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Horror Screenplay Awards
 Season 7 Results:

FilmmaticHorrorCoverfly7 (1).png

Overall Winner - Season 7

*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our

Season 7 Quarterfinalists,

Semifinalists, Finalists and Winner!


As Long As Grass Grows - Matt Perez

Primeval - Drew Hellmich


The 49th Day - Craig Peters


House of the Rising Sun -  Matthew Sorvillo

Baby Teeth - Greta Guthrie and Jacob Lazarow

Hyper_Lucid - David Meister

 Old MacDonald - Douglas Hall

Chasing the Dark - Mike Bencivenga

Boxed In - Derek Ladd

The Chosen Ones - Paul Sheridan


Incident at Graves Manor -   Don Erlandson
The Road to Sorrowful -   Andrea Lawson
Dorian  -  Alyssa Radmand Devine
Anathema: Pilotus  -  Bob Singleton
Hello Motel  -  Sophia Lee
Under The Moon  -  Ari Silver
Detoured  -  Benito  Selim
With You Always  -  Will Anderson
Patrimony  -  Phillip Dishon
Fear Box  -  Michael Morra
Scion  -  Paul Sheridan
Without a Face -   Janna Jilnina
The Selfie  -  Chad Wellinger
Dreams  -  Richard De Klerk
Final Exam  -  C.J. Ehrlich
Ravenous Wild  -  James Wicks
Cerebral  -  Alex Avila
Balance  -  Gary Blackwood
Visceral  -  Damir Catic
Cumberland Furnace  -  Mike Hurst
Merrow  -  Alexander Seltzer
Trigger Objects  -  Nik Perring
Bloodhound  -  Danny Katz
The Restless  -  Elise Salomon
Liars  -  Charlene Clarke-Todoruk
Devil Makes Three  -  Goldie Jones
Raze the Dead  -  Anthony Mormile
The Killer Keeps Coming  -  Wil Hart
Room 733  -  Brianna Gardner
Balance  -  Edward Klau
Cedar Lake  -  Madison Sean Flannery
Sensei  -  Merridith Allen
Casket Girl  -  John Darbonne
The Recovery  -  Emma Jay
Thunderstorm  -  Maria Mathis
Glacier  -  Jay McClure
Butterfly And Oni  -  Sean Fox
Spring Heeled Jack  -  Paul Woodley
Apart  -  Hunter Davis
Bitter Blood  -  Thomas Park
Did You Say Blood?  -  James Yantko
Into The Ether  -  Steve Brown
Beneath the Pole  -  Robert Dodrill
The Night Bloom  -  Arun Croll
Memento Mori  -  Chris Easterly
Wayward  -  Christopher Cramer
A Nice Place to Visit  -  John Munn
Regression  -  Tim Gill
The Final Cut  -  Giuseppe Cocca
The Runner  -  Michael Buonocore
The Devilers  -   James Palmer
Call Of The Void  -  Ben Monaco
Cryptid  -  Brandon Weavil
Dr Franka  -  Scott Nabat
Deadman's Land  -  Barry Duffield
Ghost Train  -  Cory Marciel
Candyman  -  Darla Drendel
Sundown -   Eve Symington
The Witche's Cradle -  Tammy Klembith
Attachment Issues  -  John Kessler
ce (and other Virtues)  -  Alexandra Hayes
Savage Valley  -  Andrew  Warren
Hey There, DJ  -  Ed McCarthy


Wicked Grin  -  Arran Crawley

Blood of Angels - Kevin J. Howard   
-  Alec Gutherz
Disposable  -  Wil
l Berry
Problematic  -  Jerry J Sampson
Wound Watchers  -  L. Andrew Cooper
Twisted Mental  -  Jay Sharron
Morituriosis  -  Jesse Dorian
Moonscope  -  David Hunter Fein
Neighbor  -  Jay Newman
Burned Alive  -  Andrew Moorehead, Reid Prebenda
Saving Little z  -  Chris Ballinger
The Protégé  -  Kennedy Sabelko
Alpha  -  Joseph Helak   

The Greenwood  -  Nathaniel Baker    
A Tale of 5ive Boroughs  -  Nyle Cavazos Garcia
Evergreen  -  Kohl Jordan

Velvet Fangs  -  Ted Bronson
The Wolf Woman  -  Cody Joslin
Theater Crawlers  -  Jeff Bassetti
My Beautiful Protogee  -  Lynwood Shiva Sawyer
The Nightmare Man  -  D.E.S Collins
Big in Japan  -  Maria Hinterkoerner
Bog Water -   Jonathan Weisbrod
Offspring  -  Hannah Silverman
No One Leaves Alive  -  Jeff Kallet
The Vamplands -   Travis Seppala
The Birds at Night  -  Alanah Rafferty
Mad Mary  -  Lisa Maree Dewberry
Stock Photo  -  Joseph X Casillas
The Red -   Min Tran
Aisle Six  -  Lena Cigleris
Yellow Backpack  -  Robert Walcott
The Funny Farm  -  Robert Ward
Augmental  -  Lawrence Pearce
Death's Brother  -  Julian Martin
Murder Maze Michelle  -  Michael Lucid
Otherworld, NJ  -  Matthew McLachlan
Ravenous  -  Danielle Tjoelker
Brutal  -  Rebin Zangana
Coventry  -  Mage Lanz
A True Crime  -  Tom Knoblauch
El Coco  -  Blake Robbins
Olivia Mabel  -  Martyn Eaden
Keeper  -  R.L. Hooker
Breeder  -  Alex Goyette
Don't Go There  -  Rudi O'Meara
When Lisa Met S.A.D.I.  -  Alessandro Pulisci
Blink Dread  -  Spike Black
The Lost Camp  -  Connor Etter

The Yielding  -  Natasha Le Petit
Speak of the Devil  -  James LeJeune
Eulogy  -  Josh Flower
Hungry  -  Patrick Pfupajena
Blue Dreams  -  Jonathan Samuel
The Community  -  Brenna Kelly
The Lodger  -  June Escalante
The Move  -  Andrew McGivern
Office Werewolf  -  Kelly McInerney
Specter  -  Patrick Allan Laffoon

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