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Horror Screenplay Awards
 Season 6 Results:


Overall Winner - Season 6

"Shango"  -  Martyn Eaden & David McClellan

*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our

Season 6 Quarterfinalists,

Semifinalists, Finalists and Winner!


Anathema: Pilotus - Bob Singleton 

The Paisley Witch Trial  - Julia Campanelli

Ruination  - Dawson Doupé

Mysterium - Sheldon Woodbury

Scream Queen - Garon Cockrell

Super Host - Trevor Olson

Hell is an Open Door - J. Lopezzo

House Left Behind - David Meister

Nip + Suck - Judd Schlossberg

The Blood - Jon Shaivitz



The Bells  -  Charlie Magdaleno
Mark of the Beast  -  Alex Fountain
Convergence  -  Paul Sheridan
Speak of the Wolf   - Sender Tarlovsky
Glimpses  -  Tammy Klembith
Kingmaker  -  Victor Ridaura
Poe:  The Beginning  -  Nathan Knapp
Exhumation  -  Steven Stiefel
Guns of Perdition   - Jim Spivey
The Sicken -  Danny Alex
Bad Dog  -  Morgan Smith
Rosefrost  -  Ted Bronson
Angel of Skid Row  -  Aaron Michael Bailey
Vegan-tarian  -  Brian Cohen
Surfing The User   - Ash Lazer
Eidolon  -  Melissa Mitchell
Fear Box  -  Michael Morra
Offerings  -  Chris Carter
Voracious  -  David Draper
Hexagram  -  Shannon Wells
Interference  -  Clive Morris
Home Care  -  Tom Harrison
The Darkness We Didn't Choose  -  Madeline (MJ) Prins
Moving On   - John Bruno
No Outlet  -  James Mulcahy
(Li)thium  -  Red Davis
ScareBnb  -  Curtis Cameron
Celeste  -  Sophie Taylor
The Barn   - Chris Bloomfield
Deep Down  -  Karl Williams
Catering Karl & The Parties of Pure Evil  -  Warren Lane
Seance  -  Vivian Kerr
Colorado Caliber  -  Karan Talwar
Cascadia  -  Tim Millette
Deep as Hell   - Laddie 
Devour  -  Peter Petrucci
Transient  -  Chris Ruppert
Gearjammer  -  Branko Maksic
The horned God   - Alessandro Guarino
Waffle House Index  -  Gabriel Rosenstein
The 49th Day  -  Craig Peters
THE MARKED  -  Scott Hawthorne
Atomic Vomit  -  Jay Richardson
I Hope This Email Finds You Well  -  Quinton Buxton
The Crimson Masks  -  Jack Packshaw
Assimilated  -  Christopher Guerrero
No Man's Land  -  Barry Ambrose
Homicide Hillz  -  Seti Jakada
The Shivers  -  Chad Wellinger
Credence  -  S. A. Teller
Blooded  -  James Cripps
Mirror of the Mire  -  Irene Adornato
Remember Me  -  Tongayi chirisa
The Fountain  -  Bryan Kelsey
The Lookout  -  Brendan Beachman
A Hell of a Time in Wahuhi Woods   - Sean Chavis
Apart  -  Josh Lee
There Are No Children  -  Drew Hellmich
The Curse of Timberwolf Lane  -  Peyton Purtill
The Gravedigger  -  Lyndal Simpson
Our Lady of Viento Bridge  -   Pep Torres
Silk  -  Nick Tassoni
All Things Serve   - John Veron
The Rats in the Walls  -  Annarosa Schiavone, Luca Violante
Moonflower  -  Angela Townsend
The Curse of Snake Hill  -  Lizzie Finn
They Will Be Monsters  -  Tony French
Vicious Cycle  -  Anthony Pittore
Tradecraft  -  Gannon Kenney
The  Bloodline  -  Unnamed 
Tiburon  -  Heather Parra
The Believed  -  John Broadhead
I Would Kill For That  -  Matthew Hoch
SkyFire  -  Mark Morris
Melville   - Jeremy Storey
Genome  -  Nick Marciano
Serial Killer Supper Club  -  Paul Rowe
El Cuco   - Blake Robbins
The Eternal Assassin  -  Steven Kobrin

Fear Springs Eternal  -  Harvey Yazijian
Barasat  -  Mrinalini Basu
Mimic  -  Angel Carr
Fourteen Days  -  Lynn Esta Goldman
The Doppelganger   - Steve Walter
Hellracers  -  Samuel Fisch
The Cabinet of Curios & Cryptids   - Tory Smith
As Long As You Both Shall Live  -  Peter Macaluso
Bloodhound  -  Danny Katz
Fang   - Jodi  Ippolito
Suburbaknight  -  Adam Johnson
Out of the Black  -  Peter Rudolph
Curse The Ground   - Gabby Gruen
Cloudkill  -  Brent Hartinger
The Passage  -  A.S. Hill
Kyra  -  Gil Seltzer
Christmas With The Dead  -  Stephen Keyworth
Raven Mocker  -  Dylan Barnett
BallyZombie  -  Pearse Lehane
Disposable  -  Josh Evans
Boil Your Blood  -  Sam Kench
Under the Killing Moon  -  James Fox
Blind Pursuit  -  Debi Yazbeck
The Unseen  -  Shiva Ramanathan
Born Again  -  Jason Fraley
Demonica  -  John Austin
Hellfire  -  Mark Dollard
Drain   - John Licata
Offspring  -  Hannah Silverman
Blotter -  HF Crum
I'm Your Host   - Joey Miller
Kulam   - Caleb Rivera
Nap Time  -  Jonathan Dittman
Death Puzzle Vol. 1  -  Jon Cvack
It Clings To Her  -  Ariel Sinelnikoff
The Jet   - Jon Shaivitz
Chasing Rabbits  -  Craig Winstead
Scarlet Seas  -  J.C. Young
What You Wish For   - Josh Brody
Hide Behind  -  Richard Martin
Zombie With A Chainsaw!!! Or Cruel Death Will Surrender  -  Graham Waldrop
The Deadtime Man  -  Benjamin Pollack
The Only Safe Place Left Is The Dark  -  Warren Wagner
The Tortoise and the Heir  -  Russ Meyer
Graven  -  Michael  Clifton 
The Deep Cut  -  Jonathan Samuel
Naughty  -  Derek Taylor Kent
Guardian  -  Jess Gupta
Ghost Train  -  Cory Marciel
The Sub  -  Michael Lucid
Red Water, White Death   - Chris Hocking
The Wind Howls  -  Carlos J. Matos
The Whisperers  -  Travis J. Opgenorth
Shackled   - Michael Boaks
Kill the Beast  -  Anthony Pittore
The Nendoroid  -  Jonathan Gamer
Gloomy Sunday  -  KEVIN MACHATE
Delivery  -  Ellen Shanley
The Depths Below  -  Andrew Dean Pearson

The Virgin  -  Trysta A. Bissett
Miss Lovey’s Perfect Pizza  -  Lindsay Elston
Legends  -  Danny Alex
Familial Script  -  Catherine Schetina
Dance of the Blessed Spirits  -  Matt Pacini
The Fifth Story  -  Cory Byers
Yellow Jacket  -  Daniel E. Hall
Skepticon  -  Cameron Young
Consumed  -  Don Stroud
Saving Little z  -  Chris Ballinger
The Shoe Collector  -  Ines Swinters, Ray Kermani
The Yielding  -  Natasha Le Petit

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