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Drama Screenplay Awards
 Season 6 Results:

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Overall Winner - Season 6


*Thanks once again to all of the hard-working writers who entered, and congratulations to our Season 6 Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winner!​

We had a record number of entries again this

season, boiling that group down to the list you see on this page was no easy task.  So many wonderful projects this season, keep on writing everyone, and stay well!

The Chocolate Kandinsky - Suzanne Griffin

Make Believe  - Brit Cowan

Memory - Johnathan Dillon

Acid Rain  -  Jocylen Manns & Ryan Manns


Repair the Carrows - Johnny Cruz

Hancock Park   - Dale Janda


Tabitha Drowning - Anu Sukhdial 


Always - Jessie Holder Tourtellotte 

Children of Earth - Tobias Tobbell

Butterfly Children - Melanie Schiele




Alive: A Frankenstein Reimagining  -  Aimee Dansereau
Copper Ridge  -  Rebecca Ghusn
White Lies  -  Andrea Lawson
Chaos Theory  -  Ben Silver
I'll Be You  -  Maria Sanchez
The Academy  -  Brit Cowan
Esperanza "Lydia and Ajei"  -  Jamee Decio
The Talented Tenth  -  Joshua Myers
Transit  -  pp Hsiung
Fair Trade  -  Diana Caldwell
Her Majesty's Spymistress  -  Marcus Goodwin
Keeping Paradise Episode 1: STRAW  -  Mike Casucci
Welcome to Holland  -  DD Mosley
Nisei  -  Darren Rae
I Want To Go Home  -  Danielle Lauriente
The First Duty  -  Selcen Onsan
Disasterman  -  Mark C. Spera
Grief Leech  -  Shayna Hack
Intolerable Acts  -  Matt Cochran
Liberty  -  Chris Lawing
Camp Tenebres  -  John Coo
Cypher: An Investigation  -  Chris Donaldson
Past the Sky  -  Ross Ostroff
Red River  -  David Fraser
Off-track  -  Michele Dagle
Fleeting Honor  -  Girma Negash
The Triangle Factory Girls  -  Randy Masters
Dear Eszter  -  Alex Balassa
Tumblers  -  David Nathan  Schwartz
Chikd Narco  -  Marco Santiago
The Devil of Belfast  -  Michael Coenen
Sentence  -  Meko Winbush
The Last Prophet  -  Christopher Celestin
Underbelly  -  Sally Stubbs
The Pleasure Garden  -  Linda Pace Alexander
Bootlegger Battlefield  -  Armand Kachigian
The Merc  -  Julie Gervais Welke
The Crummiest Book  -  Daniel Sinclair
Case Dismissed  -  Michael Brewer
Wheelchair  -  Andrew McLinden
Pigpen  -  Maud Ferrari
A Legend of Persephone  -  C.J. Palmisano
Attractive Nuisance  -  Derek Nicoletto
Claire Akerman Finds God  -  Christa Butler
Dorian Gray  -  Mary Albanese
Out of Destruction  -  Linda Orlando
Wild Horses  -  Brian Kowalchuk
Don't Call It Frisco  -  Albert Stroth
Matchsticks 2.0  -  Shane Walsh-Smith
Cul-De-Sac  -  Paul Rowe
Bona Vacantia  -  Shezah Salam
You Must Remember This  -  Suzanne Gill
Slugger  -  J. Miller
Hallucinations Of Grandeur  -  Nath Milburn
re.Form(ed)  -  Johnny Gilligan
Linger  -  Andy Carpenter
In Filth  -  Patrick Shannon
Miss Me When I’m Gone  -  Matthew Gomez
How I Became a Vengeful, Psycho Killer  -  Laura Becker
Game of Twins; The Special Agent  -  Tom Ranseen
Steel Cutter  -  Claire Tran
Counterfeit  -  Ashley Tropea
A Labour of Love  -  Olga Holtz
American Fallout  -  Harry Kakatsakis
Touch and Go  -  Tommar Wilson
All the King Wishes  -  A. Richalee
A Matter of Time  -  Nuh Omar & Christian Villarreal
Jersey  -  David Schlow
Turning Pointe  -  Bridget Bell McMahon
Losing Sight of Shore  -  Laurie Andreano Bryant
Wire Hangers  -  Jon Davis
The Three of Us  -  Janna Jilnina
Ebo  -  L.E. Coleman
The Web  -  Rachel Salaman
The Bank  -  Michael Bockman
DroneGames  -  John  Kim
The Adolescence of Jack Nevens  -  Hilliard Meeks
My Real Imaginary Friends  -  Kyle Rizor
Captivity  -  Lisa Arnseth
Sex/Life  -  Melany Markham
This Love  -  Emmett Jack Lundberg
Queens Village  -  Samantha Lavin
Medstar  -  Justice Schiappa
Flashes of Lightning  -  Craige Cronin
Audata  -  Mark Philip Davis
Silent Ranks  -  Tara Jackson
He/They  -  Sojean Peou
A Place to Belong  -  Daniel Whitehead
Lafayette Square  -  Katherine Martinez DeLeon
Lost in Toronto  -  Martina Muhoberac
Enlightened  -  Jeannie Johanna
Blindfold Shoes  -  Kae Bahar
At the Corner of Hitler and Goering  -  Joseph Kovler
Dancing on the Edges of Time  -  Erika  Kuittinen
Deep  - Arcadia Conrad
Back To Sleep   - Jahnome McEwan
Murder on Tranquil Row  -  Wayne Middleton
Infinity Stacked  -  Bobby Pellerin
Macnolia -  A Van Jordan
Muck  -  Nick Benjamin
Before I Wake  -   Edward Manley
A Dangerous, Glamerous Job  -  Rangeley Wallace
The Other Side  -  Nonie Shiverick
Run  For The Roses  -  David LeBlanc
Festival 2017  -  Matthew Lessall
Forsyth County  -  James Sasser
Harper High  -  Stephen John Beyer
Sun Woman, Moon Man  -  Lyndal Simpson
Crush the Monster  -  Alex Odaguar
Programming  -  Gavin McGibbon
The Last Thing They Do  -  Jim Starr
Main Drag  -  Ryan Thorsen
Convicted  -  Randall Wolff
DIVR  -  Rae Binstock
On The Run  -  Bry Larrea
Yorkville  -  Robert Landau
Voice  -  Levi Buchanan
Vivaldi's Revenge  -  David Gray
Charcoal  -  Manivone Nonthaveth
Watching Dad  -  Bill Wells
The Label  -  Melvin Semper
Perfection  -  Ben Paynter
The Edge  -  Richard Stone
Rappaccini's Daughter  -  Cole Burgett
Insight  -  Eric Murphy
The Bracelets   - Joanne Bellew
The Greater Sin  -  Kenya Branch
Knoght Errant  -  Sabina  Sattar
Mirella  -  G.S. Fields
The Method  -  Aaron Michael Bailey
The Difference Between Us  -  Imran Siddiquee
One Man's Redemption  -  Craig Winstead
To Secrets  -  Melisa D. Monts
Sandstone  -  Rebecca Cromar
The Man Doctrine  -  Christopher Prince
In the Meanwhile...  -  Michael Elder
Hacked  -  alison valente
On the Corner of Eden and Grace  -  Marsha  Rosenzweig Pincus 
The Isthmus  -  Jeff Osborne
Summer Of Scott   - Tom Holowach
This Too Shall Pass  -  Julia Muniz
Look at Me  -  Jessie Holder Tourtellotte & Dan Gallun
Mississippi Mace  -  Rissa Thomas
Fierce  -  Joe Petito
Lucky punch  -  Borna Armanini
Say Yes  -  Gabe Berry
Everybody Says Goodbye  -  Michael Barnard
Orson  -  Jared Egol
Dottie  -  KL Martin
Crabs In A Mother F*cking Bucket  -  Kari Mote
Girlfriend  -  Justin Davi
Kid Coke  -  Mark Christopher Boyd
The Unbearable Cost of Mercy  -  Jeanne Haskin
Raison D'etre  -  Noni Salma
Soul to Squeeze  -  Alex Arabian
Change of Heart  -  Ken Lingo
NZR  -  Leon Masters
Those People  -  Andrew Zeoli
Beckwitch  -  Liz Prugh
The Abolitionists  -  Leslie Lyshkov
The Plutocrats -   Alison Lani
Saddle Up!  -  Ed Mattson
The Nuns' Referendum  -  Suzy Miller
On a Field of Legends  -  Nicholas Julius
Learn to Live  -  Graeme Benson
Feeding The Elephant  -  William Dobson
Noob  -  Zina Kresin
Black Comedy  -  Matt Foss
The President's Daredevils  -  Tim Fitzharris
Adonis  -  Ben Tedesco
Evacuation  -  Aubrey Reynolds
Guardian  -  Ky Rogers
Grass Snakes  -  Danny Katz

Heritage  -  Anna Maues

The Tortoise  -  Matthew Neff

A Day Like Any Other  -  Michael Keenan

Canceled  -  Justin Scott

Lester Collins  -  Mel Nieves

Will You Love Me Tomorrow  -  Aaron Hernandez-Buter

Taking Mona  -  Matthew Walsh

The Seedling  -  Kevin J. Howard


Coffee and Quarantine  -  Joseph Cautilli
Wabanaki Blues- Messin' With The Kid  -  Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
The Invitation  -  Sachal Ali
Steel King  -  Michael Harris
The Mural  -  Carolyn Bradley
Still Waters  -  Jeff Hindenach
Affairs  -  Billie Harris
Bel  -  Benin Trotter
Arlis  -  Zoë Hodge
Lotus Land  -  Liam Allen-McGoran
Yuanfen  -  Lynn Mills
Dr. Jo and Mary  -  Elizabeth Solan
Every Second Wednesday  -  James Mulcahy
Nour. -  Maitha Alawadi
As The Day is Long  -  Lukas Behrndt
Still's Life  -  Duncan Putney
Pezzonovante  -  Matt Grenzebach
Whirlwind  -  Monika Moreno-Lapp
Aqua Tofana  -  Daryn Robinson
Garment  -  Shannon Amborn
A Stranger's Grief  -  Taylor Johnson
Singularity  -  Ernesto Machina
Spring Branch  -  Keith Woodruff
Ben Johnson Day  -  Kerena Marchant
Valencia  -  Imani Vaughn-Jones
Strings  -  Chris M. Rutledge
Do It Again  -  Jeffrey Tumin
The Work  -  Adelita E. Lopez
Keeping Tabs  -  Michael Montgomery
The Last Sunday  -  Natalia Le Bas
All Hallows Eve  -  Jack Neary
Kill Switch  -  Jaclyn Powell
Here To Stay  -  Sara Robin
Rare as Red Hair  -  Robbie Robertson
Mineshaft  -  Jonathan Muncherian
For Phillip  -  Rob Seyk
And A Child Will Lead   - Jamil Akim O'Quinn
Warm Brothers  -  William Gorgensen
The Department of Easy Virtue  -  Gary Blackwood
Riders  -  Gregory Sigur
The Code of Hammurabi  -  James Lindenberg
Snowflake Obsidian  -  Jeffrey Gold
Feelings  -  Grant MacDermott
Disintegration  -  Sebastian Watson
Transcendent  -  LaTaveya Vault
Spirit In The Dark  -  Daniel Lopez Kaufman
The Change  -  Bridget Addison
Soldiers & Bandits  -  Eduardo Soto-Falcon
Two Roads Diverged  -  Christina Shaver
Tree o' mine  -  Bernhard Riedhammer
Morale and Safety   - Daniel Johnson
Shaky Ground  -  Erik Rhey
Suplex  -  Bryce Marrero
Into The Floe  -  Russ Eisenman
Rich Like Julio Lobo  -  Gianpaolo Pietri
Midnite America  -  Antonio Battle
Astride the Threshold of Freedom  -  Tim O'Shea
God's Own Heart  -  Preston Fox
Aloha, My Sweets  -  Ally May
Spartan Mansion  -  Stacey Spivey
Bienvenidos a Los Angeles  -  Lisa Cole
NOURA   - Todd Tavolazzi
People Who Know  -  McKee Bond
Blood Thief  -  Winnie Soldi
Japanese for Baseball  -  Ray Keller
Dream Clinic  -  Shu Zhu
Ties That Bind   - Donna Gooden
The Rest Of Us  -  Pauline Altman
El Soldado De Marbach  -  Arturo Javier Mireles
Distance and Silence  -  Ben Parsons
War Rattle  -  Elvin Betancourt
Rematch  -  Antoine  Mizel
Gore Vidal  -  J.R. Howell
The Rommel Gambit  -  John Doble
Over and Out  -  Callie LeClaire
Apples  -  Rodolfo Salas
Cricket Song  -  Evelyne Werzowa
Easy Money  -  Chris Karter
Mengele  -  Josie Stevenson
The Artist in Attica  -  Steve Marino
The Simple Invention of Him  -  Kurtis Standley
The RIng: "Dionysus"  -  William Gerrard
The Sensational Genes  -  CT Marie
Aviatrix  -  Cynthia Wright
Elsinore  -  Jared Michael Delaney
The Gardner Heist  -  Timothy Paul Driscoll
Flat Pennies  -  Robert Ward
Eyes of Fate  -  Catherine Wright
The Fruit Basket  -  Marlowe Blue & Lloyd Lowe
Not My Brother  -  Kathryn Orwig
Out of Xatala  -  Debi Yazbeck
White Lillies  -  Aimée Kwan
The Blitz  -  Sven  Anarki
Lost Angeles  -  Mike James Poulton
13 Finches  -  Lawrence Wood
Second Chances  -  Lissette Camacho
The Long hard Night  -  Steve John Bennett
Cavalier  -  Sydney Painter
The Hard R  -  Adad Warda
Moon Students  -  Daniel Holland
The Long Con  -  Matthew Petti
Extraordinary Ordinary  -  Matt Nye
What's Wrong With Me?  -  Shawna Baca
Ideal Man  -  Jimmy Clabots
Offering  -  Nathan Glassman-Hughes
down the line   - Sean Nogues
Where Is Shruti?  -  Kelly Lamphear-Dash
A Black House on Border St.  -  Trevor Hardwick
The Portage   - Jason Partridge
Distance  -  Nathan Vesta
Only Way Out  -  Jason Sawyer
Who Killed Dante Duggan?  -  Gavin Howard 
The Past is a Temple  -  Joe Favalaro
Long Way Home  -  Jamaal Pittman
Argos  -  Ellen Shanley
A Change in Circumstances   - Gretchen Klein
Hitmakers  -  Sebastian St. George
Firebird  -  David Jones
Hard Rice  -  Mary Nguyen
The Uninitiated  -  Shaun Raad
The Magical Powers of Prof  -  Michael Wojcik
Sleeping on Stones -   Nicole Ballivian
The Trapper's Wife  -  April Miller
Mustang  -  Gordon Phipps
The Clover Tree  -  Daniel Dismuke
The Niece  -  Ken Sheerin
Casio Vega   - Malakai Bisel
The Garfield Guy   - Jeff Longsworth
The Sacrifice  -  Shane Weisfeld
A Foot Apart, A Chasm Between  -  Brian Cohen
Filmi   - Proma Khosla
The Quilt Keeper's Son  -  Debra Gipson
Liberation  -  Stephen Colley
Memory Lane Classics  -  forrest waage
How it Ends  -  Josh Corrigan
Shadowking  -  Jonathan Kolber
Seraphim's Miracle  -  J.B. Storey
Long Live John Africa!   - Sean Slater
Subtitles  -  David Hill
Lot  -  Collin Langham
Solidarity  -  Alison Townson
NPC  -  Kenneth Pulgar-Vidal
I Enjoy Being a Girl!  -  Brandon Krajewski
Your Southern Gods and Secrets   - Chris Jenkins
One-Night Stand  -  Shaneequa Cannon
A Snowstorm in the Middle of Hell  -  G. Kent Taylor
You Don't Know Jack  -  Les Zig
In Their Hearts Was A Disease  -  Ahmed Siddiqui
The Checkered -   Mark Gunnion
Backbone  -  Annette Cohen
Killer Problems  -  Elizabeth Fogner
Red Spy Queen  -  Leslie Lyshkov
Finding Work  -  Kevin Schwartz
Mud & Stars  -  Goldie Jones
When Two Worlds Collide  -  Fozia Najib
Alone, Together  -  Marcus Stricklin
Henry Wallace  -  Michael Long
Man for Breakfast  -  Ben Goodall
The Devil Has Many Faces  -  Surinder Singh
Rare Vintages  -  York Davis
East Side Story 129 -   William Swanson
The Posse  -  Michael Sneden
Semiotics  -  Jeff Walkley
Shallow Depths  -  Milan Skrecek
CAptain Callahan -   Jim Mayer
Them's Ponies! -   Rebekah Chang
Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood  -  Frank Hays
A Price for Everything  -  Anmol Vanamali
Womanhattan  -  Domhnall Smith
End of the Beginning  -  Carter Wickham
Taino  -  David Ciccarelli
But Where Did You Last Put It?  -  Andy Harrison
White Belt  -  Daniel Siegelstein
Felsbrocken  -  Martin King
Problem Cases  -  Briana Cox
Lily  -  Mike Fardy
Turning Heel   - Keith Hannigan
Man Scout  -  Mike Spara
Inside Straight -   Raphael Ben Jacob
The Message  -  Ben Ellis
Sunset Alley  -  Sam Watson
Two Steps Back  -  Sam Evans
Journey Into Night  -  Chris Neilan
Closure  -  Amber Brown
Money  -  James C. Schlicker
A Series About A Series  -  Sonny Kruger
Good Grief  -  Emily Rued
Disinterred Bones  -  Leonard Varasano
Elsie  -  Fernanda Cardoso
The Molly Maguires  -  Colin Ryan
American Canvas  -  Gene Wolande
Don't Look Back  -  Jamie  Hollingsworth
Insensible Existence  -  Mark LeClair
Rain for Jo  -  J.L. Reed
Lots Brewing    Ken Daniels
King of the Feather Wars  -  tim fitzharris
Bronx Stagger-TV Pilot Script  -  Daniel Moskowitz
Das Uber  -  Mercury 
Waterloo  -  S E Chapman
White Sands  -  Kristoffer Bübeck
Fair Game  -  Kent Reason
A Mystic Fog I Carry  -  Yen Huang
The Voice of Santa Anita -   Rodolfo Alvarado
Busker  -  Stuart Forrest
A Fire in the Mind  -  Ken White
Motherkiller  -   Terry Lynam
Unison Kismet: The Twin Samaritan  -  Francesco Capussela
Technicolor Noir  -  Madison Sean Flannery
The Acorn  -  Susanna Bonaretti
Golden Gate  -  Eric Raymond
Inside Roderick Kayne   -  Louis Alvarez
Incarnations  -  Albert M. Chan
Duty  -  Anthony Ford
Simulacres  -  Robin Johnston
Second Best and Best  -  John McCloskey
Love Scars -   Jodi Ippolito
Brownie  -  Curtis Adair
Auto High  -  Nina Kentsis
Strays  -  Robert Wooldridge
Evangeline  -  Elizabeth J Musgrave
Clarke, The Butler  -  Giacomo Arrigoni
The Screenplay  -  Guilherme Viegas
Outlaws VS Mole People   - Joanne Myers
Double Helix  -  Chris Willis
Republic of California  -  Becca Blackmore
Puget Sound  -  Ralph Wagnitz
The Lion -   Samantha Duncan
Collaboration  -  Alessio Franko
First Drop of Rain  -  James Brosnahan
Wymo's Run  -  Mitch Hale
Q School  -  Chris Drzewiecki
Vacancy  -  John Shea
Lady Reporter  -  Michael Lucid
Thank You  -  Alice Wells
Uncomfortable Distance  -  Marco Amato
Black Butterflies  -  Tamara S. Hall
A Long Time Ago  -  Jordan Smith
Tillie   - David Hal Chester
Borders  -  Frank Velasquez
Play Station  -  Gianluca Garozzo
Logger's End  -  Brooke Solomon
Jungle King  -  Robert J Morgalo
North Beach Noir  -  kip pearson
It Rained Warm Bread  -  dwight brown
Commonwealth  -  Jared  Hardy
Coercion  -  Melvin Webb
Still Time to Change  -  Jim Grieco
Backlash  -  Charles A. Honeywood
"The Pulpit"  -  Tosin Morohunfola
#Cancelled  -  Francesca MacLaughlin
Roughstock  -  Tyler Rivenbark
Gwendolyn's Manor  -  James Marios Ellinas
Eat Your Heart Out  -  Jason Lake
The Last Monster Hunt  -  Conor Dowling

Our Greenwich Village Days  -  Michael and Andrew M Volpe
Time, Space, And The Poet    
I Am Here  -  Francisco Solorzano
The New West   - Robin U. Russin, Greg Klein
Voices  -  Susan Klos
And Jacob Wrestled With the Angel  - 
April and Mr. Stockman  -  Montgomery Burt
Duty  -  Anthony Ford
Thirst  -  Patricia M. Fox
Permission  -  Joe Capucini
Breakup  -  Michael Williamns
Veil  -  Peter Hardy
Devil's Ridge  -  Geoffrey Gould
Declaration of Conscience   -  Beth Milstein
Jalalabad 10-13  -  Ronan O'Sullivan
Review  -  Jonathan Zarantonello
This Close -   Randy Steinberg
The Corner of Willow and Orange  -  Jason Murgatroyd
Leilani  -  Dr Norman Johnson
Piglet  -  Chris Rust
Consent  -  Frank J. Avella
Templin Highway  -  William Prosser
Post Great  -  Adam Hersh
The Quicksilver Pleasure Club  -  Matt Pacini
Grey  -  Marc Castaldo
Trouble at Home  -  L. Andrew Cooper
Winter Bird  -  Stephen Delos Treacy
Asylum  -  Ty Caudle
The Soul Singer  -  Nadine Weathersby
Raceless  -  Allen Shadow
Tent Town  -  Phyllis Allison
Ursula and Our Conversations, The Nazi Era  -  Chaitania Hein
Didn't I Die  -  Rebecca Shortall
Blowback  -  Eric Murphy
Call The Hogs  -  Kelly L. Perine, John Gloria
The Truth  -  Carol Younghusband
Warpaint  -  Helen Taylor
More Than One Idiot Brother  -  Pearse Lehane
The Last Stage, or Wyatt's Earp Dying Dream  -  
Something Borrowed  -  Melissa Skirboll
Painter in the Storm  -  Dr. George Johnson, Cameron Grant
Plums Taste Different Here   -  Sarah Reader Harris
LSD Memories - A Love Story  -  Pavel  Cerny
Bombshell  -  Ludwig Leidig, Brett Williams, Yuri Joakimidis
Lil C  -  Jamie Sutliff
Turbulence   - Joe Rosario, Lew Ritter
And She Shall Reign  -  Christine Weatherup
From a Yardie to a Yankee -   Sardia Robinson
Killing the Second Dog  -  Jerzy Kowynia
"175"  -  Yael Deynes
Hoops  -   Jeremy Fairman
Twilight Sleep (R-12.6)  -  Alan Lambert
Long Live John Africa!  -  Sean Gregory Slater
The Adventures of John and Mary  -  Robert Wagner
Time, Space, And The Poet  -  John Turner
Oscar   - Chris Fell
The Ready Heart  -  Caroline Rovello
The Double   -  Leor Zinati
Call Me Thor  -  Jamie Campbell
Winds of Transition  -  Sil Brook
It's Only Life  -  Joseph Stephen Meadows
Death is Only a Stranger Once  -  Larry Collins
The Suicide Diaries  -  Joseph Lint
The Hard R  -  Levi Gordon, Adad Joel Warda
Rails Run Parallel   - O. Vesperini, G. Laudereau, A. N’Dja, T. Newman, C. Starcevic
Race Music   - Hasan Oracius, Eric Weber
Bedevilments   - Jenna Ebersberger
Drastic Reality  -  Artasia Stringfield
Mattress  -  Tracy Morse, Sophia Porter
Forgiveness  -  Hal LaCroix
The Last Igwe  -  John P. Pence
Necropolis  -  Caledonia Hanson
Inherit A Marriage (I Am)  -  
Lawrence  -  Milethia Thomas
Sugar  -  Kerri Quinn
Black Star Rising  -  Doug Williams
Night  -  Tom Thorpe 
Ferocious  -  Dimitri Devyatkin
Tink   - Jarrett Bryant
The T  -  JP Grant
Loved Ones  -  Vicki Speegle
Haystack Hair  -  Jonathan Kleinman
Anathema  -  Bob Singleton

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