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Pitch Now Screenplay Competition

 Season 3 Results:


Overall Winner - Season 3

*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our Season 3

Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winner!

*Thanks as well to our amazing sponsors Virtual PitchFest, Monday On Main Street, and InkTip!


Cinema 4  -  The Garcia Sisters (Allison & Samantha)

Joyless  -  Ryan Manns

Singularity  -  Ernest Machina

Beast of Virginia  -  Mathew Corley

Tira'allara  -  Tavyn Gentry

Esa  -  Joe Kourieh

The Harvesting  -  M.E. Ellington, Steven Steifel

Heavy  -  Collette Legault

A Town Dressed in Black  -  Gregory Fishwick

Room Zero  -  Jason Partridge


Imagination Park: The Audition  -  Barry J. Smith
JoinWith.Me  -  Mike Meier
Modern Art  -  Laurence Fuller
Wolfe Pack  -  Lindsay Heiman
Just Jane  -  Carl Huebner
The Rising Of Dawn And Her Vampire Crew  -  Brian Painte, Kim Benson
Playthings  -  Vincent Simmons
Dodging Her Bullet  -  Richard M Meiman, Johnny JJ Wachter
Goin' Home  -  Lori Vander Maten
Paradox  -  Jon Cohen
Pandemonia  -  Fredrick Crawford Jr
Ride  -  Seamus Leger
Hell is for Children, Dead-Souls  -  Tom Rico
The Connect  -  Katherine Ann Roe Sainz
Lambing  -  Katie McNeice
I Don't Know  -  Arthur Tiersky
Mid-Lifers  -  Heidi Segal
M:  Demon Killer  -  Mark William Hammond
Inheritance  -  Kurt T. Choate
Crossfire  -   Philip Naiman  
Mini Palace  -  Pamela Corkey, Larry Fahey
Show Me Your Teeth  -  Scott Liapis
6:39 - Pilot Episode  -  Patrice Bonneyrat

Guberman  -  Chantal Boccaccio
Antillia: Conquest Gold  -  Jason Todd
Into the Lion's Den  -  Jane Gideon
In Eden  -  Holly Beck
Remember the Victims  -  Evan Purcell
A Sensible Lunatic  -  Lyle Deixler
Wet: Confessions of a Pool Boy  -  Ryan Kanfer
Melina I Was Born Greek  -  Melina Chiaverini
The Empath  -  Steve Brown
Supreme Truth  -  Marlowe Blue
Time Janitors  -  Ryan Manns
Benjamin Franklin and the Galaxones  -  Rodgers Wilson
Ascension  -  Dede Donahue
Across The Hudson  -  Alia Ashkenazi
Sacred Profanity  -  Malcolm Wong
Snake Oil    David Salisbury
Sugar Mommas  -  Vanessa Every-Burns
The Monitor  -  Kuran Freyermuth
Geneva  -  Genevieve McDevitt
Chaos Theory  -  Ben Silver
Excess Baggage  -  Melody Herr
Miserable People  -  Jeff Hindenach
The Longest Day  -  Jonathan Yates
Kingdom Come  -  Leonarda van der Ark
The Come-Heres  -  Tyler Coates
Samurai Streetballer  -  Lorena Carbajal Van Ness
Chaos in Paradise  -  Jay Smith
The Heist Club  -  Brian Tuttle
Fits the Crime  -  Steve Blame
We Bought a Funeral Home  -  Ryan Stanisz
Finding Happy  -  Richard Scott
The Nostalgia Trials  -  Ebony Moore
Adonis  -  Ben Tedesco
Jackalope  -  Steven Lankenau
Mulligan's  -  Marcus  Warrington
Hyper-Hunter Rein  -  Gerrin Tramis
Dead Packet  -  Simon Yin
Anna Roberts  -  Dan Girolamo
Parcel  -  Paul Ryan Hobson
Run! Run! Run! - The Lives of Abbie Hoffman  -  Michael J Shapiro
Otis N' the Dough Boyz  -  Alexander Etseyatse
The Great Bridge - Pilot  -  Samantha Silvay
The Knight's Pheonix  -  Joseph Mwamba
Caddyslackers  -  Brian Deininger
Scarlet Seas  -  JC Young
Inbetweener  -  Sharkie Zartman
Not Dead Yet  -  Leah Bognanni
Outpost  -  Troy Perkins
The Gospel According to Charlie  -  Kamal John Iskander
Metastasis  -  Alessandro Guarino
Women's Work  -  Kevin Schwartz
Voice  -  Levi Buchanan
Soaked  -  Joshua J. Young
Citizen Hans  -  Rajko Stiglic
Angels of War  -  Natalie Bergman
Interloopers Unite!  -  Elizabeth San Marco
From Compton To Congress  -  Walter Tucker
Holy Man  -  Michael John Petty
Star Rover  -  Art Blum
Case. Dismissed.  -  Michael Brewer
Rooms Of Experience  -  Steffany Sommers
Pendulum  -  Dae Dunn
Cheremere  -  Paolo Taddei
Time Hustlers  -  Andrew Hopps
Chokepoint  -  Tamra Teig
Stupid American  -  Rob Sitter
The Strange Affair of the Elevator  -  Katy Regnery
'Graphers  -  Jeremy Engler
Willowwood  -  Christopher Locke
Expecting  -  Amber Cohen
Wrong Place, Wrong Time  -  Fernando Segall
LA Cult  -  Michael Lucid
Tenure  -  Ronald Eltanal
In the Meanwhile...  -  Michael Elder
Fang  -  Jodi  Ippolito
Brook Farm  -  Alexander Wake
Survival As A Ghostwriter  -  Ericka Gomez

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