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Short Screenplay Awards
 Season 7 Results:

SHORTS season 7 1728x1080.png

Overall Winner - Season 7


*Thanks once again to all of the hard-working writers who entered, and congratulations to our Season 7 Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winner!​

We had a large number of entries again this

season, boiling that group down to the list you see on this page was no easy task.  We're very grateful to have received so many wonderful projects, keep on writing everyone, and stay well!

Offspring  -  Hannah Silverman

Changes -  Martyn Eaden

Deliverence  -  Olga Holtz

The Gazebo  -  Richard Willett


Merrow  -  Alexander Seltzer

No Pebble Tossed  -  Chris Willis


Flying Bird's Diary:  "Fidelia" -  Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel


The Boneyard -  M.R. Fitzgerald

The Chocolate Kandinsky  -  Suzanne Griffin

Paper Son of Angel Island  -  Howard Hong




The Tales of Magic Patt  -  Tali Chais

The Dream Life of a Clown  -  Roy Hsu
Baby in the Backseat  -  Clara Wong
Squire  -  Colin MacLeod
Angel of Death  -   P James Norris
Feral  -  Debi Yazbeck
Apparatchik  -  Morgane Ciot
Isle of Plastica  -  Drina Connors Kay
On the Last Day  -  Rachel Thomas-Medwid
Fast Lane  -  Lewis Reynolds
Just Like Sarah  -  Jessica Rowlands
To be a Man  -  Robbie Robertson
Veracity  -  Marni Sullivan
The Fixer  -  Eric Fallen
Junk  -  Bridget Bell McMahon
Sweet Rose  -  Gustavo Sampaio
Marnie  -  Michael Berner
Forever Love  -  Sean Reidy
DoGoodr  -  Kit Carter
Duet  -  Lisanne Sartor
Airport  -  Hannah Joyner
See You Glow  -  Bruna Pias
The Full Moon Beer Drinkers Club  -  Katie Hennicke
Cat Call  -  Chelsea Hazzard
Mijo  -  John McCarney
Last Trip To India  -  Joshua Young
The Wickie  -  Aurelia Gold
Harold, Electra and our Lord, David Attenborough  -  Kirsty Zane
The Bed  -  Jason Horton
Reboot  -  Robert Rhyne
Powder  -  Ria Fend
Black Sheeo   - Tammy Klembith
Future Present  -  Victor Spiegel
Time Hustlers  -  Andrew Hopps
Close Your Eyes!  -  Ronald Glass
The Ledge  -  Joel Karlinsky
Dead Horse Lake  -  Michael Graf
Hollywood Cannibals  -  Chad Wellinger
Exhumation  -  Steven Stiefel
The Note -   Dale Janda
Cry Havoc -   J.B. Storey
Crips  -  Brian Koukol
Voilà!  -  Mark Pomerville
The Final Approach  -  Heather Ostrove
Lost and Found  -  Paul Rowe
Other Lives, Other Waters  -  Phoebe Lapine
The Blouse  -  Kseni Avonavi
Today I Fell In Love  -  Jesse Foy
Otherworld, NJ  -  Matthew McLachlan
The New Moon in the Old Moon's Arms  -  David Sanders
Gearjammer  -  Branko Maksic
The Man In The Box  -  Brian Menz
FutureHealth   - Sarah Polhaus
Glass Closets  -  Madison Sean Flannery
Cringe  -  Warren Lane
Blind Man Bounty  -  Shiva Ramanathan
Belle de Nuit  -  David Barbeschi
Brain Game  -  Carsen Smith
Otherworld, NJ  -  Matthew McLachlan

Bay Creek Tennis Camp  -  Michele Meek

Do Us Part  -  Matt Clifford, Mellinda Hensley

Unbound  -  Tavis Doucette

A Chance Encointer  -  Stefanie Butler

Interlude  -  Sophia Khan


The Grand Re-Tie  -  Clara Dey

Unwell  -  Amelia McNamara
Boxes  -  Joanna Lamb Looby
The Call Out  -  Jess C Wheatley
Malosi   - Jared Turner
Sally & Norma  -  Suzanne Birrell Jones
The Unicorn  -  Sean Fitz-Gerald
The Drive Up  -  Debra Henley
Mickey and Marv  -  Don  Ackerman
Cinnamon  -  P.P. Hsiung
Everything Else is Gone  -  Nahuel Fanjul-Arguijo
Wake Up  -  Delaina Waldron
Mystery Manor  -  Andy Gonzalez-Bendiksen
An Tobar Dorchal  -  Mac McCord
Fraud  -  Chris Conway
Mink  -  Shaneisha Dodson
Echoes of Broken Promises  -  Andrea Zastrow
Homer and the Six-Headed Hitman -  David Halligan
People Like You  -  Clemens Stein
Liars  -  Charlene Clarke-Todoruk
McCarthy Tree  -  Elle Hughes
Flower Power. -   Martin Cox
Disordered  -  Anna Korogodski
Under the Shade of the Oak  -  Sam Malone
Impregnation  -  Lauren Certo
Antique  -  Alexandra Redwood
Carpet  -  Gentian Gjikopulli
Rhythms  -  Joseph Gandurski
The Edge  -  Jack Wickliffe
Crutch  -  Jamila Jackson
The Bridge  -  Katherine Cimato
The Tent Game  -  Chris Bloomfield
Blue Suicide  -  Oliver Valente
Lovey’s Perfect Pizza  -  Lindsay Elston
The Big Trick  -  Jay Allan Storey
A Mother's Purgatory  -  Alana James
Only For You  -  Andrew Witmer
Please do not Jump  -  Demian  Malcher
Fading Connections  -  Stephanie Gould
Home  -  Caledonia Hanson
Death's Assistant  -  Brian Gene White
Teachers!  -  Meera Cholera
Loser Back Home  -  Bronwyn Isaac
Content -   Diego Martin
The Scottish Play -   Brian Kowalchuk
My Life With Cats  -  Bear Kosik
Sweet Punch -   Elizabeth Appell
Oli  -  Garret Brinkley
Best Friends Forever  -  Rachel Troche
Unfound  -  David Toussaint
Johnny Rocket Rides Again  -  Conner Conway
The Black Best Friend  -  Josh Elliott
No, Doughn't!  -  Nicole Cohen
In The Mood For A Date -   Carolina Gimenez
Break, Break   -  Sarah Marsh
Roulette  -  Mitchell Martin
Homing Pigeon: An Animated Short  -  Graham Nelson
Accents  -  Landis Stokes
Metal Box  -  Brayden Dalmazzone
I Hope This Email Finds You Well  -  Quinton Buxton
Lou  -  Irene Tobias Wahlstedt
Maggie  -  Armando P. Ibanez
Love Letters for Habibi -   V.C. Rhone
Taking the L  -  Ryan Price
Edge of the End  -  Celeste . 
Whoa Nellie  -  Arlene Bogna
Heat Death  -  An Capuano
Don't Mention It... Ever  -  Bob Waldman
In the Gray  -   Alexandra Hensley
Mathilda and the Crow  -  Natalia Chown
Spokane  -   Jackson  Brown 
The Greater Good  -  Steve Cross
What Goes 'Round (Or Things That Go Bump In The Night)  -  Edie Deffebach
Suburban Witch  -  Lily Emalfarb
Find What You Love And Let It Kill You  -  Alessandro Pulisci
Bay Creek Tennis Camp  -   Michele Meek
The Year of Our Lord  -  JOSH BRODY
Adaptationing "Night School"  -  Zach Jansen
Romeo & Juliet: A New Epilogue  -  Adria Budd-Johnson
Oreo  -  Colin Francis Costello
The Doppelganghair   -  Owen Danoff
Faithless  -  Patrick Lazzara
Shaolin Shabbat  -  Brian Cohen
Letter to Sarah  -  Tim Luxton
Rocks and Boulders  -  Megan Helbing
Unfuckable -   Zack Binder
Dumb Rich Sluts  -  Amanda Hunt
Old Friends  -  Sian Walker
Mercy Shot  -  Tom Kenyon
Love & War  -  Devisha T
True Believer  -  Richard Geiwitz
My Sweet Sweet Child  -  Armie Hicks Jr
Maybe... Maybe Not -   Randall Kirby
Youniverse  --  Justin Fontenot
12 Hours    kelly stanphill
Evolution, "The Wakening"  -  Mark Mc Quown
The Devil Took The Call  -  Roberto Alvarenga
Blackphobia  -  David Jones
Lee  -  Michael Lucks
Repetition  -  Julian Barbor
Help Me, Please!   - Mark Clark
The Last Prophet  -  Christopher Celestin
Hey, Stranger  -  Michael (Mike) Ede
Judas  -  Andrea Nocchetti
Camraderie  -  Tim Gill
Amerikan  -  Phil Vengrinovich
Dear Cupid- -   Pierce Young
Greenhouse Massacre  -  William Kirrane
Samsara  -  Ramona Taylor
The Deeper the Root  -  Joshua Myers
Entrusted  -  Stephen Willis
The Sacrifice  -  Bobby Gorman
Happily Ever After "Toothache"  -  Lennon Marie Byrd
The Back Room Game  -  Sebastien Basset
Miss Me When I’m Gone  -  Matthew Gomez
The Missing Ingredient  -  Travis Kehoe
Triple Crossed  -  Brian Davis
Dona Sebastiana  -  Patricia Chavez
Balikbayan -   Carlo Chavez
The Decisions We Have Made  -  Casey Hagaman
I Can't Live Without My BFF  -  Barbie Bernier
Animals Outchea: NightLong  -  Richard Kanneh
Reboot  -  Kaitlin Cunniff
Delivered  -  Taz Lake
Choice   - Bernhard Riedhammer

Comfort Food  -  Barbara Blomquist
Gasablanca  -  Cody Sousa
Jersey Baptism  -  Joe Albino
In the Eyes of a Witch   - Jeffrey Perry
Lab Coats  -  Cassandra Rose
Golden Age  -  Ali Keller
The Estrangement  -  Patrick Griffith
The Talk  -  Gabriela Lima
Charlie and the Unexplained   -   Eric La Febre
Take It Or Leave It  -  Brian Smith
Distressed  -  Loic Pichot
Moonie  -  Jude Dexter
American Asian  -  Dillon VanOort
Pistachio  -  Dorothy Nguyen
Blood Moon  -  Steve Apostolina
Sanctuary  -  Richard Bethea
Church Bells   - Abigail Sharp
Arnold and the Script -   Jonathan Gamer
The Perfect Love Story  -  Nathan Hallauer
Dollars of the damned  -  John Mancebo
Time Crunch  -  Trevor Waggoner
FantaSiege: The Name of the Game  -  Charles Tucker
Smash & Grab  -   TeeJay Small
The Lost Camp  -  Connor Etter

How Skin Face Got His Groove Back -  Ian Pozzebon
One of Us  -  Alan David Pritchard
Vinyl Taped Mary Jane  -  Angel Hilson
Blood Is Thicker  -  Melissa Skirboll
Call Me Nevada  -  Alexander Julian III
Going  -  Brad Brookes
Positives  -  Katie Fahey
Anyuta  -  Marc J Cunningham
Somethin' X-tra!  -  William C Swett
Deep Ascent. -  J. Thomas Peterson  
Shooting  -  Isaac Sweeney
Dominus  -  Dark Hoffman
Grave Consequences  -  Sean F McAvoy
A Rather Lovely Thing  -  Casey Mensing
Cult Slayer  -  John Maui O'Callaghan
Session  -  Meik V. Fischer
Shelter the Lambs   - Chance Fuerstinger
Rough Cut -   Matthew Margo
Gate Bait  -  Paul Grammatico 
Boobytrap  -  June Fortunato
Some Kind of Heavenly Fire  -  Eric Riley
Mr. Grady  -  Allison Hanna
Off Color  -  Tapan Sharma
Allegra Sparkle's Guide to the Great Composers  -  Lillie Gardner
Gatsby  -  Alec Seymour
A Walk Down The Nocturnal Road  -   Diego Olivares
Philly D-Lite  -  Joey Medina
Ink & Quill  -  Alex Martins
A Cup of Cocoa  -  Dan Stearns
Undecided -   Francesca Scotti-Goetz
The Apotheosis of Nat Turner -   David Isaiah Johnson
The Operator  -  Pamela PerryGoulardt
Phantoomz  -  SherLann D. Moore
Family Rental 1 & 2  -  SherLann D. Moore
Ghost Misadventures   -  David Dzialo, Devin Foerster
Regenesis  -  Stephonika W. Kaye
Reign  -  Fran Harris
The Way the Song Whispers  -  Hannah Rittner
Only Seven Days...  -  Carole Starcevic
Ripples  -  Tony Robert Taylor
The Talk  -  John T. Frederick
At Your Disposal   - Aaron Wileman
Yachatz  -  Dawna Sirard
Tiny Caskets  -  Mark Jay Rosen
Lavender  -  Danielle Stritmatter, Elizabeth Martina Bishop
Thunbergdome  -  Jeff Kazanjian
Breaking The Wheel  -  Jared Talbot, Michaela Catherine Reilly
Last Stand Library  -  Bryan Harlow
Alex McKenna Series: Alex & Margaret's Beginning  -  Vicki-Ann Bush
Malachim  -  J.Stephen Brantley
I Know How To Swim   - Cheryl Lewis
The Ogalaquatsi  -  Richard Lucas Hardwick
Ransom -  Gwyn Gordon
Same Old Scene -   Justin Shaw
No Name Creek  -  Kathryn Phipps
The Blue Jay  -  Marlene Kiyoko Shigekawa, Marlene Kiyoko Shigekawa, Marlene Kiyoko Shigekawa
The Whisper Tree  -  Daniel Alan Kiely
Perfect Teeth  -  Scott Bastedo
Concrete Jungle  -  Ron Podell
The Vacant Flame -   Marisa Hopwood
Story of a Man  -  Leo Sopicki, Brock Young, Ricardo Perez
The National  -  Cris Manliclic

Reflection  -  Chris Turner
A Holy Curse  -  Victor Ridaura
Phonication  -  Jared Fembleaux
The Sweet Suite  -  Tyneckia Lewis
The Free Market, A Cab Ride with Twitty Vaughn  -  Lonnie Ray Atkinson
A Playlist for Disempowering Thoughts -  Sierra Sanborn
Meat Wagon  -  Jeff Speed
Pivotal Anthology Series -   Laurie Criego
The Future's Not Ours to See  -  Elliot Stanton
One From Without  -  Eric Davis
Charades  -  Ray Reboulet
Session  -  Meik V. Fischer
Bad Date  -  John Lewis
Fine, How Are You?  -  Lily Brown
Tom, Dick & Harry  -  John Munn
Cinder  -  Brendan Hennessy
Sweet Dreams  -  Gary Alvarez
American Avarice  -  Ben Parsons
Skin Deep -   Harpran Khalsa
Strike  -  Ben Pavitt
Amp'd (Short)  -  Matthew Gowan
"An Ironical Fact"  -  John O'Connor
It's a Sunday -   Mark Flehmer
By Any Other Name  -  Josh Outing
Sourdough -   Rachel Rios
Ya Ghalbi  -  Yasmeen Albrahim
Sampson & Delilah  -  Eric Warren
American Spackle  -  Cory Shanbom
The Third Hit  -  steven kobrin
Stool  -  Gavin Carlton
Cumulus  -  Michael Galat
Parting Ways  -  Ryan Kelley
Valerian  -  Matthew Sucher
Well, Shite  -  Lawrence Whitener
Sting of the 'Stang  -  Randy Graves

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