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Drama Screenplay Awards
 Season 7 Results:

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Overall Winner - Season 7


*Thanks once again to all of the hard-working writers who entered, and congratulations to our Season 7 Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winner!​

We had a large number of entries again this

season, boiling that group down to the list you see on this page was no easy task.  So many wonderful projects this season, keep on writing everyone, and stay well!

Simulation  -  Peter Jang

Dark Matter   -  Olga Holtz

Make Believe  -  Brit Cowan

Vike  -  Adam Kelly Morton 


In the Lake of Fire  -  Blake Robbins

The Happiest Place  -  Jon Davis


Into the Ether  -  Steve Brown

A8450, M.D.  -  Shia Labeouf


The Age of Desire  -  Susanne Griffin 

The Long Dark Climb  -  Colin Francis Costello




Alive: A Frankenstein Reimagining  -  Aimee Dansereau

The Sensualist, A Woman in Black  -  Suzanne Griffin
Black Dragon  -  Roy Hsu
Mirror Mirror  -  Mike Casucci
Expecting  -  Jonathan Dillon
The Awefull Journeys of Oonca and Eti  -  Julia Mendenhall
Christmas 1914  -  Darren Joe
Like Magic  -  Luli Dia
Springtime  -  Danny Newell
Hand Twins  -  Macee Binns
Perfect  -  J. Miller
December 21st  -  John Bias
Anathema: Pilotus  -  Bob Singleton
Asylum  -  Craig Nobbs
100,000  -  Sandy Tung
Amerikan  -  Phil Vengrinovich
The Wayward Son  -  Keith  Hayasaka
The Gravedigger  -  Lyndal Simpson
Warrior Warrior  -  Brian Michaels
Because It's There  -  Jon Tedman
The Second Tuesday in September  -  Nick  Ingrisani
Wild Hearts  -  Jessica Rowlands
Iron Mountain  -  Jeff Hindenach
Anatomy of a Town  -  Patricia Fox
Boulevard  -  Julie Pedersen
Escape From The Hood, MVP Going Going Gone!  -  Laurie Michael Thomas
Dear Cupid  -  Pierce Young
Carpe Diem  -  JJ Condon
Behind Her Reflection  -  Kirstin Kestner
Three Lakes  -  Barbara Gilmore
Catch Her if You Can  -  Ian Greenham
REM  -  Nelson Downend
King of the Old Smoke  -  Russell Knight
Conversation On A Couch  -  Brian Cohen
Dallas Law  -  Debi Yazbeck
Where the Fruit Hangs Low  -  Rob Lofthouse
Exonerated Justice  -  Kristy Thomas
Major Hacker's War  -  Steve Blame
Iconoclast  -  Gannon Kenney
Mustang  -  Gordon Phipps
Dissent  -  Deanna Esposito
The Landling Chronicles  -  Aimee Martins
Throne of the Earth  -  Garrett Mistoler
Six. Triple. Eight. -   Krystal M. Harris
Dragonland  -  Jason Jacobson
The Three of Us  - Janna Jilnina
The Pride of the Tigress -  Janna Jilnina
Eva's American Dream  -  Isabella Bodnar
Blood of the Lamb  -  Christina Cigala
Dissension  -  Stacey Spivey
Repair The Carrows  -  Johnny Cruz
Minister Speer  -  Sven Anarki
Deep Creek  -  Gary DeMoss
Know the Enemy  -  Charles Tucker
Other Man's Land  -  Moises Amsel
Furious  -  Jeffrey Higgins
Fiddler's Green  -  Seth Gilbert
Roses on the Vine  -  Jon Shaivitz
Love and Venom  -  Craig Peters
Fairview  -  Mia Volta
When the Bombs were Blossoming  -  Rajko Stiglic
Land of Blood  -  Graham Leverton
The Outer Darkness   - Peter Marshall Smith
Scenes From the Opposite Side of the Moon  -  Anthony Colombini
Payment Made -   Azenath Adede
The Unseen  -  Shiva Ramanathan
The Ringmaster  -  Kyle Rizor
Eat Me  -  Leslie Thomas
Gamble  -  Kyle C. Mumford
Marcel  -  David Soll
Fateville  -  Gary Blackwood
Borrowed Time  -  Geoff Murillo
(True) North  -  HF Crum
45th Parallel  -  Scott Curtis
Strike  -  Ben Pavitt
The Night Watchman  -  Thomas Gaunt
Hollerith Data  -  Tracy Boothman
Transporter Device  -  Alan Howcroft
To the Death!  -  Chad Sogas
The Note -   Dale Janda
Driven  -  Phil Dunn
Blood & Syrup  -  Gabriel Duran
Safe Havens  -  Ben Weiss
Burn Pattern -  Laura Kemp
The Last Ones120  -  C. D. 'Pete' Peterson
Secrets of the Universe  -  Mike Oppenheim
Reformation  -  Stephen Morgan-MacKay
The Man  -  Carla Queipo
The Devil and Dick Gregory  -  Sean Slater
Girl at the End of the World  -  Dillon VanOort
Hedda: From Under the Hat  -  Trevor Mak
The Man in the Flying Lawn Chair  -  Ryan Mekenian
The Devil's Road  -  R. Austin Barrow
Ella  -  Michael Dean
The Birth of a Tragedy: "Dionysus" -   William Gerrard
Piano Man  -  Zack  Beining 
Poser  -  Michael Ronca
Saints & Sinners  -  Christopher Willis
Dead Mom Friend Summertime Fun Club  -  Alex Walker
Lost and Found  -  Paul Rowe
Kandlestick Men  -  Frank Monteleone
Drama Department  -  Richard Willett
Don't You Know Who I Am?  -  Izzy Mariano
KISS OF DARKNESS  -  Michael McClung
Coke  -  Michael hurley
American Steel  -  Zach Vest
Call Me Nevada  -  Alexander Julian

24-Hour Doorman  -  Ruben Estremera, Gregory Wolk

The Odd Son. -  Nigel Tyrone Simms

Journey to Fisterra. -  Alan Lambert

Reformation. -  Stephen Morgan-MacKay, Stefan Alexander


The Curious Misery of Eve  -  Gabrielle Gorman
Land of the Freed  -  Junior Jensen
Memory  -  Jonathan Dillon
What The Crows Saw  -  Gina East
Pustka  -  Edel Dmytro Oksamyt
The Lady Who Slipped On The Ice -   Ellis J. Kelsey
The Great American Experiment  -  Daniel Hernandez-Zapata
Flora  -  Don Shroll
The Ones  - Case Parks
Hudson Valley  -  Josh Price
Slugger  -  J. Miller
Anathema: Syreni   - Bob Singleton
Mixteco Kid  -  Miguel Orozco
Timewriter  -  Ryan Luevano
Superior Iron  -  Joe Bechtold
Une Guerre  -  Taylor Levert
Invasive Species  -  Deborah Daughetee
Cursed Story, The Black Notebook  -  Daniel Balazs Toth
Antibody  -  Jason Collin
The Gallery  -  Will Downs
Mayday  -  Haley White
The Vineyard  -  Tyler Morris
The Laughter of Children  -  Mark A. Dispenza
Sick & Tired  -  Nelson Downend
Rentagob  -  Nick Wright
Masters and Servants  -  John Enright
10 Angels  -  peter wulff
Music City  -  Nathan Fleetwood
Desert Star News  -  Robert Haus
Mooch  -  Joe Favalaro
AmaZone, Jungle Juice  -  Chris Gilders
The Sound of Everything  -  David Hyde
Saints and Simulacrums  -  Alex Arabian
#NoneOfTheAbove  -  Michael Hood
The Girl From Tift County  -  Matt Friedman
The Decoy  -  Nicole Crowley
Keiko Speaks, A True Story  -  Bonnie Norton
Bust a Move  -  Ira Wilson
Life Support  -  Andrew Hopps
The Scenic Route  -  Glenn Pulliam
Plot Lines -  Todd Tavolazzi
Bowling League  -  Kate Bailey
Werewolf  -  Pablo Torroella
Afterburn  -  Lawrence Cremo
The Secret Coterie of Swans  -  Dylan Brown
Blameless  -  Tashema Alexander
The Carolina Free Ride  -  Steve Smith
Timbuktu Blues  -  Lee Aubry
Oversight  -  Morgan Nikola-Wren
Da Club  -  Christopher Celestin
Fresh Catch  -  Bridget Bell McMahon
Scene of the Crime -  Rich Rubin
The Big Payback  -  John Konevich
Elements  -  Dustin Drye
The Pirate Queen  -  Nora-Jane Noone
The Sculpture Park  -  Christopher Brown
Bud Run -   Everett Martin
The Comeback  -  Todd Sodano
Miss Me When I’m Gone  -  Matthew Gomez
Van 59  -  Brian Trotter
The Great Black North  -  Giselle Miller
Why We Chose to Die  -  Brian Pack
Keeper  -  Andy Carpenter
A Memory in the Rain  -  Daniel Ahn
Righteous  -  Kathy Patterson
The Unreal War,  The Library  -  Florin Hanganu
Dream Girl  -  Abe Khalil
Here For You  -  Michael Buonocore
CIU: Crisis Intervention Unit  -  Jacalyn Wetzel
Party Girl  -  Jess Fisher
Say Something  -  Chelsea M Matthews
Galileo- Firestorm  -  Tina Love
Rain In The Summertime  -  Shane Harness
Irresistible Force  -  Carl Gundestrup
Holiday on Ice  -  Pam Perry Goulardt
The Last Supper  -  Zachary Ashman
Forever Reservoir  -  A. P. Hello
Mermaid  -  Vincent Nel
Ezra  -  Luke Landau
The Raising of an OG: A Day in the Life  -  Dionne Roberts-Emegha
Mr. Rose  -  Kari Mote
Liebe Lise  -  Luke Hart-Moynihan
The Legend of Moses Pace  -  Alexander LeGrand
Mist of Fire  -  Anoop Madhavan
De Brocas  - Jenn Fonteyn
Percorsi -   Nigel Rodgers
Sisters  -  Azenath Adede
In the Footprints of Giants  -  Daniel Bridges
Downtown  -   Brian Stone
Beast by Beast  -  Shakthi Jothianandan
The Battleground State  -  Monte Silver
Guardian Angel, Inc. -   Catalin Moraru
Qualifying  -  Thomas Black
Naked to the Night  -  Henry Myers
River Cabin  -  Berg Rosenberg
Black Gatsby  -  Harrison Myles
Toes Up  -  William (Bill) Chatham III
Complicated   - Julianna Mullinar
The Down Window  -  Silvano-Mari Robinson
Ladylike  -  Miranda Rawson
Stumpy The Mermaid Slayer  -  Emily Neufeld
Dancing Violin  -  Michael Vitkin
Bingo Hollabouth  -  Francesco Capussela
Buds  -  Hallie Reese Kostrencich
Off Putting  -  Avery Goldstein
All You Can Carry  -  Max Orkis
Boys Gone By  -  Campbell McLean
Clash pilot  -  Donna Bonilla Wheeler
Sleeping  -  Chiara Cusani
Cut The Foolery  -  Janaya Chapman
She Dreams of Neon  -  Michael Graham
Other Lives, Other Waters  -  Phoebe Lapine
Fear  -  Peter Jang
Glass Half Full  -  Davarion Jarvelle
Ruth Rising  -  Lillie Gardner
Earning  -  Danielle Thorpe
Mary Reid  -  Frank Gaimari
The Fighting First  -  Alex Stephens
The Dreadgate Book  -  Alex Sobol
Steve Wants to Die  -  Josh Corrigan
Extended Family  -  Rick Jones 
Crocus  -  Massimo Meo
Johnny Rocket Rides Again  -  Conner Conway
The Nest  -  Aaron Carter
Mixed Spirits,  -  Howard Kaplan
CTRL+ALT+DEL  -  Amir Ohebsion
The Worst 5 Daze of My Life (aka My Alcoholic Exorcism)  -  Casey Costello
The Guides  -  Cam Parkes
Armed Tiger Delta  -  John McDermott
Hawkwood "Salted with Fire" -  Karen Simmons
The Saint  -  Kenya  Collins
Back in the High Life  -  Larry Collins
"The Arsonist"  -  Lauren Buckingham
Rear  - Edward Worthy
Trick of the Eye  -  Dennis Haseley
Paint The Night  -  Mark L. Feinsod
Liesbet  -  Rosita Clarke
A Life Of Enchantment  -  Gerald McGowan
Those We Trust  -  Marie Jones
Tomorrow Was a Long Time Ago -   Giacomo Giammatteo
Lost Boy  -  Luis Duran
The Teenage Widow  -  Hannah Chapman
B.A.L.L.A.D. -  Lucas Abreu
Alta California  -  Lynn Elliott
Absolution  -  Heather Hood
Pocket Knife  -  Austin Grant
Lament for Eyam  -  Cameron Adair
Leave No Trace -   Estrella Tamez
Legend of First Memory  -  Patrick Skeyhill
Josh, Bro  -  Stephen Krespel
White Latino  -  Nico Casavecchia
Camp for the Abused  -  Alan Maki
Katya  -  Caroline O'Connor
What Ever Happened To Jonny Faith -   Benjamin Pollack
India  -  Patty Papageorgiou
Diamond Legacies  -  Roopal Badheka
Bless You Too  -  Gianfranco Cuoco
Hound   - sarah polhaus


Our Greenwich Village Days  -  Michael and Andrew M Volpe

Sideline  -  Kristy Thomas
String Lights: A Musical Anthology Series  -  VP Boyle
Talk of the town -   Edel Corrigan
Call Me Thor  -  Jamie Campbell
Glory Days -   Marc McCutcheon
Tula Speaks Little  -  Kyana Rookwood
Mr.Roosevelt  -  Bettina Horton
The Bluestockings   - Elizabeth Reichelt
Americanus Rex  -  Dillon VanOort
Family First   - Sapphire Wickham
El Tigre Blanco   - Brooke Martin
Apache -  Adam Seidel
As The Day Goes By  -  Moses Lawi
Castle of Glass  -  Joshua Fox
Fugue  -  David Ruben
Missing Parts  -  Janine Pecenkova
Disintegration   - Sebastian Watson
A Labour of Love   - Olga Holtz
How to Destroy the World  -  Don Donahue
Chasing Frogs  -  Kate Powis
Born Again  -  Leticia Lathrop
The Richest Woman in America  -  Bill McGough
The Summer Everything Went  -  Sam Macneil
An Italian Affair   - Jed Thomas
Serving Jefferson:  The James Hemings Story  -  C. Joab Davis
Korean Love Story  -  Dylan Lindsay
Murder Maze Michelle  -  Michael Lucid
The Academy -   Brit Cowan
Vagabonds  -  Hannah Wacholtz
Baseline of Experience -  Natalie Shirley

Love After  -  Tina Tazekand
Sands of Lanikai  -  Greg Blair
The Spectrum  -  Paul Hilburger
Beignets in Bed  -  Micole Williams
Son of a Mother  -  K.Page Stuart Valdes
Get Well Soon  -  Michael Deigh
The Industrialist  -  Vikas Bandhu
Cases and the Norm  -  David Rivera
The Mechanic and the Girl on the Farm -  Amy Rebecca Blackwelder
A World With No Heroes  -  Jordan Hannah
Ringside  -  Cameron Hankins
Hench Man  -  Brian Newell
Vagabonds  -   Ryan Sieveking
Sweet Dreams  -  Gary Alvarez
The Passion of Pauli Murray  -  Sean Slater
Monster Carnival  -  Alia Zeid
The Vet  -  Karan Talwar
Seven Lives Of A Swashbuckler  -  J.T. Emery
Street Soldiers  -  Marc Castaldo
Chicken Tenderized  -  Bonnie Ilyse Tunick
A Lesson In Rock and Roll  -  Kyle Rizor
Spag Bol  -  Adam Harris
A Market  -  Octavia Clahar
At the Gates  -  Vir Srinivas
The Desert Shrine  -  V. R. Marianne Zahn
Verbal  -  David Brittles
Tripp  -  Wayne Nuessle
Blue Deer  -  Brielle Yuke Li
Piece of Mind   - Marco Amato
Friend Zone  -  Omar Willis
Walt  -  Jordan Smith
Man Without Country  -  Christopher Harvey
Americana  -  Dale Wolf
The Loneliest Road  -  Thayenne Behr
White Trash  -  A. Christian

The Truth Serum  -  Martin K Zitter
The Red Goose  -  Valerio Esposito
Mendoza the Jew  -  Robin Uriel Russin
Pendulum  -  Edie Casille
Street Preacher   - Taylor, AKA Ty Smith
Code 10  -  Matthew Margo
South of Main Street  -  Robert Gately
Maeta's Story  -   Charles DeRykus
Where's Grace?  -  Bill Brock
Chrysalis   - JD Volk
The Flid Show  -  Richard Willett
The Old Lady and The Boxer  -  Bernadette Chapman
Ancestors From the Stars   - Joe McNeal
The Last Bombshell  -  Lawrence H Stern
High School Lullaby -   Dave Stishan
Against the Storm  -  Christopher Goodenough
Lucky Phil  -  Christopher Swider
Lexi and the Lion  -  Susan Bach
The People Shooting Hat  -  Alfred Thomas Catalfo
Bloodlines: The Mogadishu Diaries 1992-1993  -  Eddie Clay Thompkins III
Longwood  -  Cornell Hubert Calhoun  III
Saving Roses  -  Louann Teresa Fernald
S.H.A.R.P.  -  Josh Auter
Pipeland  -  Karl Mather
Heart Cycles  -  Jay D J Pennington
Troll  -  Ian Baaske
Pure  -  Nava R. Silton
The Seeing Eye  -  Elizabeth Lewis
Criss Cross  -  Elizabeth Sylvia Player
The Devil Behind  -  Dan Alex
The Place Between Our Lives  -  Clay Callender, David Ellard
Cold Service  -  Peter Strupp
Bilious  -  Stephen D Floyd
Here's My Card  -  Oscar Ballyvolane
Shuttlecock  -  Tapan Sharma
Amy and Angel   - Julia Verdin, Deedee Benkovich
Black Ocean  -  Francesca Florentyna O'Hop
Surrender  -   Bill Mesce, Jr.
The James King Version  -  David Schroeder
Gambler's Choice  -  Tane McClure
Pipo   - Christy Price, Daniel Vidal Perez, Julie De La Fuente
Yuanfen  -  Briana London, Lynn Mills
Lovely Sunshine  -   Kristina Batiste
Champion of the World!  -  James B. Saunders
Taffy "Cat & Mouse"  -  Hank Isaac
Camp Camden  -  Tommy McInnis
The Fens  -  Crispin R. Spinks
Reign of Blood  -  Peter Mellado
Gordon's Mercy -  Gary L. Helm
Identity  -  Danny Phillips
Dark Return  -  Les Zig
The Call  -  Michal Joy Hall Bravo Ramírez
Only Seven Days  -  Carole Starcevic
Ziggy and Rachel   - Michael Rispoli, Gregg Greenberg
The Storm Beneath   - Alexandra Billington
Reckoning Unforeseen   - Ilea Alfaro
Internal Security -   Stefan Alexander
A.C.L.  -  Matt Gamarra
Fresh Out of High School  -  Karinthal McCray
Rise -   Richard Goldstein
Lena's Rules  -  Ken Comer
Bud Appetit  -  Lisa Scott
Philly D-Lite  -  Joey Medina
The Floyd Side of the Moon  -  Vincent J Kianese
Unbrotherly Love  -  Nick Abdo
Patch Work   -  Ruben Estremera & Gregory Wolk
Butcher of Dreams  -  Kay Williams
Teancum  -  Mark Nevill Parker
Opposite Sides  -  Kim Broderick
Nemesis. -  Joseph Ross Angelella
The Riveter  -  Tristan Venture
Demonica  -  John Austin
King of the Underground -   Jeffrey M. Davis
A Man Called White  -  Randy Hines
Lovers, Liars & Angels  -  Peter Sawczynec
Dark Ride  -  Denis Curto
Who Let the Wallflowers Out?   - Virginia Austin
The Macedonian Trapeze Artist  -  Lyle Deixler
Act of Love  -  Elvin Betancourt
Murder in Alton  -  Zann Gill
House of Ether  -  JD Wallace, Jennifer Donohue

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