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Horror Screenplay Awards
 Season 8 Results:



Newshound  -  Sam Smith
Best Man  -  Sara Stockbridge
Beyond the Forest  -  Frederic Morin
Coyotes  -  Alan Eckelberry
Forbidden Home  -  Rudy Salo
The Girl, Maura Bund  -  Ally May
Christmas Sucks in Starland River  -  Amanda Torigiani
Procurement  -  Francis Jankowski
Ex Ex Ex  -  William Murray
Veil of Darkness  -  Felicia Cheung
The Devil and the Two Drink Minimum  -  Mark Schmeling
Creature of War -   Christopher O'Rourke
The Dark Forest  -  Wesley  Alley 
New Year's Evil  -  John Bankston
Killer Chase  -  Guy Thompson
Road  -  Carey Ryan
Bite Night  -  Richard Mulock
Pet-Cam  -  Pia Cook
The Mirror Lake Murders  -  Mitchell Arnold
Bring Your Own Brain (B.Y.O.B.)  -  Shantel Thompson
A Slaying Song Tonight  -  Ron Brawer
Bloody Teeth  -   Shaqwane Yates
The Eye Inside  -  Alessio Giorgetti
The Clown in the Morgue  -   Israa Al-Kamali
Stairway to Hell  -  Tina Lowe
Filth(y)  -  Mae Sass
The Harrison Horror Pilot  -  Allen Sircy
Blotter  -  HF Crum
The Final Course  -  Nate Suppaiah
On Desolation's Edge  -   Michael Castaldo
The Adlet  -  Eddie Yaroch
Last Chapter  -  Katie Farmin
Kid Gloves  -  Mathew Wright
Jivaro, Demon King  -  Chris Ramlochan
Golden Hour  -  James Buzzo
Concierge  -  Adam Hayes
Deadly Spawn 2  -  John Raymond
Stranded  -  Christiane Lange
Bride and Doom  -  Emily Winter
Mentone  -  Amber Nelson
Final Emergence Screenplay  -  Anne Weber
Baristas of the Boondocks  -  Theodore Ricker
QuakeThunderCrack  -  Mary McDade
Hago  -  Ellena Eshraghi
Here, Live Devils  -  Adam Lippert
Mr Big Hands  -  Annabel Maclean
The Stoners: Strange Roux  -  Michael Greene
Cover Band  -  Deanne Gwinn
Fear Walkers  -  Allan Burd
Fever Night  -  Graham Locke
The Nevada Triangle  -  Tyler Ham Pong
Enoch Wars: Zombie Cop  -  Ben Settle
Depraved  -  Susannah Roberts
Sleeper  -  Barry McEvoy
All Are Not Lost  -  Melissa Bruning
The Dredge  -  John Vredenburg
Poppet  -  Emma Niles
Rag Dolls  - J M Stifle
Nelophobia  -  Karen Trauner
Prey  -  LeeBo Bentley
Bloodletting   - Alexandra Ruggieri
Sea Terror  -   Paul Huenemann
The Ringmaster  -  Ross Martin
No Place Like Home  -  Giuseppe Cocca
Crimson Curse -   Victor Aguilar
The Chango  -  James Barnes
Giving Up The Ghost  -  Brad McHargue
The Torch  -  Jim Rothman
Slain  -  Dre Aguirre
Game Over  -  David DeFuniak
American Folklore: A Midwife's Tale  -  Erik Miguel Gervais
The Law of Talion  -  Bob Corley
14 Seconds to Hell  -  Brian Moon
Night of the Carnival  -  Ross Mahler
Betide  -  Oscar Gutierrez
The Blue Ridge  -  Anne Kennedy
Monster Country  -  Lena Cigleris
The End House  -  Cameron Airlie
Utkeena  -  John Shea
Tocsin  -  Annsh Maithani
White Clouds  -   Dennis Potter
Phantom's Ground  -  Benito Selim
Down  -  Charlie McCarrick
Santa's Got Claws  -  Patrick Bohan
The Lycan -   Paula Cantillo
Sentient  -  Nik Mohan
ap*pe*tite -   Kevin Mann
The Grey Area  -  Josh Snyder
Hells Harbour  -  Katerina Bakolias
Shadow Monster  -  John Bouton
In With the Storm  -  Cara Marshall
With You Always  -  Will Anderson
Dreams  -  Richard De Klerk
Flower Park Children  -  Daryl Wayne
The Pulpit Collector  -  Peter Fraser
Dark Mode -  Maurice Glover
The House Always Wins  -  Scott Richards
A.fter D.eath C.onsultants for Hire  -  Jordan Oliver
Caspian Gull  -  Iain Anderson
Last Dawn  -  Emanuel Vasconcelos
What Comes After  -  Erin Audley
Amaya  -  Dan Slavin
Spirit of Darkness V2  -  Richard Gann
Clown Freaks  -  Michael Dugan
Fang  -  Jodi  Ippolito
Out of Body: The Series  -  Christopher Chater
Will  -  Ryan Hughes
Ouroboros  -  Red Davis
The Unrelenting  -  Brett McKay
The Strongman   - Todd  Jones
The Blackstone Sessions  -  Simon Brown
Sundown  -  Brian Neal
Monsters Aren't Real  -  Connor Thomas
Lake of the Brokenhearted  -  Shane O'Connor
Dreams of the Dead   - Eric Taylor
The Caravan  -  David Beshears
The German    Michael Mortimer
Give 'Em Hell  -  Shennin Omay
Yram Ydoolb  -  Brogden Richmond
SIN  -  Ryan Avery
Killing Myself  -  Nathaniel Feeley
Creep It Reel  -  Kelly Gaudet
Dark Roots  -  Coyote Gunnyon
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me  -  Thomas Harrington
The Manor  -  William Mullins
Slayapalooza  -  Sebastian Watson
Slashers   - Eugene Capon
Chambers -   Padrick Smith
Ría   - Jessica Wilson
Pandora  -  Max Samu
Preying on Fear -   Kimberly st.croix
Carry The Weight  -  John Smith
Teller  -  Lia Berger
R.I.P. Jenny Lee  -  Jason Rice
Still Echoes  -  Dustin Moore
House On Fire  -  Jeff Edwards
Cursemas  -  Jason Kyle Quesnoy
The Deep End  -  Michael Jones
Hell To Pay  -  John Logan McGee
Creatures of Circumstance  -  Travis Williams
She Was Right  -  Ope Famuditimi
The Serpent's Claw  -  Michael Salomon
Violent Delights  -  Jack Warren
Obsidian  -  J Alexander Greenwood
Unfinished  -  Sabrina Barton
Divinity  -  William Smith
Bestie  -  Pam Price
Grima  -  Richie Harrington
My Darling Lady Friend  -  Rune Ness
Moonshine  -  Warren Lane
Cards  -  Swapnil Sagare
The World Between  -  Chuck Czech
The Hook  -  Joel McElvaney
Pitch Blood  -  Jon Hodson
Viral    Ashley J. Woods
Dev the Destroyer  -  James Reinhardt
Little Old Ladies  -  Jeffrey Chase
Innocence in a Guilty Mind  -  Paul Mortsolf
I Saw Her With The Devil  -  Christina Kishpaugh
The Fobia Files - Doghouse  -  Janey Magnusen


*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our

Season 8 Quarterfinalists,

Semifinalists, Finalists and Winner!

Through a Lens Darkly  -  Alissa A. Arnold
The Caretaker  -  Crystal Rivers
Motion Alert  -  Melanie Ortiz
New Utopia  -  Waylon Bacon
Sin-eater  -   Aaron Hamilton
Porcelain   -  Christine Makepeace
Demon  -  James Ferda
Pod Fifteen  -  Philip Harris
Bento Box  -  Brian Elliott Feinberg
Lifeline -   Shirley Napoleone
Mabel  -  Irlanda Martinez
Mald   - Tapan Sharma
The App  -  John Kestner
When Darkness Falls  -  Arturo Portillo
Meat Rot IV: Flesh Decay  -   Theo Cohn
Blue Lick  -  Maude Jones
Devil's Instrument  -  Frederik Ehrhardt
Bad Lands  -   EXO Books
Anything for Love  -  Tony Germinario
Il Colore Della Notte  -  Blake Vaz
Instapam -   Tammy Klembith
Lure  -  Jacob Daniel Phair, Vrishub Merai
Monster Games  -  Brian Charles McCarthy
AVA  -  Caroline Farrell
Zits  -  David Bornstein
The Piper  -  J. Aldric Gaudet
Branch Violent  -  Blake Eckard
Dead Cargo  -  Theodore Carl Soderberg
Hiss  -  Darren Geare, Jeff Allen Geare
Security   -  Scott Caswell
Teeth  -  Joey Medina
That Which Binds Us  -  Daryl Denner
Blue - Feature -   David McAbee, Adam Means
Life Sucks  -  Anthony Marinelli
Uriel's Apprentice  -  Peter Williams
Attack of the Killer Refrigerator 2  -  Michael Anthony Savino, Mark Stephen Veau
Queer Horro -  Thomas M Farr 
Feat of Clay  -  Gabriel Paul Giacoppo
Screamplay  -  Mark Wesley
Medieval Town  -  Seth James
Janus Time -   Brad Catherman
Solipsism  -  Duncan B Putney
The Well of Babylon  -  Kamran Pasha

Dark Horizon  -  Annique Arredondo
Heart of Flesh  -  Thomas Park
Petrified Peak  -  Andy Thierfelder
What Comes Through  -  Kyle C. Mumford
Doggy's Killer Is The Murderer  -  Alessandra Coury
Lost and Found  -  Chris San Nicolas
Playing with Spiders  -  Rylan Rafferty
The Devil's Chair  -  Warren Lane
Riverbend  -  Brian Barnes
Schalken the Painter  -  Andrew Horne
The Hide    philip halmarack
Thirst Trap    Karly Thomas
Dante's Circus  -  Sianne Tarda
Bloody Show  -  Andrew Betzer
Snake Oil  -  Sean Plemmons
The Terror at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue -   Lee Krempel
The Fear  -  Martin Tylicki
Haddonfield -  Geno Young
Eden  -  Tiyan Newman
Bimbach  -  Dennis Conroy
Spider  -  Ryan Skinner
Empress of Saigon  -  Aaron Michael Bailey
The Thicket  -  David LeBlanc
Dr. Funkenstein  -  Vanessa Ionta Wright
Wormwood Dawn Episode One  -  Edward Crae
'Coon  -  Donna Gooden
The Spooky Old House  -  Lilian Tanner
The Herd  -  Joe  Basile
Galentine's Day  -  Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
The Ghoulie Man  -  Dan Laws
Jesus Doesn't Want Me  -  Pat Kiss
Burro  -  Hannah Lerner
Vines  -  PJ N
Nine Nights  -  Jake Baird
Daddy Longlegs Goes Dancing   -  S.T.
Sapan Haveli  -  Udbhavi Upadhyay
Break  -  Jack Packshaw
Flight 2222  -  Patrick Kilpatrick
Choreomania  -  Hollin Haley
The Visitor  -  Brad Podowski
Club Horror  -  Shane Hall
Delictum  -  Govind Chandran
Where the fishes lie  -  Tania De Masi
WOLF  -  Sophie Jay
Dead & Breakfast  -  Angel Ramirez
Neat Freak  -  Christopher Glass
Mannequin Eyes  -  Maximilian Schmidt
The Jumbee ah Come  -  Mike Alter
Widower's Daughter  -  Ernest Langston
The Sketchbook of Guillermo del Toro  -  Garrett Hines
The Intermission  -  Andre Thierry
Freeborn  -  Shane Harbinson
The Horn  -  Kristofer Salaah
The Amends  -  Amanda Cole
A Lamb Without Blemish  -  Miguel Toledo
The Realtor  -  Jack Newsome
Demon of Kings  -  Charline Tetiyevsky
Monsters of Men  -  George Lin
The Enlightening  -  Joseph Muthig
Trajectory  -  Robert Walcott
Beneath the Creek  -  Christopher Massey
Id Wars  -  John Pepin
Kook  -  J. Ryan Hemingway
Apex Nocturnus  -  Brian Stransky
Better Off Undead  -  Ray Keller
There's Something in the Water  -  Julia M. Sauder
Red Rock  -  William Tilk
Yaoguai  - Mimi Lee
There Are No Children  -  Drew Hellmich
Absalom's Blemish  -  M.E. Lee
Anthropoid  -  James Wicks
Decibel  -  Anna Megan  Becker
Don't Let The Lights Go Out  -  Bobbie Burgess-Tatum
Dagon  -  Jonathan Gamer
Nobody Knows  -  Jesse Foy
Anteater  -  Deane McElree
Eddy  -  Ian Oliphant
Dust  -  Kareline Castor
Wisteria    Adam Lapallo
End Of Day  -  Andrew Kaberline
Dead Filter  -  Luke Hunter
The Aedema  -  Oliver Thomas
Milk Before Meat  -  Melinda-Catherine Gross
Torvus Messor  -  Brian Stewart
Monster's Playground  -  Fernando Salaiz
The Hex  -   Rowan Joseph
The Boy  -  Matty Trotter
Runaway -   Geaux Francois
Nine Pin  -  Maryellen DeVivo
Sonoran  -  Jack Aupperle
The Battle Beyond  -  Steven Bloome
Plaguephilia: Sick Desire  -  Christina Martin
ShadowFable  -  Margaret Kane-Rowe
The Allure of Black Fish  -  Kathy Patterson
The Sequence  -  Brian Laprocino
The Dive  -  Andrew Essig
Devil's Gate  -  Samuel Holladay
Make Whole  -  Jamie Brandel
Nycto  -  Itziar Martinez
Tales From The Ninth  -  Matthew Domenico
One For The Road  -  Anwen Bull
Dark Moors  -  Jas Kandola
Ombre -   Kevin Brunner

My Best Friend Is A Serial Killer  -  Christina Rueda
Dead Set   - Chris Cochran
Baby Teeth  -  Scott Baker
Guardian Demon  -  Dee Small
The Listing  -  Jonaid Iqbal
Slay Queenz  -  Seti Jakada
Do As I Say -   Darren Kwan
In Red  -  Rebecca Lee Lerman
Steps  -  Kieran Gleeson
Stag Night  -  Wenzler Powers
Baby Boy  -  Patrick Ford
Drawing Down the Moon   - Dustin W Quinteros
Non-Disclosure  -  Wensdae Antoine
The Crossroads of Good and Evil  -   Darren Pirozzi
Genesis Inc  -  Mickey Vincent

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