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Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship
 Season 6 Results:

INROADS season 6 1728x1080.png


*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our

Season 6 Quarterfinalists,

Semifinalists, Finalists and Winner!

Home  -  Caledonia Hanson
Artificial Angels   -  Matthew Stevens
One - Beginning  -  Puck Diego Tsai
Gourmet Doughnuts  -  Ben Gaudette
H4  -  Wyatt Ong
The Phoenix Cafe   - Erin Downing
Ruth Rising  -  Lillie Gardner
The Eternity Circle  -  Cody Joslin
Change of Pace  -  Gilda Hauser Porcari
Emily Greene   - J.M. Kallet
The Trophy Husband   -  Ash Duffy
Green Mountain  -  Morgan Hendrickson
The Estranged  -  Dylan James Amick
RICKY BENES   -  John Paul James
The Grad Assistant   - Candler Proffitt
The Charge Of Conception Island  -  Abbott Dodson
Saints & Scholars  -  Pauline McAlonan
Lincoln File  -  Josh Price
Marathon Men  -  Andrew Murga
Natalia Rising  -  Donna Bonilla Wheeler
Killings of the Land   - Alicia McClendon
The God Machine  -  Michael Bowler
War - Den  -  Manda Blanchard
Weight of Another  -  Frank Donnangelo
ANA ISN'T DEAD  -  Fiona Okumu
Tarnished  -  Matthew Walker
Call of the Void (Short)  -  Edward Nenedzhyan
Radio Raven  -  Jonathan Brenneman
NZR  -  Leon Masters
Into The Ether  -  Steve Brown
Dragons of the Valley  -  Paola Elizabeth Morales
The American Oligarchy  -  Alison Greene
FOG   -  Cody Tucker
Donald's Block Party  -  Matt Rhoden
13 Steps  -  Loren Davis
Lavinia  -  Scott Langer
Small Businessmen  -  Chris Lueck
Rumble Rumble  -  Kipp Howard
Smart Coffee  -  D.R. Ransdell
The Persuaders, the  quest for Werewolf  -  Paul Bloemers
Peace, from Earth  -  Janne Pulkkila
Wonderama  -  Jack Mayer
The Inescapable Way of Life  -  Clemens Stein
ON ISLAND 2023  -  Rie Anders
Confessions of a Dog Walker  -  Bianca Rowena
When Lightning Strikes  -  Sam Spade
Knockout  -  Rey Rodriguez
Apple Basket Alley  -  Nicholas Manfredini
The Thing About Love  -  Joe Eatherton
True Story  -  Debbi Mack
A Daughter, Wading  -  Calais Bird
A BLIND EYE  -  Alan Larson
Miracles  -  PAUL SOKAL
Moksha  -  Saurin Lakhia
Asteroids  -  Matthew Kelcourse
Smoke in the Fields  -  Law Chen
LIKE MOTHER  -  Leah Coats
Minister Speer  -  Sven Anarki
Sunhat  -  Naomi Christie
Camping  -  Derek Quick (Negane Meno)
Starfall  -  Seda Anbarci
Paradox City  -  Jim McCullough
Daydream  -  Carlen Palau
The Harold Arms  -  Chelsea Spirito
Inversion  -  Bruce Fennell
Luck as a Strategy -   Mackenzie Kyle
We Come From Here  -  Taras  Lesiuk
Lowry  -  Michael Colucci
The Sunflower Project  -  Romario Ashley
What Things Will Come  -  Brian Lajeunesse
Knotty Dreams -   Rio Johnson
The Sundown  -  Jared Michael Delaney
The Hero Robert Smalls   - Jess Prosser
American Fallout  -  Harry Kakatsakis
In the Arms of the Dragon  -  Stephen Kelly
A Man Called White -   Randy Hines
Calamity Jen  -  Geoffrey Scheer
Half-Hanged Mary  -  Amanda Paige Young
Keith Sweats  -  Lexx Truss
Misadventure  -  James Murray V
* FULL CONTACT  -   Dave Kraft
Zoe and Cameron  -  Alexandra Rak
The Tremendous Tale of the Tiburon Pirates  -  Andrew Varhol
Hardly Joking  -  Michael Dritto
The Lottery -   Eunice Simbar
The Gravedigger  -  Lyndal Simpson
Harvester -   Dan Fiore
Lost in Time  -  Justin Plourde
La Parca  -  Miguel del Campo
The Heart Goes Missing "A Bad Desire"  -  Tom Matthew Wolfe
H.M.U.  -  Juliet Warren
Friendmance  -  Olivia Haller
The Last Savior  -  Jalleh Doty
The Sex Witch of Templecombe  -  Christine Burright
Alienated  -  Sarah Burton
Cigarette Girls Television Pilot  -  Betty Dixson
Jazlyn's Sight  -  Debi Yazbeck
Jan's Awakening   - Julia M. Sauder
Partners Against Crime  -  Joshua Lakhamraju
Silver State  -  Stephen Glawson
dear life  -  Jenna Hogan
Madam Ching Pirate Queen  -  Brad Farris
Yung  -  Johan Perruchoud
The Missing  -  Jamie Rhodes
Morn: The Soldier's Curse  -  Joseph Fountain
Swing  -  Gus Yeager
Montezuma's Treasure   - Holger Streckert
McBucket List  -  Kirk Young
Mail Order Godmother  -  Ron Chepesiuk
Ring A Ding Ding  -  Steven Fromewick
When Big People Lie  -  Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz
ON A FIELD OF LEGENDS  -  Nicholas Julius
Farah  -  Nargiz Baghirzade
Spring Break Up  -  Wes Cambron
THE THREE OF US  -  Janna Jilnina
INSIDE OUT  -  Jack Kearney
The Informer  -  Coli Sylla
The Cult in the Wings  -  Cradeaux Alexander
Lifeless  -  Oscar Alcala
The Verse  -  Alex Bisignani
The Night Shift  -  Kristina Grosspietsch
Last Call  -  Keri Kaiulani Picolla
Juvenile Svengalis  -  Amy Axelson
The Marlboro Men  -  T. Camponeschi
Scrxipts  -  Henry Gold
Pace  -  Max Erin James
When Two Become One  -  Clayton Jordan
LOVELY BIG BUFFALO  -  Tiffani Davis
Dear Annie,  I Hate You  -  Samantha Ipema
Immaculate Deception  -  Amanda Gomez-Rivera
Living Between  -  Damian Barray
WEEB SH*T  -  Gregory Lemmons
Livestream  -  Rich Vecchione
SAINT ANDREW'S   - Craig Winstead, PhD
Boundaries of the Mind  -  Salvatore Bono
GURUS  -  Nick Ware
OLD FARTS  -  Erik Potempa
Merry  -  Patrick Guilherme
On Ice  -  Tasha Staples
Mi and the Kid  -  Wahid Reza
Choose Your Parents  -  Kayla Sun
PLAYING THE CHANGES  -  George Edward Collins
Escape from Pet Heaven  -  avery koenig
Mango Mysteries  -  Jessica Curwen
Malcolm and May  -  Marcus Crawford Guy
The Big Ones  -  Michael Sallee
Short Bus  -  Corey Shields
Oceanfield High Improv Club  -  Callum Wratten
Back Together  -  Max Kohn
The Last Bards  -  Daniel Powell
Black Barbie & the Ultimate, Alternate Dream -   Kinya Shakur Travis
A Kind of Guilt  -  john cooney
Experts  -  Maggie Hartmans
Lucy the Lion  -  Natalin Avci
Rooted  -  Hadley Houck
52: The Ray Lewis Story  -  Daniel Roers
Entanglement   -  Carlos Dorsey
Rigged  -  Eric Williams
Magic Daddy   - Justin Casselle
$10 Fortune  -  Michael Hood
Anthroposcene  -  Hannah Harmison
Sugar  -  Kerri Quinn
Provocation  -  Iana Starostina
Lobby Card Pilot: Some Fabulous Rhapsody  -  Tom Morgan
Simulacrum  -  Harley Jones
Kandlestick Men  -  Frank Monteleone
The Union  -  Matt Kenny
Corius  -  Jason Balas
Medicated  -  Sharon Kadosh
Shock Therapy  -  Matthew Burgess
Rosary  -  Gertrude Namara
Anonymous  -  Stephen Laughton
FUCBOIS  -  Zakarius Q Young-Hodges
Second Set  -  Candace Egan
Gene  -  Brooke Martin
SOLICE  -  George Basiev
Tin Man  --  Drew Roberts
Jax in Love    Rakefet Abergel
The Legend Of Eleanor Clark  -  Thomas Wood
Recovery  -  Nathaniel McCarthy
In the Press  -  Bobby Moloney
Dagon  -  Jonathan Gamer
Aeneas  -  Kyle Link
How To Save The World... Or So I Think -   Shane Weiss
Happy Birthday Harriet  -  Zoe Lubeck
In Gray We Trust  -  Judy Daghestani
Don't Tell Anyone  -  Rena Patel
The Alexandrians  -  Max Sonin
Smoke and Mirrors   - Matt Curtsinger
Flooded Mine  -  William Turner
Ruth Goldstein: Ghosthunter -   Denise Cruz-Castino
Border Hopper  -  Nico Casavecchia
Velvet Fangs   - Ted Bronson
Blue-Collar Billionaire  -  Robert Schultz
Half Way Down  -  Patrick Monger
Poor Girl  -  Jessica von Schramm
Focus Group  -  Luke Muyskens
Fireflies  -  Amanda Keener
Be Cool  -  Prachi Bhardwaj
RAFA  -  Maria Mealla
The Desert Shrine   -  V. R. Marianne Zahn
The Scripts of Virtue   -  Jairaj Walia
Minnesota Nice  -  Jonquil Goode
Otherworld, NJ  -  Matthew McLachlan
Stage Mom  -  David Kahawaii
Close  -  Kristen Wade
Eastgate Video  -  Billy Small
Saying Goodbye to Hank -   Elizabeth Skwiot
Cooper Adler's Romantic Comedy  -  Jeff Opdyke
Magic and Mad Science in the Old West  -  Dan Plagens
The Big Swing  -  Austin Hunt
NUKE & SLUG  -  Kate Gnetetsky
Earth, Swapped  -  Jim Fung
Echelon  -  Russell Puntenney
The Paperboy Chronicles: A New Adventure  -  Steven C. Martin
MOM'S INCORPORATED  -  miriam e bavly
TONY PEPPERONI'S  -  Nathan Knapp
Poe & Co. Detective Agency  -  Mindy Strouse
The Last Cycle  -  Matt Carlin
Gentrified  -  Aaron Braxton
Leftover Ladies  -  Yiqing Zhao
Quinn's World  -  CAMPBELL 
Whiskey Mountain Days  -  Bill Walker
7 x 7   -  Avital Oehler
Squish  - Taylor Coriell


PRIVILEGED  -  Christianne Williams
The Believers   - Courtney Porter
Askew York  -  Maia Golden
Erased Midlander  -  Holly Holdsworth
Deliver Me  -  Olivia Webb
The Sto'  -  Jeruvia J
i, bogeyman  -  Sean Steinberg
Downhillers  -  J McMahon
Get Off the Stage!  -  Cody Miller
Pretty Birds  -  Ryan M. Luevano
Queen Ice  -  Pilar Gibson
Makeshift Fam  -  Christine Chen
Copiapo   -  G K
Over & Out   - Jun Wang
Strange Women  -  Nell Ovitt
Genies  -  Kevin McMechan
Spider's Island   - Connor McLagan
Snowball  -  Travis Levasseur
Rumspringa  -  Finnegan Haid
Prom Weekend  -  Kelly McInerney
Millennial Pink -   Miranda Gruss
Ghost Wife -   Cindy Lynn Speer
How to Expose Possible Vampires (And Not Get Killed in the Process)    Jerzy P. Suchocki
On the Sidelines  -  Mark Greene
The Haunting Truth  -  Omer Farah
Elixir -  Henri Mossiat
The Battles of Birdtown   - Christopher Shank
IN THE HABITAT OF COUGARS  -  Jeanette Campbell
Don't Call Me Hero  -  Michael Elliott
Single & Celibate  -  Jumanah Abdul
After School Special  -  Matthew Hoch
The Mother Witch  -  Chaitanya Vyas
First Days  -  Jen Prince
The Arx   - Jay Storey
Upside Right  -  Jack Larkin
The Chosen Ones  -  Kristen O'Neal
Mail Order Bride  -  Sandra Wade
Frivolous  -  Luana Fanelli
Nielheim Pilot -   Elyssa Catalfano
Girl of the House  -  Candace Mitchell
Lunar Surfers  -  Jonathan Wax
Rouge, White & Blue  -  Andrea Holz
Show Them All  -   Amanda Cole
Cold, Cold Heart  -  Jamie Johnson
Death of a Bounty Hunter  -  Jay Sherer
Envious Shell  -  TK Suzuki
Playing the Palace  -  Alex Williams
No Disrespect  -  Chris Papagapitos
Out of View  -  Dustin Hendrick
The Pirate Delivery Service  -  Nastassia Duval
PTSDee  -  Hannah Petosa
BLACKOUT  -  Angelique Letizia
Systemmancer  -  Logan Grimes
Vanitas  -  Lucy Gamades
A Good Death  -  Ashleigh Rains
Astronaut  -  Lukas Hassel
Fourth Trimester  -  ANNIE KAEMPFER
Cannibal's  -  Casey Sutton
Loglines & Pancakes  -  Ethan Michael Carter
She's Reporting  -  Jessica Quiroli
Sacrifice  -  Lucas Abreu
Sundown  -  Briana Cole
The Lottery  -  Victor Ridaura
Rider's Room  -  Leon Freeman Jr.
DEADLINE, REDFERN CITY  -  Carol  Saint Martin
The Weeping Willows  -  Amalie Lorentzen
Almost Ain't Good Enough (Archogan: Initiate). -  Xavier Walker
#VanLife  -  Hayley Simpson
AVOIDANCE  -  Deanne Gittens
The Xena Chronicles  -  Edward Horodyski
Literally Too Mad To Die  -  C. Raymond Martin
Told You So  -  Tony Gapastione
Rat's Tale  -  Jon Savage
WeHos  -  Adrion Trujillo
Drifting -   Drew Atchison
The Perceptionists  -  Stephanie Brandolini
Tiki Bar Funeral Home  -  Amy DePaola
In A General Way  -  Christopher Harrison
Scumbags  -  Tony Hunter
Happy Hollow   - Theodore Lowe
Signature Photo  -  Michael Bucklin
The Concierge At The Sunrise Inn  -  Joe Dore
Something Unholy  -  Jonathan Higgins
Übervillain  -  Joe Gilberto
New Beginnings  -  Dylan Stringer
Joy Vs. The World  -  Emily Neufeld
Cassadaga  -  Dee Mick
Knife School  -  Mitch Bechtold
Unsubscribed  -  Laina Stassines
Coventon Court  -  Stevie Nelson
Bracelets  -  Tyler Gibbons
The Bad Newz  -  Jay Hodgkins
MARUTA  -  Felix Halim
Chicane  -  Liam Skelly
Fab & Ren  -  A.J. Ciccotelli
DOPAMINE  -  CoCo Harris
Hubble  -  John McHale
This Guy's Nuts  -  Max Lehman
RISEN - Like Dark Satanic Hummingbirds -  David Karosick
The Nethermead  -  Evan Allgood
Super Average  -  Ryan Lewis Merritt
Songs of Fog and Light -   brian wapole
Dating Emily Park  -   Kelsey Jones
The Family You Keep  -  Landis Carrion Aponte
Togs  -  William Winston
The Winner  -  Liam Nowakowski
Pour Boys  -  Micah Goldman
The Entertainer  -  Stephen Chen
Pearl Fisher  -  Suzanne Birrell
WANDER+LUST  -  Brent Hartinger
Tell Them What They've Won  -  Sarah White
Sideline  -  Kristy Thomas
Staying Alive  -  Franck Benayoun
Goal-Oriented  -  Gustavo Melo
Cringe  -  Warren Lane
Alferd  -  Jarad Kopciak
Timmy Adventurous & The Orphan Gang  -  Nicholas Robinson
Sneaker Time  -  Eli Tell
Head-On Bobby Rafferty  -  Larry Portzline
LIMBO  -  Paul Jarnagin
Dreamwalker  -  Jeremy Hsing
All is Not Lost  -  Ruth Johnson
GLOSSOPHOBE  -  Lisa Marie
Useless Bay -   Nathaniel Moher
Shattered Emerald   - Andy Patrizio
Loch Awe  -  Stefan Alexander
The Affected  -  Shane  Harbinson
Chronic  -  Sarah Grodsky
A Greek Tragedy  -  Alia Zeid
The Shut-Ins  -  John Tan
Satellites  -   Scott Finnegan
Porcini  -  Scott Finnegan
New Olympus  -  Matthew Nicholson
Good Grief!   - Nadya Todorova
The Graffiti Writer  -  Neil Patel
Jackie, Holly, Candy & Craig  -  Craig Highberger
The Dredge   - Jaimie Engle
Bloody Mary  -  Aeon Solo
Dog Spelled Backwards  -  Sammy Leach
GIN-VERSE:  Ginless Bar   -  Francesco Capussela
Fashion Apocalypse  -  susan berman
Accountability  -  Donny Sheldon
The REVVER  -  Mike Hanson
MANILATOWN  -  Ryan Thomas Riddle
Kirby and Sons  -  Matthew Thorpe-Apps
Cerebral  -  Alex Avila
I Worked With Heath Ledger Once. -  Jarred Keane
Indee'go  -  Kenisha Morgan
Nashaa   - Jas Kandola
Once Upon A Time In War  -  Matthew Domenico
Lovelies  -  Amanda Layne Miller
Son of El Tigre  -  Stacy Ochoa-Luna
Friends Don't Hide Bodies  -  Jordan Romero
Adventures in Serial Killing  -  John Munn
Pilgrim  -  Chris Upson
ThunderKids  -  Andrew Hopps
The Million Year Shift  -  Sam Collins
Family Portrait  -  Adam Seidel
Our Dead Mom  -  Ash Uzun
B.  -  Barry Graves, Jr.
Cinema One  -  Joe Heath
Nightfall  -  Matt Curtsinger
Caiaphas  -  Thomas McCone
Hearts in a Sling  -  Stephanie Gould
Morrison -   Will Kisor
Rainbow Railway   - Charles Tucker
Crabs In A Bucket  -  Giannini  Hemmings
The Eastside Boulevard  -  Juan Winzer Canero
The Voice of Holiday Brown  -  Cheran Rush
Blood and Iron -   Victoria Brunot
STARPOWER  -  Sam Thor
Deep River  -  Peter Forbes

CULTISH  -  Michael Mortimer  
MAX AND MARIA  -  Rosalyn Rosen
Morituriosis  -  Jesse Dorian
INTRAVENOUS AP  -  Brandon Trask  
The Highwayman  -  Patrick Norman
Sledgehog: A Grimm Tale   -  Allison Hanna
The Pyramid  -  Frank Buttafarro
Kangaroo Flat  -  Jillian Abbott
GORDON'S MERCY  -  Gary L. Helm
Voices  -  Susan Klos
Godfor  -  Pablo Torroella
Gemini  -  Alex Vickery-Howe
SAVAGE  -  Dave Mac   
Mary Magdalene, Shaman  -  Carl Bresk   
indian medium  -  Tapan Sharma
Above the Line  -  Les Zig
The Last G-Man  -  George Covic
Rough Love  -  Mark Wasserman
The Prince of The Black Hand  -  Danny Range
CITIZEN  -  Marshall Ferrin  
Merl and Fred  -  Melissa Caswell
Blood Money -   Dominic Flanagan
LEAVE  -  Alysha Haran
Through Kaleidoscope Glass  -  Ryan M Andrews
Baby Teeth  -  Jacob Lazarow, Greta Guthrie
Raw  -  Hunter Reese Pena
On the Last Day   - Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid
$enior Care -   Renata Elis Martins
Freshwater - Pilot   - Becca Shapiro
Athena Security Inc  -  Rebecca Charlotte Scott
DON'T SAY GAY  -  Kevin J. Howard
Canvas 31  -  Jared Doles
SACRED SUN  -  Michael Louis Gould
MANDINGO FARM  -  Nathan J James
The Gambler Script  -  JOHN J. LYNCH
Splinter  -  Mark Amador
When No One Else Beieved  -  Ron J Tripodo
The System   -  Chessie Reiss
The Combat of the Most Intriguing Mind  -  Abhishek Mishra
Chuck Or Zima Must Die   - Johnny galvan 3
'79  -  Kacy Boccumini
Emotional   -  Tiriq R. Callaway
Last Hand  -  Sandi Jerome
Bearcats  -  Monica Foley
Syncopy  -  Mark J Harris
SERVANTS Pilot  -  Desmond Hayes Roach
The Last D.B. Cooper  -  Ann Kimbrough

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