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Pitch Now Screenplay Competition
 Season 6 Results:

PITCH NOW season 6 1728x1080.png

Overall Winner - Season 6

*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our Season 6

Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winner!

*Thanks as well to our amazing sponsors Virtual PitchFest, Final Draft, Monday On Main Street, and InkTip!


Ma Belle  -  Angelique Letizia

Butch  -  Rae Binstock

 Kaltera  -  ​Will Kisor

 Morlock  -  Anthony Povah

 Blow  -  Maggie Mae Fish

 Yokozuna  -  Nicolas Fehrenbach

 The Pale Horse  -  Kyle Rizor


 Killswitch Engineer  -  Brad Cooper

 Building You Up  -  Alexandra Aller 

 Rustic -  Arlene Bogna



The Son of Life  -  Tyler Blomstrom-Moore
Lincoln at Congo Square  -  Rick Bailey
Castle of Glass  -  Joshua Fox
Curses LLC  -  Thomas R. Wood
Sexually Speaking  -  Danielle Tjoelker
Showroom  -  Christopher Hruska
Going Commando  -  Adam Hopwood
An Unbalanced Line  -  Kristy Lussier
St. Louis  -  D.M. Shults
Zitkála-Šá  -  Robert Jackson
Scratch  -  Bria Deans
Ghostkiller  -  Lynny Prince
Cadenza  -  Mark Nahuysen
The Midnight Riders  -  Charlotte Keneipp
The Mothers Group Murders  -  Krista Heath
The Witness  -  Alfio Dilena
Dodo in London  -  Mark Bradley
Autopilot  -  Bill Birney
Osa's Vantage  -  Owen Odigie
Fuel  -  Brian De Palma
Counter Intelligence  -  Brandon Piedra
Fair Game  -  Penelope Lipsham
Righteous Side of Hell  -  Eric Sanchez
End of the World  -  Michael Van Luvan
Taart  -  Ellis Abigail Stump
The Three of Us  -  Janna Jilnina
Leila  -  Mojdeh Ghanbari
Reverse Course  -  Gregory Cohen
Forever Safrina  -  Gerald Stolfi
Voracious Hounds  -  Danielle Bishop
Satchell  -  Chad Shields
La Femmilia  -  Scarlett Montanaro
Nobodys Heroes  -  Michael Elliott
The Resurrectionists  -  Christian Santiago
A Profiled Life  -  Ran Jing
Babel  -  Marlowe Harris
Adventures in Serial Killing  -  Jack Warner
Youth and Experience  -  Eric Walters
The Age of the Empath  -  Steve Brown
Friendship, Honor, and Murder  -  Giacomo Giammatteo 
Hiraeth  -  Siôn Eirug
Cascadia  -  Tim Millette
Smoke In The Desert  -  Hailey Perelman
Time Flies  -  Josh Snyder
Jesus Christ!  -  Hunter Gardner
Gol-M  -  Ernesto Canet
Be Bold!  -  Ruby Mainieri
Rightly So  -  Mathew Kachur
Sturgeon General  -  Molly Bandt
My Real Imaginary Friends  -  Kyle Rizor
Moksha -   Saurin Lakhia
Squatters  -  James Barnes
Love in the Time of Conflict  -  Alexander Sikarevich
Shark Alley  -  T.K. Riggins
Personal Conviction  -  Michael Brewer
Out of This World  -  Jeremy Pick
Body. Electric.  -  Patrick Hale
I Would Kill For That  -  Matthew Hoch
The Affected  -  Shane Harbinson
Offspring  -  Hannah Silverman
Saving Marcus  -  Clinton Green
Red World  -  Kris Hall
The Harold Arms  -  Chelsea Spirito
Peak Water  -  John Boal
Patrimony  -  Phillip Dishon
Blue Chips  -  Nick Flanagan
Strange Magic  -  Will Jones
Original Sound  -  Adam Seidel
Servants  -  Desmond Hayes
The Book of Raquel  -  Olga Holtz
Roommate Trouble  -  Michael Lucid
The Reprobates  -  Benjamin Grose
The Other Side of Solitary  -  Scott Carelli
Pleasant  -  Dr. Darla Drendel
Just One Inch  -  Georgette Skolnick
Life During Wartime  -  Mark Bowes
The Recycling Man  -  Carlo Ballauri
Silverlight  -  Victor Spiegel
The Boring  -  Dennis Coleman
Rogues  -  Allison Osborne
ThunderKids  -  Andrew Hopps

The Happiness Angel  -  David M Hinds
Beast Mode  -  Jeffrey William Sabini
The God Particle  -  Resurrection    
The Logic Gate  -  Carl Bresk
Rodeo Joe  -  Darren Geare, Jeff Allen Geare
Cadence  -   Mark Laing
Meteor  -  Line Rainville, Franco Pirrone
1000 Paths of Death  -  Alaric Stremmel Rocha, Richard Paul Klein, Chris McGahan
First Drop of Rain  -  James P Brosnahan
Windy City  -  Joseph Anthony Francis
Godfor  -  Pablo Torroella
Fortunate Dreams  -  Curtis Lofgren  
The Falconer: Alsaqarin  -  John Matthew Tyson
Minding Therapy  -  Ros C Johnson
Separated By Force   - Johh Ravitz
Perfect World  -  Emil Faithe  
Plight of Francis  -  Gordan Kljucec
Paladin  -  Mark Andrew Pogodzinski
Joe Kelly for President  -  Blair London  



Legendary  -  Abby Glaws
Beyond the Forest  -  Frederic Morin
The Trifecta  -  Macey Davis
Gorm  -  Curt Fulster
Papercutz  -  Simone Nikkole
Divinity  -  Wm. M. Smith
The Best of Us  -  James Barnes
The Warden  -  Sebastian Sanchez
The Wyrd and The Ruin  -  Tyler Lofftus
Vámonos Let's go Home  -   Abraham Urias
The Assignment  -  Laura Kenner
Sprawl  -  Mickey Vincent
Back to School  -  Darius Jones
Up and Coming  -  David Piccolomini
Fresh  -  Casi Turner
Rent-A-Friend  -  Davin Dmitruk-Cook
All My Exes  -  Sarah Gibson
The Fixmans Pilot  -  Lucas Pereira
Healthcare Heroes  -  Michael Zhou
Down Dog  -  Janay Fleming
Quietus  -  Gus Yeager
7:06 The Whole And Its Parts  -  Emanuil Mihaylov
Mighty Mediocre Temporary Rangers  -  Rhys Schlichtholz-Garcia
Love & Loyalty  -  Janis Hepburn
The Caregivers Club  -  Andi Franklin
The Demonic Double  -  Lauryn Eisenstein
Undocumented Minors  -  Weiyang Liu
Saving Little Z  -  Chris Ballinger
The Art of Knowing Everything  -  Yves Labbe
The Last Night  -  Lori Lewis
Emma & the Zop Zop  -  Chris Agnew
The Crew Bar  -  Daniel Evans
Zero Two Hundred Hours  -  Eric Wentz
Swingman  -  Zeki Turgut Gezgez
United Colors  -  Reenita Hora
Head Cases  -   Basil Argento
Cody  -  Bruno Timoteo
Slab City  -  Ryan Bergeron
Night Of The Living Decorations  -  Steffany Sommers
Till Death Do Us Part  -  Autumn Brimdal
Unrequited   - Tony Macy-Perez
Stone  -  Kristopher Wilson
Little Old Lady  -  Vincent Ware
Hometown Glory  -  Abija Mukendi
Full of Grace  -  Jasmine Perez
Pustka  -  Edel Dmytro Oksamyt
Two Steps Back  -  Rory Torres
Rowdy  -  Jody Hart
Legacy's Road  -  Joe Melchior
The Adlet  -  Eddie Yaroch
The Machine Men  -  Stephen Darryl Reid
Moonscope  -  David Fein
Actively Living  -  Pam Moser
Marina One  -  Paul Bradford
In The Hands of God  -  Abbas Garmabi
Little Eddie Timbers  -  Baskin Cooper
CDA: Corpse Discoverers Anonymous  -  Xanthie Marcelle
Dictator Live  -  Stanislav Gunko
Give 'Em Hell   -  Shennin Omay
An End to War  -  Jesse Burns
Cancelled?  -  Thomas Ferguson
King of Blades  -  Paul Hikari
Celebrity ET  -  Philip Gruber
Ría  -  Jessica Wilson
Allowance  -  Rose Gendelman
The Last Drop  -  Andrea Perno
Alone  -  Jon Eudowe
Deadheaders  -  Bruce Davidson
Grace Goes to Hell  -  Aidan Macaluso
Pretty Graves  -  Tally Yong Knoll
Reunion -   Anhtuan Doventry
Pick Up Games  -  Terrell Ferguson
Never Break The Chain  - JR Rodriguez
Liaisons  -  Callum Wratten
Darker Realities  -  Pam PerryGoulardt
Smoke and Mirrors  -  Adara London
Critical Voices  -  Benjamin Peacock
Yellow  -  Peyton Tuomi
Thicket of Lies  -  George Pfirrmann
The High Tide  -  John Saveland
Pandora  -  Max Samu
Everythingeater   -  Maximilian Schmidt
The High Life of Annie Sams  -  Joyce Simmons
My Only Everything  -  Gillie Perkins
Fatal Family  -  Hilary Schwartz
Shiloh  -  David Schroeder
The Cycle  -  Josh Snyder
The Real Prom Queens of Westfield High  -  Laurie Ann Crompton
Eat Like You Mean It  -  Kyle Clayton
In A Pickle  -  EJ Mayer
Diaspornaut  -  Reid Pickett
The After War  -  Matthew Kelcourse
Phebe  -  Beth Andelin
Heisteded  -  Steve Dawson
Love Letter  -  Ayasha Tripp
Aris  -  VP Evans
The Velvet Mistress  -  Dea Divi
The Spanish Teacher  -  Barbara de la Cuesta
Treason  -  Christine Stoddard Jamison
Horror in the Heartland  -  Christopher O'Rourke
Poseurs  -  David Adams
Siege of Eger  -  Scott Fales
IRiS  -  Randall R. Reese
That Time We Lied to the Kids  -  Melinda Hicks
Out Of Adversity  -  Elliot Stanton
The Killing Moon  -  Kyle Rizor
The World Between  -  Chuck Czech
La Parca  -  Miguel del Campo
Iron Butterfly  -  David Smallwood
Riddle -   Shiva Ramanathan
Time Tracker  -  George Schwimmer
Doing the Dade  -  Mike Ross
Welcome Back to Omelas  -  Aiden Choi
Dark Horizon  -  Annique Arredondo
For Coloreds Only  -  Johnny Ray Gill
Ot-Z: A Prehist-horror-cal Zombie Tale  -  CJ Hatch
The Good Man  -  Justin Flagel
The Praying Mantis  -  Riley Scott
Altered Egos  -  Navid Nobakht
The Lion and the Lotus Flower  -  Danny Chesler
Aubade  -  Konstantinos Doxiadis
The Silent Party  -  Jules Radner
Garden Variety Aliens  -  Cat Girczyc
Cricket Club of Canon High  -  Priya Mohanty
My Friend Satan  -  Ethan Martin
Digital Deception  -  Pekka Ollikainen
Sad Vacation  -  Adam Simmel
Colonial Times  -  Taylor Tobin

Wonder Coaster  -  Charles Tucker
Delictum  -  Govind Chandran
Mannies  -  Dylan S. Wallach
Human Interest: Full Web Series  -  Laurie Waplington
Success is Nothing  -  Brandon Glick
Children Aren't Children Anymore   -  Darlene Anthony
She Loves Me She Loves Me Not  -  Paul Lane
Journeyers  -  Alicia Norman
Tis A Gift  -  Robert Warner
Plaguephilia: Sick Desire  -  Christina Martin
Doggination  -  Andre Barreto
St. Christopher Tavern -   John Boal
The Beholder  -  Ryan Lee Gregory
Hidden Pieces  -  Matthew Ford
Grandma's Million  -  Carlos Wolf
blue, like green  -  Mack Flynn
Vendémia  -  Gabriel Popoff
Journey to the West  -  Rowan Lin
Adam, Wake Up!  -  Jordan Anthony Daniels
Te Seguiré al Oscuro  -  Joy Regullano
We Called Them Gods  -  Nate Crowder
Rider On The Storm   -  Harrison Killian
Flying Blind  -  Scott Billings
Kingdom  -  Matt Curtsinger
Donut Man  -  Michael An'gileo
Salt in Soil  -  Hina Ogino
Snootwood  -  Daniel Callaghan
Fraternal Affairs  -  Nicholas  Lutfallah
Evolution Wave  -  John Bias
More Than Married  -  Lulu Cheri
Set Em' Up  -  Eli Fischer
Cowboy & Indian  -  Leo Shelley
Yuba  -  Thomas Pohl
Hotel California   -  Chris Jones
Boot Station  -  Shaun Baland
Have You Ever Seen The Seventh Seal?  -  John Stinson
Our Yard  -  Princess Ajibola
A More Perfect Union  -  Jonathan Weisbrod
i.T.i.  -  Anthony Aaron
Calamity Jen  -  Geoffrey Scheer
Miss Victory  -  Brandon Hatten
Star Rover  -  Art Blum
The Red Zone  -  Terry Podnar
Gearjammer  -  Branko Maksic
Dream Girl  -  Vasanth Santosham
What Friends Do  -  Lissette Lendeborg

The Loss of Innocence  -  Donatella Corrado
The Warden  -  Korea Black, Gianna Rose
The Veritas  -  Bryan Harlow
WiLL  -  Ryan Hughes
The Lioness of Brittany  -  Greg Cuoco
The Outskirts of Paradise  -  Montgomery Burt
Mystech  -  Michael Robert Colbert
John H. Watson, Crime Doctor  -  Timothy E Liebe
Framed  -  Jemarcus Kilgore
The Caddy  -  Mike Douglas Meyer
Cleansing Acts  -  Carlos Perez
The Rifle Brothers  -  Brett McKay Prieto
Drama Queen -   Stephanie Scott
Through a Lens Darkly  -  Alissa A. Arnold
Jules' Verne's Mysterious Island  -  James Blass
Seven Thousand Islands  -  Gary Richard White
Nobody's Heroes  -  Michael Alan Elliott
Tiger Bones -   Dastan Khalili
12 Angry Jurors  -  Vaughn Roste
The Strays  -  Eli Rose
Where Spirits Dwell  -  Pamela Perry Goulardt
The Comet’s Messenger  -  Jorge Troncone Osorio
But the Truth  -  Les Zig
Out of My League  -   Jared Doles
Canvas 31  -  Jared Doles
She's Never Coming Back  -  Jesse Dorian
Artistic Kill  -  Blair London
Gray Areas  -  Marianthi Skaloumpaka
The Pickleball Killer  -  Jim Carroll
Pesticide  -  Casey Leary
Badvertisements  -  Tyler Council
Dominus  -  Dark Hoffman
L.O.B.E.  -  David Hunter Fein
Lurks Inc. -   Alex Vickery-Howe
The Coming Back  -  Johnny Galvan
Hannah Elias  -  Nathan Ross Freeman
Lost Cause  -  David J Schroeder
Chopped Chilies  -  Amary Figueroa
g-Men  -  Walter F Bauer
Red Storm  -  Sean Lawrence
Gala  -  Steven Keith Bogart
Barstow  -  Brittany Scott Smith, Arjay Smith
Duplicator  -  Bogdan Nicolae Groza
The Virgin Car Thief  -  Bruce Hickey
Fast Cash  -  Cary Lee Singleton
Basil King  -  Taylor Fredricks, Ryan Castro, Isaac Scego
The Evil Within  -  Michael John Chase
Go Ayeesha  -  Timothy Wilde, Finch O'Donnell
Hidden Sparks  -  Joseph J Davis
A Glass Darkly  -  Jonathan Talbert
On The Edge   -  Sarah Harvey
To Bits and Pieces  -  Erika Rachel Stone
The Secret Life Of Jake Edwards  -  Jeff Edmond
Single Girl's Guide To Narcissists  -  Diane Thomassin, Michael Miceli
A PTSD Odyssey  -  Donald N Burton
When we first met pilot episode 1  -  Marvellous Aigbedion
L Section  -   Matthew Forbes
In His Name 7223  -  Serita Mendelson Stevens
Salem Aftermath  -  Tom Phillips
Charli   -  Amber Lauren Jones
AnimaLib  -  Stephen George Colley
The Stylite - Christmas in Alexantine    Shane Hallawa
This is Jan  -  Robert Larriviere, Hunter Burke, Nick Lavin
Up Close  -  Magnus Jackson Diehl, Miles Butcher
The Harlem Hellfighters  -  Julian King Monroe
Back Home Again  -  Donna Fentanes
For Young Audiences   -  Tori Boutin
Other Doors  -  G. Lloyd Helm
Going OM  -  Lissa Coffey, Shawn Parikh
Woody  -  Laurie Brown
Opus  -  Mateo Renzo Rodriguez
By the Dark of the Black Blood Moon  -  Salvito Prano
Psych Ward  -  Brenda Holiday
Robert the Bruce King of Scots  -  Al Anderson
Vegas Vamps  -  David Ho
Liberty City The Series: Playa's Party   -  Chalmers Lembrick & Gene Lembrick
Any Child  -  David Charles MacLean
Stupid Dead Boy -   Alex Vickery-Howe
The Four Flames  -  Diane Vlajcic Heil, Douglas Heil
The Tenements  -  June Escalante

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