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Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship
 Season 7 Results:

INROADS season 7 1728x1080.png


*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our

Season 7 Quarterfinalists,

Semifinalists, Finalists and Winner!

Lemonade  -  Darlene Conte
Lost and Found  -  Katrina Jaxson
Red River Valley  -  C. E. Simon
The City of Ash  -  Emilio Medina
The Experience  -  Eon Song
App-daptable  -  Lorna Norrise, Lauren Rosson
The Fall of Sylvester Young  -  J P Walker
Bliss  -  Zef Husain
Navy Dolphins  -  Ken Rudnick
Cold Ca$h  -  Vladimir Edouard
What Grows Within  -  Julie Bruns
Sound of My Dreams  -  Miida Chu
The Santa Suit  -  Joe Cooke
A Moment Of Honesty  -  Allen Singleton
Eye of the Tiger  -  Ross Ostroff
The Righteous Path  -  Adam Cohen
Drama 101  -  Kate Leslie
Pumpkin's Abyss  -  Fernando Almeida
Silver Coppers  -  Kera McKeon
Astrea: The Femme-Adventures of Aphra Behn  -  Mariah Anzaldo Hale
Inbetweening  -  Gabrielle Gillen
Honor Among Thieves  -  Will Franke
Pilotus: A Tale of Anathema  -  Bob Singleton
Consignment  -  Donna Handel
Scared Stillman  -  Justin Kagan
Burned  -  John Rhode
Pieces  -  Lawrence Bergman
Gol-M  -  Ernesto Canet
Gus Klowndaemon: Children's Entertainer  -  Graham Johnson
Change of Pace  -  Gilda Hauser Porcari
Cage-Fed  -  B A Mason
Coupled  -  Marissa Fennell
Allone  -  Maxwell Marcus
Sounds of Cars  -  Nancy Gamino
The Retreat  -  Robert McEveety
Battery Operated Boyfriend  -  Lori Hunt
The One Percent  - Ray Keller
Stems  -  Shauna Joy
The Scottish Lady  -  N. Eleanor Campbell
Nick'd  -  Mike Nielsen
Anamnesia   -  Justine Rivero
Love Me Maybe  - Joel Fishbane
Recombination  -  Allen Mummert
Temptation Island  - Rob Margis
Superhero High School  -  Andrew Mena
The Bridge Troll  -  Jason William Lee
Stocktonian Exchange: Kill Your Spirits  -  Hannah Vernot
How tio Succeed in Business Without Really Lying  -  Martin Kivell
Senior Weekend  -  Quincy Emil
Reformation  -  Stephen Morgan-MacKay
Calamity Care  -  Zoe Xandra
Dark Veil  -  Criss Gidas
Golden  -  Liz Silva
Sunnyside  -  Michael Davison
Subway Weed   - Ndlela Nkobi
Reality is On To Something  -  Holly Sawyer
The Amber room  -  Lazar Karov
The 28th Amendment  -  Nader Salem
Baby Lenin  -  Mark Burk
Consequences  -  Brande Clark
Oeuvre  -  James Wolf
Radio  -  Jennifer Downes
Fief-Dumb  -  Michael Coyne
Schrödinger's Pussy  -  Crystal Hilton
Death Valley  -  Leevi Oramo
Walk Into a Barn  -  Richard Selvi
Autopilot  -  David Luz
When Everything Went Still  -  Ryan Crean
Captive  -  Catherine Hardin
Monsters Aren't Real  -  Connor Thomas
Cody  -  Bruno Timoteo
Where To?  -  Cyn Nooney
Jory Ackerman - The Island  -  Steve Fisher
Lloydsville Nursing  -  William Read Hopkins
A Contagious Plan -   Rosalie Fisher
SOS  -  Ruby Mainieri
The Harrison Horror Pilot  -  Allen Sircy
Deathbed  -  Mars Mundy
Arden  -  Dale Wolf
Danica's Parts  -  Jessica Curwen
Lazenby  -  Magda Katz
Hearts' Unlock Code  -  Aurelie Bertout
2The Death  -  Jim Crabb
Bad Luck vs. Karma  -  Aaron Davis
Flagged  -  Sophie Niesenbaum
The Competition  -  Sebastian Rex
West Exhumation  -  Jeff Prewett
Pigeons of Paradise  -  Anthony Pirro
Ladies Night  -  Zoe Belle Gronner
The Golden State   -  Chuck Oneil
Lady of the Decades  -  Andre Gouvea
Lost Vegas  -  Rob Kirby
Partum  -  Emmy Johnson
Bonus Track  -  Rachel Lynch
Gasp  -  Steph France
Bucket of Cars  -  Nicholas Lauer
This Blessed Land  -  Al'Jaleel McGhee
The Bluefooted Bobby  -  Mike Ross
Hollow's Bend  -  Rachael Quinn
See Me  -  Laurie Wiggins
Modified  -  Ross Martin
Podiums  -  Marina Charalambides
The Comeback Kid  -  Sheala Morrison
The Mojave Experiment  -  Chinisha Scott
Junction  -  Jan Marlyn Reesman
Can You Hear Me Now?  -  Dee Small
Hornet's Nest  -  Meghan Keneally
Longshore Drift  -  Annie Humphrey
Stone Lion In The Garden  -  Rae Jones
B.F.E.  -  Chad Alexander
The Arrangement  -  Don Lorincz
Don't Call Me Hero  -  Michael Elliott
In Essence  -  Rachel Orbach
2nd Nature  -  Cesar Izguerra
Crazy  -  Wendy Moulton Tate
Driving While Parked   -  David Fein
Master Guns'  -  Peter Herlan
Only, Kevin  -  Matt Seiiji Ketai
Boom the Conqueror  -  Ana R. Dominick
Slept  -  Andalusia Mesa
Down At The Val  -  Neil Goodchild
Murderama  -  Edward Klau
Ashes  -  Nicole Ohara
Carneyval  -  Joanna Johnson
Franklist  -  Christine Celozzi
Brainspotting  -  Chelsea Spirito
Gnome Core  -  Soren Correia
Rhenium  -  Kathy Patterson
Romance for Divorcees  -  Sara Roberts
Black Parables  -  Andrew Flores
The Cutter  -  Daniel Williams
Art School  -  Katie McLoughlin
The Hawaiian Kingdom  -  Kaleb Tuttle
Hypocrite  -  Christine Lawless
Gentle Parenting  -  Charlie T Savage
Repercussion(s)  -  Kelsey Nerrie
Sunhat  -  Naomi Christie
Association  -  Emerson Olin
I Got You  -  Roberto Alvarenga
The Firedog Killers  -  Lit Kilpatrick
We Have So Much Love To Give  -  Stacey Garratt
What A Time To Be Alive  -  Madison Egan
Parade  -  Sharon Kadosh
The Water Patient  -  Peter Fraser
Blkr Than Black  -  Emeka Orjiakor
Chipmunk Charlie  -  Joe Eatherton
Cherries  -  Matt Sadowski
Rescue Eddie  -  J.R. Spaulding, Jr.
Panopticon  -  Sophia Peaslee
Faire  -  Tessa Flannery
ArtWorks  -  Jeffrey Meyer
Project Abaddon: Rise of the Destroyer -  Peter Borreggine
Atlas' Artifacts  -  Cesar Jaramillo
Outliers  -  Alex Marmalichi
The Most Dangerous Game  -  Ken Moulin
The Real Me  -  Charles Choi
Stride  -  Nicole Dimond
Helena Forever  -  Zelda Watkins
The Pittsburgh Branch  -  Daniel Morris
Handpicked  -  Tracy L Morris
Bring Your Own Brain (B.Y.O.B.)  -  Shantel Thompson
Softcore  -  Sara Vance
Offering  -  R.J. Liaw
In Search of Home  -  Simi Ten
Kilts  -  Emily Duff
Soul High  -  Leland Hall
Eagle Park  -  Jesse Estes
Promised Land  -  Danny Holst
Abracadaver! And His Majestic Empire  -  Matthew Stevens
End of Ishara  -  Denycia Thompson
The Sands  -  Hannah Looney
MALfunction  -  Darren Vukasinovic
Ransom Code  -  Neil Patel
The Weight of a Feather  -  Melisande McLaughlin
The Soldier  -  Alex Wiggins
Sock it, '68  -  Madelyn May
The Doghouse  -  Evan Colten
A Bird in the Hand  -  Stephanie Pocklington
Between a Hard Place and the Drawing Board  -  Odin Riter
Old Dog  -  William Sterling
Flesh Biscuits  -  Lauren Barina
My Reputation  -  Douglas  Lloyd
Ecto/Omega  -  Paul Fulton
Larry's  -  Sean Mahoney
Pool Kids  - John Cody
That 1770s Show - "Representation"  -  Maggie Smith
I Don't Even Speak Spanish LOL  -  Julius Mendez
Ladies of Versailles  -  Julie Ivers
Aliens vs Ghosts  -  Veronica Tabares
Ten Mile Turn  -  Jon Di Rocco
Rebound Guys  -  Tammy Klembith
Disordered  -  Matt Hasty
Blood on the Dance Floor  -  Abhi Jeyakkumar
Santa María  -  Sasha Behar
The Stranger Within  -  Jami Rhodes
A Girlboss' Guide to Murder  -  Regan Lavin
Inappropriate  -  Autumn Silvas
Something Beautiful is About to Happen  -  Todd Knaak
An Unlikely Place  -  Garrett Sweitzer
Centerfolds Pilot  -  Tatiana Grieve
Drama  -  Adam Kelly Morton
Aevum  -  Jay Hodgkins
Divorceaversary  -  Alex Britten
I Was Just Thinking  -  Dontae Muse
Dancing In A Forbidden World  -  Val Tan
The Window  -  Tom Kenyon
Blueprint  -  George Ayres
The Path We Take  -  Victor Osorio
Povot  -  Grant McGowan
The Suns of Home  -  Paul Robertson
Second Set  -  Candace Egan
Past Shift  -  Sabina Sattar
Run | Repeat  -  Kelly Lou Dennis
Write Me In  -  Ali Jordan
Texas Revenge  -  David Kaneen
The Last Con  -  Susan Lerner
First Foot  -  Justin K Hayward
Unhinged  -  Warren Lane
Go Your Way in Safety  -  Art Blum
Ink'd  -  Theodore Asma
Mini-Ballers  -  Joe Gatto
Somehting Bad  -  Caitie Karasik
Fortune 500  -  C. Haines
Parasomnia  -  Kathryn Moeller


Flotsam  -  Siobhan Mithen

Killswitch Engineer  -  Brad Cooper
Tillie  -  David Hal Chester
Edgewood  -  Gianna Marasco
Not Athletic Regular People  -  John Coady
The Clown  -  Michael Tyre
The Firekeeper  -  Dan Stevens
Damned if You Don't  -  Anthony  Campbell
The Silent Party  -  Julia Ralenkotter
El Titan  -  George Perez
Young Lions  -  Zachary Churchard
Devil Grrl  -  Chiara Donio
Slayed  -  Malaina Stassines
Afflicted  -  Mariyam Mahbub
John Joins A Cult  -  Taylor Scott
The Bullring  -  Edward Dawson
Mar  -  Alexander McDonald
Native  -  Christopher Alan Maloney
Martha  -  C.M. Landrus
Popcorn Soda and Candy  -  Cristol Johnson
Eastside Boulevard  -  Juan Winzer Canero
Outcalls  -  Billie Mintz
510 Seconds  -  Mere Walton
Transcendence  -  Dustin Evans
I am the Buffalo  -  Kaitlin Messerly
Forevergreen  -  James Alan Ross
Elevation  -  Mand Paskuski
Tissue  -  Nate O'Mahoney
Knuckle Kids  -  Tyler McKay
Friends in Low Places  -  Sebastian Welke-Olmos
Illusory  -  Mike Kearby
Good  -  Monte Albers de Leon
I Would Kill For That  -  Matthew Hoch
Shelia Bower, Dog Thereapist  -  Chris Pittas
Champions of Olympus  -  Andrew Waters
Living with Olivia Cadence Donovan  -  Allison Shea Reed
Not my Kid  -  Louise Wilson
Brian & Brains  -  Nathaniel Moher
Those Were the Days  -  Aaron Willmore
After Midnight  -  Sunny King
Cyber Woman  -  Bernhard Riedhammer
The Beige Between  -  Randi Johns
Unmasking  -  Audrey Hannah
Happy F*cking Birthday  -  Aitan Shachar
Big Yellow Wang  -  Jarrett Jung
The Last Of A Few  -  Michael Esteves
Noir Alley Blues  -  Debbi Mack
Small World  -  Robert Cuen
Hotel Florida  -  Raluca Nistor
Divine Intervention  -  Khiari Jaffier
L as in Lima, M as in Murder  -  Palmira Muniz
Struggle's  Horizon  -  Noah Amir Arjomand
The Existentialist  -  Torrin Kearns
In the Hole  -  Alec Gutherz
Brinkman  -  Sherman Neil
Protocol 7  -  Jason Sherman
Douglass  -  Matthew Garzilli
Valerie August  -  Martyn Eaden
Anxie  -  Portia Williams
Mala  -  Luna Sofía Miranda
Made In The GDR  -  Evo Raev
Murphy's Law  -  Christopher Riviere
Perhaps I'll Die Today  -  Daniel Dismuke
Autumn Gold  -  Winnie Soldi
A Camp Story  -  Jacob Paul
A Boy Called Freddie -  Sophie Neville
Cross the Line  -  Miles Randall
Bracelets  -  Tyler Gibbons
Flamingo Grove  -  William Holmgren
HubbaBubbaBubba  -  Maggie Lee
The Empty Nesters  -  Tiana Feghali
Salt in Soil  -  Hina Ogino
Karma  -  Santiago Ortiz-Monasterio
Emotional Support  -  Robert Sartori
Vampires of Hollywood  -  Lynwood Shiva Sawyer
Incipience - Threshold  -  Steve Warner
Push  -  Faisal Qureshi
The Mother Root  -  Ashley Tropea
The Wynbane Chronicles  -  Sarah Waatainen
The World Is (Not) Yours  -  Humberto Guida
Test This!!  -  Gregory  Corrado
Straight Best Friend  -  Sabra Kojis
Pete & The Parties of Pure Evil  -  Warren Lane
Homeless  -  Leonardo Ramirez
The Happy Couple  -  Matthew Brian Cohen
The Ringmaster  -  Kyle Rizor
Origins - Pilot  -  Paul Addis
Son of Africa  -  George Tarr
I'm Your Ghostwriter  -  Amanda Cole
Iron Man Never Died  -  Shreyans Chhajed
Harare Night  -  Rory Kilalea
Dogsbody  -  Tom Critch
The Pulling Game  -  Sue du Feu
Jacob's Song  -  Tyler Christiansen
Endless Woner  -  Toni Dianne Holm
The Portal  -  Henk Muni
Algorithm and Blues  -  Jamie Benson
My Name Is Jonas  -  Cory David Bortnicker
Generic Jenny: Stock Model  -  Andrea Holz
Farewell the Dragon  -  Lee Barckmann
Skyployment  -  Matt Kenny
Paradise in Ruins  -  Antwyn Price
Entrapped  -  Kanako Nagayama
Aurora Heights  -  Kaleb Ogren
Point Never  -  Brett Roedel
Lonley  -  Ellie Hoffman
Dear Azza,  -  Azza Malik
Care Source  -  Matthew Nicholson
The Cosmic Master  -  Maurice Glover
Dirty Deeds-Born Sinner  -  Ren Jorden
Nice Girls Finish Eventually  -  Gustavo Melo
My Friend Satan  -  Brett Martin
Survival Kitchen  -  Marie Grillo
Lena’s Christmas Wish  -  Maria Skillings
Hidden Death: True Crime  -  Lady Khadi Madama
Light Bulb Moment  -  Janne Pulkkila
The Philadelphians/Bedlam at the Ballpark  -  Valerie Miller
Credit Score  -  Jamie Senat
Eater  -  Cathriona Slammon
No More Regrets  -  Mathieu Fonton
Cornelius  -  Giuseppe De Luri
Indenile - Full Nest Syndrome  -  Sara Shohoud
Brothers In Black  -  Zachary Karem
Big Al, Hip-Hop and Her  -  Ellen Gerstein
Toast  -  Drew Atchison
Walk On  -  Amanda Zane
I Was Made To Love H3r  -  Bernard Michaels
The Velvet Mistress  -  Dea Divi
Danger On The Roof - The China Kitchen Defense  -  TeeJay Small
Big Brother  -  Ronen Tregerman
Righteous Side of Hell  -  Eric Sanchez
Bagel Hand  -  Riley Warmoth
Welcome To My Channel  -  Zoë Sonnenberg
The Ashen Veil  -  Polina Komissarova
Bits  -  Lucy Porter
Black Sunday  -  Coli Sylla
Project 50  -  Danielle Lauriente
Track of Time  -  Philip Catherwood
Lark  -  Matilda Corley Schulman
Knowing  -  Max Luque
Tooth Ferē  -  Dre Higginbotham
The Playhouse  -  Kurtis  Blackburn
The Getaways  -  Shane Weiss
Hourglass  -  Alia Zeid
The Lamb and the Book of Life  -  Larry Ulrich
Un-Arranged Marriage  -  Delaina M. Waldron
The Ballad of River Kendricks: Da Prologue  -  Jason Mendoza
Sonoran  -  Jack Aupperle
Tales From The Ninth  -  Matthew Domenico
Yorn Again  -  Sonya Goddy
Rain  -  Harley Jones
The Deer  - Julia Campanelli
Breaking Point    Lochie Graham
Ot-Z: A Prehist-horror-cal Zombie Tale  -  CJ Hatch
I Am Us, I'm In Love -  Thea Kline

The Good Counselor  -  Kathryn Grant, Sue Robin Pollock
Mothers  -  Christina Macaulay
The Short Escape  -  Paweł Grajnert
The Last Bombshell  -  Lawrence H Stern
The Wrong Candidate  -  John Ravitz   
Back Home Again  -  Donna Fentanes
Jackie, Holly, Candy & Craig  -  Craig Bender Highberger
Vicarious  -  John Shea  
Nobody's Heroes  -  Michael Alan Elliott
The Boys I Never Kissed  -  Christina Offley  
Shelley Can't Sing  -  Helen Rana   
Surviving  -  Lee Michael Upshur
The BC Night Train  -  Sean O'Neil
My Life With Cats  -  Bear Kosik
Salem Aftermath  -  Tom Phillips
Survive The Night  -  Richard Hohenrath
Proud Girls  -  Leslie Flannery
Together Forever  -  Rebecca Charlotte Scott
For Young Audiences   -  Tori Boutin
Widow's Wishes  -  Holly Sawyer
The Harlem Hellfighters   -  Julian King Monroe
The Bestys  -  Aaron Braxton, Terrah Bennett Smith
The Jesus Nut  -  John Prather
Wench  -  Aaveen Marandi, Tommy Miller
Wrath  -  Martin White II
The Dream  -  Jon Mancinetti
Thy Distiller  -  Michael Aliotti
I Love You So Much  -  Tasha Pearl Hardy, Keiko Tamura
Redemption  -  Joshua Marc Allen
New Flagstaff - AI  -  Jack B Dunn
The Cowboy Club  -  Ray Genadry
You Know  -  J Frederick
Stripped   - Claudia Musikul, Grace Slansky
The Shadow of Dharma  -  Max Perlick
Unmatched  -  Arthur Tiersky
My Favorite Narcissist   -  Diane Thomassin, Michael Miceli
The Untamed  -  Olga Holtz
MaId  -  Tapan Sharma
Skin-R  -  Irlanda Martinez
The Light Under The Door  -  Robert LoBianco
The making of Uncle Payback  -  Daniel Bodenmann
Wandering Star. -  Richele Caragianis     
Dr. Funkenstein  -  Vanessa Ionta Wright
Demanding an Answer from God  -  Kevin J. Howard
Stick Shift  -  Ross A Barron
Genes  -  Tonya L Coats
The Meteor  -  Phillip Hardy
The Importance of Life  -   Cedric Shelton
The Dead Stroke  -  Alex Scigliano
Nothing to See Here  -  Josh Long
Walking Contradictions  -  Lacy Bryn McClory
A Scottish Gem  -  Yvonne Lucrezia Condrau
Unveiled Shadows  -  Micke Askernäs
Life with Lia  -  Milan-Devi LaBrey, Emmy Bowen
Blue Butterfly  -  Tingfeng Zhu
The Daguerreotypist  -  Camaray Davalos
Beaks  -  Nate Gentlesk
On The Record  -  Adam Goudchaux
IRiS  -  Randall Reese
Shootout at the Hibachi Restaurant  -   James Parker Crumbly
Michelangelo and Me  -  Colleen Fuglaar
The Way Through  -  Ian Stout, Cecily Crow
Frades  -  Paula Buchta
Falls City  -  Kit Wilson
The Temp  -  Devi Snively
Mt. Clement  -  Randy Hiness
Sanctuary Island   -  Warren Bouchier 
The Divine Pianist  -  Girma Negash
Who Let the Wallflowers Out?  -  Virginia Austin

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