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Pitch Now Screenplay Competition
 Season 4 Results:

PITCH NOW season 4 1728x1080.png

Overall Winner - Season 4

"Dirty Bird"  -  Arland DiGirolamo & Alana Wexler

*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our Season 4

Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winner!

*Thanks as well to our amazing sponsors Virtual PitchFest, Monday On Main Street, and InkTip!


Out of the Blue  -  Laura Harbin

Providence  -  Tatjana Marjanovic

Reverse -  Carlo & Erin Carere

Symbionts  -  Johnny Gilligan

 Little Maude -  Tony Prescott

Unearthly  -   Lonnie Nichols

The Night Anonymous  -  Hamish Sturgeon

Queen Punks  -  Alison Reeger Cook

Picket Charlie  -  Michael Graf

 Guardian -  Jess Gupta


Transitions  -  Joan Butler
Lifelink  -  Johnny Gilligan
Terror and Virtue  -  Ernest Pysher
A Ways Out  -  Colin Moore
On Rumspringa  -  Ellis Stump
Centurions  -  Sally Stubbs
Tiers of the Void  -  Barry Timberlake II
Ghost School  -  Rod Kent
Trinity -   Iam Typn
The Sidekick  -  Blaine Ross
The Warm Season  -  Adam Seidel
Room 099  -  Sarah Mokh
Searching for Tutankhamun  -  Ariane Hahusseau
A Matter of Time  -  Nuh Omar
Under Pressure -  Steven Smith
Urban Legends  -  Sam Callahan
Fin  -  Robert Bowman
Dissecting Rod Serling  -  Joel Karlinsky
American Fallout -   Harry Kakatsakis
Hitmakers  -  Christian Ward
Pustka  -  Edel Dmytro Oksamyt
The Worst Years  -  Gianfranco Cuoco
Gardenias in the Darkness  -  George Graham
Big Small Claims -   Eduardo Dami
Pitch Deck: Drive! Cal Gal, Drive!  -  Kurtis Theorin
Machine  -  Paul Kelly
Neuroplastic  -  Ernesto Porto
The Last Good Soraya  -  TJ Berry
Jonesy, the Sitcom  -  Caledonia Hanson
Chasing the Dark  -  Mike Bencivenga
Trophies  -  Peter Van Horne
The Wrong Candidate -  John Ravitz
The Three of Us  -  Janna Jilnina
Chó  -  Jon Shaivitz
Jude -  Timothy Parr
Disaster Man  -  Mark C. Spera
The Zombie Game  -  Daniel Bridges
Offspring  -  Hannah Silverman
Deliver Us   - Jonathan Matusitz
Haddy's House  -  TL Michaels
afterbirth.  -  Marko Pandza
Black Woman Down  -  Felicia Baxter
Unattached  -   Vasilios Filippakis
Leo  -  Brian McDevitt
Lila and her Demons  -  Nicole Crowley
The Spirit Photographer  -  Spencer McCall
Rise of the Immortals  -  Alan Sim
Zombies are Easier to Handle  -  Joey Miller
Trophy Boy  -  Kevin Hanna
Shuttlecock   - Tapan Sharma
Red River  -  David Fraser
The Adventures of Ash and Owen   - Arun Narayanan
Matchsticks  -  Shane Walsh-Smith
The Memphis Mafia  -  Jason Williams
Technicolor Noir  -  Madison Sean Flannery
Identification  -  Larry Collins
The Portage  -  Jason Partridge
Our Bodies & Other Shames  -  Malka Wallick
Mourning Glory  -  Katie Frorer
Side Quest -   Michael Tannenbaum
Leader Supreme  -  Dave C. Hanson
I Love You, Margot Robbie  -  Sav Rodgers
Silverlight  -  Victor Spiegel
Legends -   Danny Alex
The Dutchman  -  Robert Callahan
Declaration of Conscience  -  Beth Milstein
Home Is Where The Dark Is  -  Michael St.Germain
Head-On Bobby Rafferty  -  Larry Portzline
Hellfire  -  Mark Dollard
Barry Sprinkle  -  Sam Wilder
Before the Boogie Down  -  Floyd Fisher
True Scotsman -   Peter Carellini
One of One  -  Lucas Abreu
Shutdown  -  Joel Cousins
Exposure  -  Michelle Aldridge
Out of Destruction  -  Linda Orlando
American Daydream  -  Jim Grieco
Alta California -   Lynn Elliott
Spies, Lies, and Lovers -  JD Wallace
Better Days  -  Christopher Mancuso
Don't Vote for Me  -  Michael Bradley Cohen
Dragoness  -  Samantha Duncan
Lola &  Lita, Love & Light  -  Heather Renee Wake
The Apertivo  -  Anthony Mariani

Above the Line  -  Les Zig
The Demon Lady's Book Club  -  Tanya Eby, Amy Landon
Gold  -  Marcus Gorman
The Exchange  -  Rick Barham & Alan Roth
Born Again  -  Daniel Schooling
Closer  -  Glenn Anthony Maneval Jr
Room Service  -  Nieves Garcia Perchin
The Passage of Sun  -  Aaron Braxton
Journey to Fisterra -  Alan Lambert
No One Will Know Me  -  Devin Dugan
Hey Bestie!  -  Lulenoxx
Tsarina  -  Asha V. Knight
Majority Rules  -  E. Amato
Finding Leon  -  Andy J. Carlson
Charly Talks  -  Lisa Marie Isaacson

 Quarter - Finalists

The Seventh Spiral  -  Farshid Farrahi, MD
Immunitas -  George Bleam
Mergays  -  Tommy Garcia
Meadow  -  Alyse Kane Riley
Going South  -  Kacey Johnson
#Hotmess  -  Ana Christina Perez Del Rio
Champion Man, The Solar System Outlaw  -  Michael Cole
Once in a Blue Moon  -  Valeria Sweet
Human Resources  -  Christopher Iversen
In Eden  -  Holly Beck
Earth to California  -  Chris Diven
Life on Planet Ahdentia  -  Chris Taylor
The Bad Boys of Golf  -  Jack Hempling
Friday the 13th: Camp Blood -   Andrew Beberman
Best F*cking Friends Forever  -  Ryan O'Donoghue
Don't Break The Rules  -  Nolan Bryand
Black Dragon -   Roy Hsu
American Slashers  -  Mark Dorman
Chasen Ava  -  Joshua Duckworth
Almost Urgent Care  -  Kevin T. Willson
The Chosen Ones  -  Paul Sheridan
Feed the Baby  -  Renee Padmore
Englis  -   Rishan Dhamija
My Real Imaginary Friends  -  Kyle Rizor
The Oglala Pony Raids -   Barney Doyle
World Wide Wendall  -  Janette Griffiths
Potato Queen and Lucky Widow  -  Angelo Santos
Fish Tank  -  Juan Carlos San Pedro
Far West  -   Zoe Luevano
8:08   - Jordan Howell
Uneducated  -  Octavia Clahar
Sum of Me  -  Alexandra Redwood
State  -   Michael Stephenson
Private Enterprise  -  Chris Triggiani
Kali on the Ropes  -  Ali Choucri
Bad Dog -   Morgan Smith
Brisket  -  Joel Karlinsky
Rise of the Prophecy  -   Antoine Bonner
Inadequate  -  Rachel Mariam
The Grantors  -  Ash Lazer
I Hate People  -  Brian Gross
BFFs Never Say Die  -  K. Jennifer Ilagan
The Come Up  -  Albie Cullen
We Are Not Good People  -  Edel Dmyto Oksamyt
State of Vigilance  -  Tom Holowach
Logos-  Alexander Blum
Doomsday Hotel and Casino  -  Michael Lucid
Terminally Online -   Mary Ashley Burton
The Public Servant  -  Lyter Daniel
The Alchemist's Daughter   - Mary Lawrence
Grim Gus  -  Henry Greenberg
The Amen Sisterhood  -  John Doble
Murder Takes Time  -  Giacomo  Giammatteo 
risk/reward  -  Cary DiCristina
Witches of the West  -  Vasan Arul
The Faerie Rings -   Zina Brown
Stoned Cold  -  Andersen Wood
The Splice  -  Julian Noble
The Lady of the Shadows  -  Don Linnehan
Jerks  -  Lucas Slade
The House That Mediocracy Built  -  Courtney Dinkins
Three Lakes  -  Barbara Gilmore
Heaven  -  John McPhaul III
The Mourning Of   - Merced Elizondo
Requiem for the Eternal Flame  -  Jeffrey Marks
Purgatory, Inc: Pilot  -  Luca Harsh
Superior: Iron Boats Iron Men  -   Joe Bechtold
Nyctophobica  -  Charles Musgrove
Valentine's Game  -  Angus Gafraidh
Blood Run  -  Chantelle Tibbs
Own The Moment  -  David Charlip
Zone Out  -  Troy Flangas
Forgotten Sons  -  Lauren James
Family Men  -  Michael Elliott
Non-Prophet  -  Garrett Pahl
Demented  -  Tristan Mercado
Diners and Devils  -  Virginia Austin
The Rebels  -  Phil Vengrinovich
Return to Infinia  -  Josh Schaffer
Desert Star News  -  Robert Haus
Who Killed Dante Duggan?  -  Gavin Howard 
Big Maine Women  -  Amy Wieseneck
Loreful, Good & Evil  -  Simon X. Frederick
Last Island  -  Manfred Winter
Life During Wartime  -   Mark Bowes
Ungodly -   Stashia Robbins
Bleu Dream   - Jared Bratt
The Hill  -  Reginald Johnson
Greener  -  Keyanna Wigglesworth
The Patsy  -  Martin Bernard Foley
Adventures in Christmasland  -  Steffany Sommers
Untitled  -  Cristina Noguera
Walter & Tina  -  Riley Marinelli
Grad School  -  Tim Gill
Positives  -  Katie Fahey
Gunny & 'Em -   Antonio Nelson
Space Accountants  -  Mark DiStefano
Life On My Knees  -  Robin Uriel Russin
Dumped   -  Barry Wittenstein
An Enemy of Angels  -  Jaz Garewal
Sync  -  Carolina Alvarez
Whiskey Sour  -  Sterling Daniels
Minor Sins  -  Matt Cochran
Po'Pay  -  John McCarney
Killed By Liam Neeson  -  Robert Benjamin
Memoirs of an Alien  -  Tazeen Chowdhury
Believers  -  Bill Marmor
The Texas Bigfoot  -  Ronen Tregerman
Evolution "The Wakening"  -  Mark Mc Quown
Freedom's Fortress  -  Steven Krieg
Kiss Away  -  Michael Kallal
Hunting The Deckers   - John Ravitz
The Heart of a Pool Champion  -  Joe Evola
Jesusland  -  Jon Dittman
Taser  -  David  M Hinds
Goldie  -  Sierra Sanborn
Not Super Legal Pilot  -  Carrie Fishbane
Damage Waiver  -  Melissa Martin
Quantum Loop  -  Lowrie Osborne
Choppa City : A Game of Chance  -  Cain Angelle
True Nature Television Series Pitch  -  CJ Conway
Terribly Good With Words  -  Malcolm Owens
Night Crew  -  Trey Everett
I Would Kill For That -   Matthew Hoch
Moo Moo Land  -  Dave Mac
The Gentle Falcon  -  Whitney Small
Storybook Reunion  -  Maureen Hummel
Apocalypse: The Musical  -  Rachel Rios
Garden Variety Aliens -   Cat Girczyc
October Seven  -  Steven Stiefel
Dissension -   Stacey Spivey
End of Days  -  Danny Alex
The Man & The Mermaid's Tale  -  Donna Loehrer
Bass  -  Armin Haghighi
The Titanomachy  -  Mikael Holcombe-Scali
Bootneck & Para   -  Jeffrey Golden
Marshal Law  -  Jaimie Engle
The Man Doctrine -   Christopher Prince
Excellence  -  Jada Dawson
Billie and Mark Almost Get Killed  -  Sean Reidy
Nightfall  -  Matt Curtsinger
Teddybär  -  Tommy Tang
TRIPP    Monica Mc Carthy
Damsel  -  JC Young
In-State -   Lincoln Anderson
Aloha  -  Carl Hellstrom
The Principal  -  Sam Fickman
Up / Down -   Raymond Zacharaise
Lifers  -  Harley Jensen
The Devil's Calling  -  Jada Cox
Pay Your Bill TV  -  Anne Biondich
The Bachelor of Longfield Park  -  Alexandra Comeaux,  Zari Panosian
Butterfly  -  C.F. Dye
Stone Woman  -  Veronica Tabares
Last Resort  -  Alejandro Leopardi
Welcome To GaryTown  -  Seth Nelson
Cloudkill  -  Brent Hartinger
Solamat  -  Liam Allen-McGoran
It Rained Warm Bread  -  Dwight Brown
Pretty Broken  -  Maria Pendolino

The Pasukan Rahsia -   Yun Sun Park
Rob & Lucy  -  Adam Breseman
Our Sins  -  Anjini Taneja Azhar
Buckshot Bubblegum  -  Adrion Trujillo
Remnant Faithful  -  Andrew Poschner
Building Glvss -   Love Saunders
Dueling Signs  -  Jodi Dennithorne
MWA Mothers With Anxiety -   Krysia Pepper
Autumn in September  -  Philip Oyok
La Cuarentona  -  Miguel Orozco
And a Star was Born  -  Ashwin Mitchell
Janey  -  Tim Grady

Two Close  -  Roberta M Roy
Nathan & Robin  -  Brian McDevitt Jr.
The Event  -  Izabela Borowska
Questwalker: Reverend's Journey  -  Dalton Crawford
Regent of the Sun  -  J.B. Storey
The Lotus  -  Alister Brooks
Infinity Stacked  -  Bobby Pellerin
Play It All Night Long  -  Quinn Bailey
I Will Take A Boy Too  -   Erik Jasaň
Faces of Our Nation  -  Eric Opaciuch
Splinters  -  Jason Seelmann
A Pickle and a Coke  -  Alex Kokenis
Betty Ann  -  Barbara Weetman
Almighty  -  Stu Baltazar
Venera  -  Christopher Frost
A Woman's Choise  -  Paul Bloemers
Vamp  -  Elko Jordan
Marley's Chains  -  Brian Gene White
You Belong Here  -  Rohin Verma
Emily Rose Landers  -  Martin Yates
The Rocks  -  Daniel Dismuke
Komachi  -  Joshua Bateman
The Perfect Match   - Frank McDonnell
The Inside Out Love Life of Sherman Banks   - Paul Spreadbury
United We Stand  -  Tom Savage
Big Sister  -  David Chester
Return Policy  -  Rana Rines
Family Syndrome  -  Devin Toohey
Undaunted  -   Van Choat
Back To Sleep -   Jahnome McEwan
She Coming Back  -  Jason Lindsay
Undetected  -  Jacques Buckingham
Magicians Anonymous  -  Larry Swanson
EcoFront  -  John McHale
Fatal Insomnia  -  Andrew Dean Pearson
Mac + Beth  -  Jaime Kawamoto
Newspaperwoman  -  Simone Wymbs-Stevens
Movie Palace  -  Max Radbill
Humanity Inc. -   Ian Honeyman
You're Doing Great!  -  Sharon Spell
Forsyth County  -  James Sasser
White Feathers  -  Susie Schecter
Hole in the Sky   - John Cooney
I Will Always Love You  -  Maggie Lovitt
The Longest Night  -  Caleb Pavey-Wright
King of Lagos -   Leo Moroz
Pure  -  Nava Silton
The Evaluator  -   Peter Noel
Because It Matters  -  Brian Cohen
The Price of Blood  -   Mitchell Martin
Deadman's Land  -  Barry Duffield
Curl Ling  -   Carl Burcham
Top Fighters  -  Dan Cerruti
Holistic Admissions  -  Laurie McKinsey
Hare to the Throne  -  Lyke Tigers
Stay Positive  -  Larry Collins
The Department of Easy Virtue  -  Gary Blackwood
Major League Drones -   Selvir Katich
Estate Champs  -  Mike Santoro
Destined   - Ericka Salary
Crickets  -  Jennifer Steets
The Sword in the Sprawl  -  Matthew Scarpa
King of the Feather Wars  -  tim fitzharris
Voices  -  Janine Pecenkova
A is for Ammo  -  Jordan Vazcones
A Savage River  -  Todd Allen
Monster Carnival  -  Alia Zeid
Room Temperature  -  Roni Niu
Chains of Freedom  -  Najm Eldin Hassan Eltabie
Sol  -  Alex Bright
Optical Elusion  -  Kent Perlmutter
Damn With Faint Praise  -  Hossein(Shahin) Karbalaeetaher
With Love From New Jersey  -  Judith Abingdon
Veronica  -  Elisa Guidelli
Ether  -  Varta Torossian
Conflicted  -   Kariann Deshler
Perfect to a Tee  -  Sharon Spaeder
Stay -  Stephanie Henry-Ricchi
The Killing Machine  -  Shawn Hainsworth
My Week With Dillinger  -  Dan Gleason
The Industrialist  -  Vikas Bandhu
Better Judgement  -  Mark Marino
Best Life Ever  -  Tina Gandhi
Albert The Butler  -  Jason Stratton
Dolla & Dream  -  Jacques Philippe
Reluctant Party "Demoted"  -  Marche Byrd
Ghosties  -  Julie Sharbutt
Forgiveness  -  Reagan Lopez
Five Kid Stud  -  Randy Lee Gross
Gaia  -  Gustavo Sampaio
The Obnoks  -  Parker Boutelle
Black Fire  -  Benson Simmonds
Catwalk in Headlights  -  Andreas Nelander
Tuned In  -  Ben Pavitt

The Greek Passage   - Lorenzo Guarnieri
Let's Draw A World  -  Roderick Rascoe, Bowen Tan
The Postcard  -  Mike Sorrinni
Lusitania  -  Christopher Saunders
Serial  -  Robert Benjamin
Shades  -  Dionne Wilson
The Rise of Elisa Lynch  -  Maia Nikiphoroff
Guns A Blazing  -  Tiffany Colling
Consent  -  Frank J. Avella
Dark Twinkle Holiday   -  Genevieve Sipperley
The Dark Artist  -  Cole Durham, Madison Jenkins
Climbers  -  Alexander Julian III
Desire  -  Hannah Rittner
Project Abaddon -  Pete Borreggine, Gary Hauger
High School Lullaby  -  Dave Stishan
Windfall!  -  Bob Canning  
BOZ: Bikers of Oz   -  Drew Henriksen, Ken Hewski
Man Up  -  Josh Alexander
Cold Heat   - John S McCloskey
Mr. Red  -  Michael J. Krym
I Promise You This  -  Todd G. Sorrell
Detective Show  -  Chris Warner
Templin Highway  -  William Prosser
I am awake   - Mihail Koptel, Svetlana Igorevna Biryukova
I Killed Tonight! -  Mark Palmer 
Surprise  -  Robert K. Benson
Where the Leopards Dream  -  Fernando Paez
Divine Intervention  -  Emily Steele
Walkin' On To Freedom's Land  -  Julie Daniels
Muddy Fork  -  Stacey Bean
Ambrose   -  Elyssa Catalfano
The Familiar  -  Carrie Specht
7 on 10  -  Samantha Lavin
It Happened in Silence  -  Shaun R Delliskave, Karla Jay
F*&ksville, MD  -  Paul-Anthony Surdi
Boardgames  -  Madeline Hombert, Michael Marcus
Down Fire  -  Samantha Fair  
For the Love of God - The Meliorists    
Breather  -  Barry Staff
Enter Morpheus   - Nadia Pandolfo
Floris  -  Ben Huffman, William Andrew Lewis
Zoo Crew and the Missing Monkey  -  Turi Haim
We All Fall Down  -  Mike Spence
Griefers  -  Karole L. Foreman
2nd Date  -  Jaik Andino  
Lindsay Lindsey Lyndsey  -  Billy McEntee
Welcome to the Orpheum  -  Tim OBrien
Hardcore  -  Robbie Purdon
Bamboo Wife  -  Heather P. Shreve
Ethical Non-Monogamy  -  Lulenoxx, Pax
Camouflaged Sisters  -  Lydia Genner, Lila Holley
Swiss Clean  -  Jim Wurst
Code 10  -  Matthew Margo
See You At Christmas  -  Eric Ayala
Timeless  -  Benjamin Lashar
58 Miles  -  Jo Miles
She/Hero -   Dina Laura
Mafia State   -  Sandra Gregory
Black Ink Pearl -  Ruth Finnegan
Unbrotherly Love  -  Nick Abdo 
Dare  -  Len Hall
Phaethon  -  Victor Orel
Anathema: Syreni  -  Bob Singleton 

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