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Horror Screenplay Awards

 Season 5 Results:


Overall Winner - Season 5

*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our Season 5

Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winner!


Man Under - Thomas Thonson

This is Not a Place - Kelsey Grace Pfeifer

Raven Winters and the Spirit Vortex  - Heather Ostrove

Polar - Christopher Kearney

Hotel California - Jordan Trippeer

Beast of Virginia - Mathew Corley

The Midnight Tour - Chris Bolton

Semblance - Bill Whirity

Werewolves From Outer Space - Justin Nosler

The 49th Day - Craig Peters



Keller Hotel - Laura Sweeney

Beyond the Veil  -  Michael Mortimer
M - Demon Killer  -  Mark William Hammond
Isolation  -  Mark Allen
Cellblock Hell  -  Claudio Martinez-Valle
Miasma  -  L.. Andrew Cooper
Why, Arizona  -  Isaiah Mouw, Mark Botts
The Death March  -  James Van Fleet
Biters  -   Farrin Rosenthal   
The Cure   -  Ashley R Hall 
The Iron Box  -  John Saunders
The Devil Went Down To Jersey  -  Bruno Derlin
Kudzu  -  Marisa Forrest
The Sorrow Veil  -  Russ Lindway
Handful Of Dust  -  Jeffrey Stackhouse, Richard A. Becker
Long Term Stay  -  Ryan Nemeth
Trilogia della Morte  -  Saul Berenbaum
Mincemeat Manor  -  Shira Zimbeck
Swine Heart  -  Theresa Anne Carey , Bruce Stephen Brochtrup
Wicked Folk  -  Nate Lane
Dirk Victory  -  Don Ternyila
Home of the Devils  -  Steven D'Addieco
Lake Hart  -  Laurent Auclair
Emma  -  Vincent Stoia
Ganglers  -  Mark Renshaw
The Hard Moon Wolves  -  
Shadows from the Aftermath  -  Gregory Schroeder
Domain Unknown  -  Emily Johnson
Sabertooth  -  Joslyn Jensen
Because the Night  -  Lee Voelkel
Faithful Shadow  -    Kevin J. Howard
Killer Body  -  Bobby Sacher
The Devil You Don't  -  Adrienne Arno
Satan's Pride  -  Jon Chamis
The Grand Bay Hotel  -  Steven Blows
They're Watching Us  -  DG  
Skin Deep  -  Dan McGuire
Billie and Mark Almost Get Killed  -  Sean Reidy
The Other Side  -  Nonie Shiverick
Bloodletters  -  Greg Derasmo, Tom Sime
Live Like A Legend  -  
Sentenced  -  Colin Costello
Night  -  Tom Thorpe
The Familiar  -  Carrie Specht
American Macabre  -  Brett Creane, Jason Dugre
Please Hold...  -  Pavel Wine

At Death's Door   -  Matthew Catanzano
Jeremy and Friends  -  Cullen Wright
Baby, Let's Stay  -  Maddison Bolesworth
Always  -  Ryan Preston
Lichemoth  -  Doom Kid
Zombadu  -  Mitch Finn
Mysterious Finn  -  Anthony Filangeri
Fear Springs Eternal  -  Harvey Yazijian
It's OK. He's Friendly  -  Brian Menz
Earworm  -  Daniel LoBrace
Doorway To The Dead  -  Keith Gover
Manifest  -  Anthony Benigno
Ghost Dreamers  -  Angela Iranna Perkins
The Vineyard  -  Christopher Guerrero
Who's That Boy?  -  Matt McCarthy
Camp Unblessed  -  Bryant Warren
Batutut  -  Isabel Arias, Tracey Power
Something In The Water  -  Billy Krolick
The Mothering  -  Kira Borrowdale
Crimson Hollow  -  Todd Zing & Irish Rivera
Show Me  -  Kurt Doerr
The Elysian  -  Garrett Hemmerich
The Delivery Boy  -  William Lott
Pieces  -  Trey Livingston
Twelve Steps  -  Youssef Mailoudi
The Bond  -  Chris Hugan
Tahquitz  -  Harrison Pierce
Quarantine Broil  -  Robert Homer Mollohan
Teacher's Pet  -  Jonah Jones
Obliquity2020  -  Lasta Drachkovitch
No Man's Land  -  Barry Ambrose
Credence  -  S. A. Teller
The Mystery of Jake  -  Lawrence Bergman
"Head/Dead"  -  Andre Thierry
The Film Professor Who Kills...  -  Greg Benevent
Eavesdropper  -  Greg Sidman
Eden  -  Bobby Coston
Face On  -  Justin Best
Cascadia  -  Tim Millette
Jed's Dead  -  Gregory Proiette
Give Them An Inch  -  Bo Liu
Beloved Daughter  -  Stephanie L. Ogle
A Waking Nightmare  -  Ryan Shovey
Vanishing Place  -  Daniel Olds
Story Horror  -  Daniel Tysdal
Paternal  -  Korstiaan Vandiver
Tonathiu  -  Alexis Kirke
Good Night  -  Meko Winbush
5 Lies  -  Marcello Crowe
Dispossessed  -  Rob Melnyk
Of Latria  -  Cliff Ryan
Inseparable  -  Nichole Redmiles
Pendulum  -  Dae Dunn
President Frankenstein  -  Robert Binney
Streetwalker  -  Adrian Innaimo
Rosebud, TX  -  Daniel Carroll
Wolves Don't Cry  -  Scott Fleishman
Retreat  -  Brian Lipko
Collected Works  -  Timothy Fasano
The Water Strider  -  Mathew Barry Ryan
Heartbreak Hotel   -  Angel Carr
Ghosties  -  Julie Sharbutt
Tom Van Helsing  -  Robby  Justiss
Wærenfölk Tales - The Ardjandane Chronicles  -  Padraic Lee Fisher
We Made a Zombie  -  B. Isabella Bodnar
The Eventide Hotel  -  Allison Hanna
The Butcher  -  Jonathan Barger
Invasive  -  Ryan Underwood
The Doors Of Perception  -  Johnny Cruz
Our Past Has Eyes  -  Gina Screen
Nelophobia  -  Karen Trauner
Mexican Moon  -  Garon Cockrell
Soundboard  -  Marisa Martinez
Who's Minding Malcolm  -  Linda Marr
Tic-Tac-Toe  -  A.J. Ciccotelli
Therapy  -  Scott Cramer
Sleight of Mind  -  Marc Edelstein
A Safe Place For Shelter  -  George Wilson
Nevermore  -  Michael Goedecke
Powder  -  Ria Fend
Locked  -  Andrew Creme
H(a)unted  -  Sara Alves
Horrorgate  -  Tim O'Leary
Mirrored Duplex  -  Neal Peterson
Inflorescence  -  Justin Paul Myler
This Leg is Not Mine  -  Sierra Falconer
Darkness, Darkness  -  Dane McCauley
Wendigo  -  David Zuckerman
Torture Skool  -  Lawrence Jacobs
The Indian in the Hood  -  Mark C. Spera
A Getaway  -  Nathaniel Feeley
Black Forest  -  Chaz Fatur
Thin Blue Veins  -  Josh Evans
Pandora's Adversaries  -  Jason Harley
To Die For  -  Graeme Benson
Macabre  -  Nicholas Pontoski
Creature  -  John Killoran
The Offering  -  David Ford
The Elders  -  Peter Macaluso

One Last For My Heart. - Hakim Benshila    
The Picture in the House  -  Eric L Thompson
Killing in America  -  Sean Shapiro
Mother's Upstairs  -  Matthew Lazzarini
Wilderness  -  Stephen Czerwinski
The House in Coyoacán  -  Lore V. Olivera
Death Piano  -  Blaine Wells
A Rare Gem  -  Paul Landry
The Boneyard  -  M.r. Fitzgerald
Intended  -  Joe Vallese
Apart  -  Hunter Davis
Shadow People  -  Danny Baram
The Sign of the Witch  -  Ricardo Bravo
Play Dead  -  Stephen Polakiewicz
Dead Drunk  -  Christopher Moreman
Where to Eat in Hollywood  -  John Hooper
We Said forever  -  Levi Buchanan
The Leatherman  -  Alan Loubeau
Dearg Due - The Red Thirst  -  Anthony  Mariani
Metastasis  -  Alessandro Guarino
Evacuation  -  Aubrey Reynolds
It Came From Room 8  -  Kamran Khezri
Morbidly  -  Don Stroud
Fester  -  Robbie Lemieux
Cellblock Hell  -  Claudio Martinez-Valle
Page Turner  -  Marc Roussel
Entanglement  -  Catherine  Delaloye
Chimera  -  Andrew Kaberline
Grrrr! A Zombie Love Story  -  Sam Fisch
#KillMeNow  -  Gary Sewell
Demonology  -  Joseph Bronzi
When Horror Met Sally...  -  Ervin Anderson
Devour  -  Peter Petrucci
Janey  -  Tim Grady
The Devil You Know  -  Anna Bierhaus
Snowy Strangeways  -  Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
Malsumis  -  Devin Haqq
A Grozny Affair  -  Zed Martin
Hinterland  -  Sean O'Heir
Bloodshed  -  Stephen Dickey
14 Days  -  Sean Lynch
R.I.P.  -  Yellowlees Douglas
The Den  -  Cody Ong
Pumpkin's Abyss  -  Fernando Almeida
Abrigo  -  Rhodri Wooltorton
The Preserve  -  Jason Rice
Pyramid Lake  -  Jonathan Scott  Parker
It Came From Within  -  Steven Pierce
Siren  -  Michael Burnet
The Gargouille  -  Xander Bailey
The Villa Rosa  -  Andy Kozel
Together  -  Neal Dhand
Submerged  -  Jonny Flores
Mass  -  Gregory Hoeft
Beacon  -  Sina Sultani
Salvador Dolly  -  Brandon Burkhart
The Switch House  -  Tim Meyer
Where Shadows Lie  -  Charlie McLravy
Grimmer  -  Alison Weaverdyck
Tartan Army  -  Neil McLarty
Teegarden  -  Scott Henderson
How I Became a Vengeful, Psycho Killer  -  Laura Becker
The Horror Box  -  Isaac Platizky
The Script  -  Lynn Elliott
The Ghost Machine  -  mark morris
Five Star Review  -  Kiley Rothweiler
Gods of Campus  -  Christopher Kelley
Solstice  -  Stephen John Beyer
Wendigo  -  Sean Wathen
The Cursed and the Favored  -  Brock LaBorde
Edie  -  Paul Catalanotto
Project Eradicate  -  Arthur Glenn
The Hitchhiker  -  Dan Ast
Cult of Basil  -  Thomas Preston
Soul Survivor  -  Rob Rex
Pantomime  -  Brooke Greeling
Suburbaknight  -  Adam  Johnson
All We Leave Behind  -  Paul Rowe
Home  -  Joseph Betros
Final Girl Inc.  -  Michael Stinson
Skeleton Crew  -  Jeffrey Elefterion
Domesticated  -  Will Jones
In The Silence  -  Maggie Lovitt
Ghulatown  -  Andree Robinson-Neal
Up On The Housetop  -  Austin Linsemeyer
Brain Storm  -  James Mulcahy
The Abduction of Sarah Hayes  -  Adam Krause
What Other Night?  -  James Kerner
The Anklebiter  -  Andy Jones
Glipmse  -  Richard Martin
We, Too, Are Beasts  -  Michael Salomon
Pinged  -  Kai Choyce
Hex  -  Josh Brody
Devil's Lake  -  Jay Fisher
Letheland  -  Patrick Hatten
Adam2  -  Luke Baker
DreamHome  -  Jackson Murray
Serial Woman  -  Amanda Ellis
The Vampire's Babysitter  -  Heather Hale
The Conductor  -  Branko Maksic
13TH Street Scare  -  Cecilia Copeland
Disrupture  -  Ross Morin
Mabon  -  Simon Doyle
Dog  -  Kelly Parks
Welcome Home  -  Sara Strange
Sniffin' The Hole  -  Daniel Boddicker
Throwback  -  Elvin Betancourt
The Mold  -  Jon Comulada
Mongrels  -  Jason Sheedy
Chocolate Roulette  -  John Licata
Famous  -  Maud Brizard
Reloction  -  Warren Clarke
Guardian  -  Jess Gupta
Vegan-tarian  -  Brian Cohen
The Deep Cut  -  Jonathan Samuel
New Breed  -  Kenny DeStefano
Shaman  -  Blake Middleton
Fractured  -  Wes Eastin
Nightmare on Hatchet Island  -  Josh Taylor
Dig Me No Grave  -  Gary Piazza
Betty Blue Eyes  -  Nicolas Charron
Second Crossing  -  James Howells
The Second Location  -  Tracy Schumer
Marked  -  Catherine Bonny
Chrysalis  -  Bethany White
Circles  -  Brian Farrey-Latz
Battle for Eden: Birth of An Antichrist  -  Michael Rose
Handsome Devil  -  Andrew Albert
Kill for Love  -  Maceo Greenberg
Interior: Supermarket  -  Toby Scales
Don't Be Creepy  -  Christopher J. Brown
Shango  -  Martyn Eaden
Dark Shepherd  -  Abraham Marcos
The Method  -  Aaron Michael Bailey
Come In  -  vitor kappel
Steam  -  João Dall'Stella
Cinema 4  -  Garcia Sisters
The Scourge  -  Jeremiah Lewis
Don't Be a Stranger  -  Philip Walton
Welcome to Sunnyfields  -  Tobias Tobbell
The Great God Pan  -  Robert Milner
Blood Debt  -  Jonathan Wickremasinghe-Kuhn
Six-13  -  Sebastian Watson
Abaddon's Daughter  -  Anthony Rea
The Lost Camp  -  Connor Etter

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