beth  -  Adam Patla
Fast Forward  -  Brian Wapole
Deep Reservations  -  David Schroeder
CurioCity  -  Tucker Flodman
Catering Evil  -  Warren Lane
Playground Wedding  -  Sarah White
Digger  -  Dave Wade
Iron Butterfly   - David Smallwood
James Marsden Rises  -  Ben Pyne
WhenWolf  -  Jeremy Pick
Bent Out Of Shape  -  Sheri Flanders
Peckerwoods or The...  -  Chance Sparks

UPSTATE  -  Chiara Donio
Plume Raiders  -  Jeff Zampino
On the Sidelines  -  Mark Greene
Twenty5  -  Shalice Coutu
FiSHWoRLD  -  Natalie Stigwood
Technicolor Noir  -  Madison Sean Flannery
The Paranormal P. D. pitch bible   - Jamie Marchetti
Iris   - Carrie Fishbane


MotherRunner  -  Dana Gartland
Untitled Action  Comedy  -  James Sims
Jon Jonsson Tattoo Artist Extraordinaire  -  Christopher Robertsson
Good Girl/Bad Girl  -  Kylin Hunter
Money Tree -   Zoe Franz
BOOM!Town  -  Bob Pondillo
Dinghy  -  Sarah Donighi
Maureen  -  Mary Read
The Sub Sisters  -  Susan Isaacs
Our Lady of Perpetual Hell  -  Nikole Zivalich
Beta Town  -  Christian Zur
The Strange Case of a Misanthrope  -  Guil Parreiras
Bocce's Kiss  -  Patti Curl
The Impala's Last Stand  -  David Woll
Sweet Cuisine  -  Donnie Taè
Dragonflies  -  lina isaacs
Dead Sharon  -  Jennifer McConnell
Outdated  -  Lindsay Klein
Rightly So  -  Mathew Kachur
Get Your Groove On  -  Max Kemp
Squatters  -  James Barnes
The Darkness  -  Chris Gau
Astrolingua  -  Kyle Acosta
Pizza Place  -  Larry Ryals
A Thanksgiving Murder  -  Harold Williams
Twins  -  Jermaine Maxwell
Adventures in Infotainment  -  Katherine Webster
Paul Gersey and The Whole World's Glory  -  Liam LoPinto
The Burglars  -  Donall O Mearain
Black & White  -  James Tappenden
Terror at Cottonmouth Cove  -  Jim McKeny
The Fake Fischmans  -  Dan Amernick
Goblin's Goblets  -  Zachary Brenner
Love In The Garden State  -  Gerard Mascolo
The Independent  -  Phil Davey
Undercover Santa  -  Ron Richman
Light'em Up  -  John Bias
Around the Bend  -  Susan Woodson
AIgorithm and Blues  -  Jamie Benson
Ruff Justice  -  Leah Baxter
Coffee Boy  -  Daniel Siegelstein
Dead Man With A Plan  -  JOEL STERN
Kick Up  -  Jennifer Madden-Askew
Caterpillar II  -  Burgess Wilder
The Woman Behind the Mask  -  Jonathan Isshak
I'm Not into Golden Showers!  -  Joe  Ayella
Burnout  -  Caroline Mazzei
Slash Zone  -  Sean Reidy
Blackout Wednesday -   Teddy Gilmore
Checkered Trix -   Anthony Applegate
The Devil Went Down To Disco  -  Red Davis
The Sign You Have Been Waiting For  -  Debby Huvaere
The Troupers  -  George Azcarate
Vortex  -  Anthony Marcon
Turf Wars  -  Lee Crompton
Love Loops' Sparks  -  Marko Josic
PEANUT BUTTER & ONION  -  Ian Hamilton
Thunder Ripper  -  Jeff Walsh
PUMPKIN PI  -  Richard Englar
(Un)Expecting  -  Frankie Catalano
The Boyz Home  -  Elliot ODea
GEM/MINT -   Raymond Cho
Second Stances  -  Laura Harbin
Fatwa  -  Ron Conron
The Floppy Disk Kid  -  Matt Landry
Shelter  -  Janna Jones
The Numbers Man  -  John Neill
Green Rush  -  Tracy Brady
Booked -   Heidi Hornbacher
Kaleidoscope Cowboy  -  Deborah Green
Missing in the Midwest  -  Michael Streight
Extra Wives   - Eric Ross Gilliatt
Heartbreak Club  -  Riley Scott
Strike Three   - Spencer Cohen
Bondi Wizard  -  Joe Greathead
LUV'd Staci -   Mario Lopez
Leasing Now!  -  AJ Currie
"Dorfman" -   Scott Dorfman
Crapshoot -   Drew McInturff
Yeshiva  -  Eytan Raphaely
She Makes Me Laugh  -  David Bluvband
Heavy Metal Dad  -  Dan Truly
White Meat   -  Daniel Eagleton
Narayana Neurosis  -  Sai karan talwar
BSMT  -  Annette Evans
TOWNIE  -  Suemedha Sood
SCABS the feature screenplay -   Lee Kitchen
Romance for Divorcees  -  Sara Roberts
I Just Work Here  -  Wes Cambron
"AFTER PAN"   An Adult Comedy   - Paul Del Vecchio
The Matt Chat  -  Benjamin Neuberger
AIR GUITAR GODS  -  Stephen Hoover
Public Displays of Affection  -  Samantha José
Backsliding  -  Bill Kelman
Distressed or Drowning  -  Lora Dailey
The Gemstone Murders  -  Amy Garson
They Came to Praise the Lord!  -  Jared Piller
Help Wanted  -  Alex Donewald
TWO AMERICAS  -  Jeff Lester
EVERYTHING'S ON FIRE -   Mitchell Todorov
Sharing  -  Kevin Doyle
GoodBetter   - Tagg West
AND THEEEEEERRRRRRRR....... OFF -   Kathleen Hof
McBucket List  -  Kirk Young
The Earthquake  -  Annie Rowe
Castrating Cupid  -  Stephen Lincoln
Lucky For You  -  Heidi  Haddad
The Bait  -   Bert De Roos
MAD HADLEY   - Jodi Lustig
Where They Are -   Evan Kornfeld
My Truck  -  Cory Dean Ford
Lord Almighty  -  John Mitchell
Average Joe and Hackzilla: A Love Story  -  Vincenzo Lucciola
Book Notes  -  Green Voorhees
Marina Wants to Be a Spinster   - Eric McKeever
Good Heavens, Mary  -  Deborah Ebersold
Kiki and Tay Do "The Work"  -  Evan Schullery
Haunted Bathroom  -  Joseph X Casillas
My Lovely Neighbors  -  Jake Buczewski
BOOMERANG  -  scott cramer
Quarantine at the Grand Hotel  -  Tom Vecchio
Hot Naked Mess  -  Jonathan Dillon
Mutiny In The Dugout  -  Rod Kent
Rotswell UFO -   Matthew Brendal
Heir Heads  -  Genevieve Smith
Wizard's Duel  -  Matthew Corley
The Elixir  -  Tristan Carrasco
Time Hustlers  -  Andrew Hopps
Single Fatherhood  -  Joseph Schmidt
BALLS  -  Adam McCulloch
Restoration of Wood  -  Richard Curtis
SWING STATE EP 1 PILOT  -  Steven Fuhrman
RAMONA  -  Robert Tota


Summer Games  -  Dan Fried
Horny Devil  -  Missak Artinian
How To Say Goodbye  -  Colton Childs
The Show Must Go On  -  Jedidiah Carlson
Confluent  -  Francis Rose
Dobson the Magical Time Traveler  -  Sean Mullaney
The Legend of Leather Ace  -  Joshua Bone
Doctor Babies  -  Annie Sicherman
Directions to a Different Dimension  -  Macey Baran
The Great Balgair  -  Faith Dismuke
Helen of Sparta  -  Kristen Scatton
Traveling Therapist   - Wes Chick
Mutt  -  Zachary Eglinton
These Things Happen -   Juliya Grigoryan
Scuttlebutt  -  Matt Manser
Pick and Roll   - Jack Caswell
BadCop, BadCop  -  Leon Freeman Jr.
MISERY MEN  -  Dougie Jones
Children's Party War  -  Warren Lane
Erection Night  --  2024   - John Boal
SINGLE TO MARS  -  Kyle Farley
The Binkster  -  Lawrence Goldman
The Bank Job  -  Ben Cluff
Loves Company  -  Jason Laurits
Becca Goes Back -   Julie Kraut
Martina  -  Baltimore P. Jenkins
Purgatory H.S. -   Sandy Fugate
Show in Progress  -  Ariana Hofer
The Dev Team -   Greg Hutchins
Oy...A Jewish Comedy Series -   Shara Ashley Zeiger
SERENITY FALLS H.O.A.  -  Roopal Badheka
What's the Best That Can Happen?  -  Matthew S. Frey
With Hate, From Love  -  Oliver Woolf
Burn Notice -   Andrew Fleming
I Didn't See That Comin  -  Stephanie Martin
Freeze  -  Alexandra  Dell
Generations  -  Sune Sorensen
Yanks  -  Jennifer Bradford
Coming Up Short  -  Ryan  Evans
Turkey Day  -  Rich Gallagher
The Sex Defender  -  Amarih Matthews
Once Upon a Proposal -   Marcus Ellsworth
Scary Fairy  -  Scanlon Allison
Raising the Dead  -  Matthew Nicholls
P.O.D. Episode 1 - Normal, Who's that?  -  Dawson Strong
The Age of Blood   -  Alexa Salimpour
The Blue Angel  -  Pat Fitzpatrick
180 -   Michele Traina
Quietville -   Daniel Powell
Cash & Kari  -  Richard Johnson
HELP ME HIDE A BODY -   David Brittles
Bloody Mary -   Aeon Solo
NIGHTMARE ON FLIGHT 831  -  Bill Lahey
Moon Flower   - Phil Reilly
Parallel Proposals  -  Andrea Zastrow
2001: A Spayed Odyssey  -  John Mundle
The Making of the Garfield Guy  -  Jeff Longsworth
Half Measure  -  Melissa Ragsly
Derby Road Trip  -  Grant Gruber
Tap Dancing to My Swan Song  -  Laurel Nicholson
Tonights Special  -  Lily Portman
Department of Temporal Adjustment  -  Veronica Tabares
Arranged  -  Samip Raval
Daddy Issues  -  Justin Viar
Dice for Love  -  Wyatt Ong
Learning to Fail Successfully  -  Dr Amanda Blanchard D.C.
Servants  -  Desmond Hayes
The Three Nephites  -  Samuel Holladay
Unhinged  -  Jacqueline Fisher
OLD MONEY  -  Nicholas Wenger
Christmas from the Crapper  -  Wendy Appelbaum
Feet Cute  -  Lincoln Anderson
Invent Hard  -  Janne Pulkkila
Pawns & Pugilists  -  jens pilegaard
Down At The Val  -  Neil Goodchild
The Shirley Brothers Comeback  -  Alana Gerdes
TEST THIS!!  -  Gregory  Corrado
White Lies  -  Margaux Poupard
Chef's Unstable   -  Benjamin Bell
Make Me Laugh  -  Dennis Pearman
Tempting Fate  -  TERRY PODNAR
For Freida's Sake  -  Andrea Wahbe
They Got You  -  Marlon Green
Temporary Insanity  -  Lynwood Shiva Sawyer
Avalon DD  -  Ginger Marin
The Impotence Ray  -  Joel KARLINSKY
Bonnie & Clive  -  Liesel Galletly
The Idlers  -  Daniel Van Nostrand
Walk-Ins Welcome  -  M. Wills
We Want the Virus -   Paul Santoli
Cowboys & Indians -   Amisha Patel
Speak English  -  Kieran Angelini
Preacher's Kid  -  Cole Randall
Going Native!  -  Ian Trutt
OH COME, ALL YE  -  Hawken Vance
It's an OK Life    Lyle Feigenbaum
Boing!  -  J.J. Hillard
The Pirates of Chemo -   Paul Schutte
The Love Doll  -  Geoff Hall
Jenny's Home  -  Danielle Weisberg
Busta Movers -   Janine Parkinson
Dougie Dog   -  Montgomery Burt
The Mentalverse  -  David Hunter Fein
SWISS GUARD   - Alfred Thomas Catalfo
Pendejos  -  Charles Dewandeler
The Life & Times of a Cubicle-Crazy Co-Worker! -   Brett Howard Nelson
Widowed  -  Katie Fahey
Grave Expectations  -  Larry Michael Ziegelman, Jason Silberberg
COSTA REHAB  -  Rich Rubin
Stand Tall!  -  Vincent J. Paterno
Wasted Space  -  Jay Strong
The Littlest God   - Barry Steven Kohl
Unripe  -  P.M Nelson
Carrie Lyon for Justice   -   Adam Hersh
Driven to the Edge -   John C Vanderberg, Kevin Pike
MIC CHECK; KARAOKE LOVE  -   Gregory Bonds
Inner Circle  -  Cameron James McGregor
A Perfect Circle  -  Marcus Baker
Medusa Melrose: Drag Queen Hypnotist  -  Dexter E. Williams
La Fleur  -  Mary Paige Snell, Michelle Marlowe
Premium Economy  -  Michael Harris
Pen Pal  -  Jamie Rose
JUST IN TIME  -  Robbie Robertson
The Last Joke   - Hamza Baig
Life's a Joke... And Then You Die  -  Vince Grittani
The Short Game  -  Gunnar E Garrett Jr.
Dating My Dead Ex  -  Michael Harrigan
Gwthyr, Cian, and Ninlil Unlimited   -  Mark Andrew Pogodzinski
The Loser's Club  -  Jonathan Turner Smith
ANN ARBOR pilot Vagina Dialogue  -  Richard Redlo
The GOAT  -  Maggie Scudder
I Got You Babe   - T. Camponeschi
Perfection of Perseus   - Josef B Ginsberg, Rowan Chappell
Homegrown  -  Christopher Taggart

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