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Short Screenplay Awards
 Season 6 Results:

SHORTS season 6 1728x1080.png

Overall Winner - Season 6


*Thanks once again to all of the hard-working writers who entered, and congratulations to our Season 6 Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winner!​

We had a large number of entries again this

season, boiling that group down to the list you see on this page was no easy task.  We're very grateful to have received so many wonderful projects, keep on writing everyone, and stay well!

The Note  -  Dale Janda

Possum  -  Lyndal R. Simpson

The Dog  -  Kate Harpootlian

The Revver  -  Mike Hanson


Eye Witness  -  Benn Flore

We're Fine  -  Alicia Ocana


The Forest Fenced Becomes Backyards, Like Songs Are Born From Sound  -  Ryan Moore


Initiation  -  Morris G. Fink

Shreveport Son  -  Mark D. Bonner

Identification  -  Larry Collins




The Tales of Magic Patt  -  Tali Chais
Barbarian  -  Morgan Grice
Intercourse  -  Everett Lee
Yellow Dust  -  John Licata
Barrion's Apprentice  -  Dylan Brody
The September Man  -  Max Votolato
Circumference  -  Benoît Trudel
Everybody's Talking  -  Blake Pruitt
The Nendoroid  -  Jonathan Gamer
Reboot  -  Robert Rhyne
Red Ink on Steel (Pilot)  -  AJ Thibault
The Chocolate Kandinsky  -  Suzanne Griffin  -  Sharon Powers
Nested  -  David Luz
Muck  -  Christopher Chou Slomiak
The Closet  -  Joel Karlinsky
Louella  -  Erin Cantelo
The Devil & Robert Johnson  -  Matthias Sundberg
Ariella  -  Kristy Lussier
The Door of Infinite Possibility  -  Timothy Burnham
A New Conversation  -  Rob Sheely
Scarecrow  -  Marley Inksetter
Riding with the King  -  Salvatore Liuzzi
Afterimage  -  Eric Kingsbury
The Rest is Silence  -  Aayushi A. Shah
La Ultima Muñeca  -  Ty Ross
Kindness Coins  -  M.r. Fitzgerald
You Cut Her Hair  -  Wayne Middleton
4 A.M  -  Ryan Maples
The Victor V  -  Garrett Ratcliff
Bienvenidos a Los Angeles  -  Lisa Cole
Life After Camp  -  Mike Miller
Hard Line  -  Kevin McMahon
The Porter and the Stone  -  Nuh Omar
Anywhere bu Here  -  Hana Zalzal
Before the Gate  -  John Canfield
The Empath  -  Marco Santiago
Reflections  -  Hannah McCarthy
Who Killed Olive Oyl?  -  Steve Shear
Deliverance  -  Olga Holtz
Graven  -  Michael  Clifton 
The Encounter  -  Sheila Myers
The Cronus Program  -  David Oster
Red Clover 99: Episode 1  -  Skylier Jones
Entrance of Pink Elephants  -  Tatiana Fedorovskaya
Dangerous  -  Jacob Dalton
The Cleansing  -  Kevyn Bashore
As Time Goes By  -  John Martins III
Side Quest  -  Michael Tannenbaum
Sweet & Bitter  -  Benny Jean-Baptiste
Deliverance  -  Austin Rodriguez
Conversation On A Couch  -  Brian Cohen
Squirt  -  Stacy Dackson
Why I'm In Wyoming  -  MariaKatre Osler
Hand of Glory  -  Onyx Seth Olin Shelton
These Faces  -  Jason Rice
Mr. Rose  -  Kari Mote

The Ashen Man  -  Darien Harte
Squeak  -  Maureen Aitken, Barbara Lhota
Mancha  -  Don DiPetta, Nicole Mejia, Xochitl Portillo
Fatal Ambition  -  Angel Connell
Downwinders  -  Mark Donnell
Charade of a Fly  -  M. C. Bavenci
For the Children (Fur Das Kinder)  -  Desiree Stone
A Confusion of Weasels  -  Paul Weidknecht
The Gunslinging Pussy  -  Henry S Brown, Jr.
The Tortoise  -  Matthew Neff
Poker Nite  -  Kevin Short
Black Wolf  -  Jamie sutliff
Chris and The Big Adventure  -  Charles William Putt Jr
Worst. Screenplay. Ever.    Vaughn Roste
Revenge it Forward  -  Richard Sloggett
The Dying Lesson - Script    Michael Miles
Becoming Sam  -  Gary D Jaworski
Soft Touch  -  Brad Brookes
Counting Our Days Rightly  -  DW Medoff
Crankey Village, NM  -  Alaina Warren Zachary
Antique Failure  -  Carter Cavanaugh
Good Ole Joe -   Ana Jobrail
The Petrified Florist  -  Richard Levine
The Suicide Diaries  -  Joseph Lint
Deadly In Love  -  Sadie K. Dean
Agent 17: Missile Commando  -  Matt Smith
Glasses  -  Jasmine Wu
The Depths  -  Killian Seavers
Dillon  -  Chadwick Hopson
Fuggboi  -  Chris Paul Morales, Naftalie Vader
An Interview with The Times  -  Marc Cunningham
All the News That's Fit  -  Ian Patrick Williams
The Miracle of You  -  Richard Tanner
Free Falling  -  Karl Mather
Incense -   Leah Huss
The Dead Plains  -  Paul Corricelli
Birdie & Faye -   Cha Cha da Vinci
Other People's Lives  -  Montgomery Burt
The Classroom  -   Ryan Christian , Christopher Silva
Boxed-Up  -  Jamie Tree
The Bad Poet  -  Michael Clifton
Hotwifin'  -  Mark Wasserman
Solitary  -  Harry Rohlfing
The Real Me  -  Lisa Clemens
Love's Baby Soft   - Vicki Speegle
Spotlights  -  Nick Lane & Nate Lane
Lock & Key  -  Bethany Maines
An Evening with Illness  -  Donald Just
God by God (and Carl)  -  Steve Feld
Attached  -  Rory Doherty
Dying To Learn  -  Leroy J Barrett III
A Gift From God  -  Barry Ward
Rachel Cho Goes to War   - Michele Hogan
Dear Linda  -  Steve Bensinger
Cleansing Acts  -  Carlos Perez
First Time  -  Robin Humbert, Maddie Beatty (character development)
The Homecoming  -  Malcolm X Johnson
Inside  -  M.D. Tylicki
Desire  -  Hannah Rittner
My Town -   Lynn Elliott
Family Rental  -  SherLann D. Moore
Lullaby  -   Tak Inagaki
The Boulder King  -  Alexander Yew
Royal Jelly  -  Tom Sime
The Blood Machine   -   John McCloskey
The Artist  -  Elyssa Catalfano   
True Crime  -  Katie Brown, Kimberley Rizzo
It Really Did Fall Off The Truck  -  Stevie T
Where's Grace?  -  Bill Brock
Ash in Amber  -  Allison Hanna
Riley  -  Ben McHugh


The Grand Re-Tie  -  Clara Dey
International Closets  -  Rodrigo Carvalhedo
Actual -   William Huffaker
À Fleur de Toi  -  Minquell Ramone
Perks Include Nondairy Creamer  -  William Neary
The Strathmoor  -  Nicole Troxell
A Dancer Dies Twice  -  Shalishah Franklin
Prince  -  Danielle Holman
Film School Deluxe  -  Theodore  Contreras
Boundless  -  Federico Vicino
Iridescence  -  Jeremy Hsing
Mass Murderer, The Camping Horror  -  Ross Henson
Someone You Loved    Alissa  Arnold
IT Girls  -  Jess McLaughlan
The Blue Drum  -  Angelita Mendoza
Malosi  -  Jared Turner
Cathedral Blues  -  Alberto De La Rosa
Gay, Asian, Immigrant  -  Ushmey Chakraborty
Purim Shpielers  -  Tallulah Bark-Huss
One Night Only  -  David White
Gilka  -  Camilo Angelo
Dream Flight  -  Joy Jones
Holier Than Thou  -  Janelle Tweed
Alexandria  -  Lucas Calzada
Decents  -  Sharon Spell
Living Memory  -  Stephen Graves
Delivery  -  Ellen Shanley
Child's Pose  -  Cathy Thomas
Enemy No More  -  Christopher Schultz
Independents  -  Adam Wate
Bloodbath  -  Michelle Grace Maiellaro
Choose Your Family  -  Sacha Kenton
Legend of Pumpkinhead  -  Lincoln Alexander
June, 1938  -  James Chatterton
Cognition  -  Shaun Grimsley
Jumping Off Point  -  Andrew Olson
Home  -  Joseph Betros
A Glimpse  -  Chantelle Tibbs
The Selfie  -  Chad Wellinger
Injunction  -  Alex Rudy
Everyone -   Phillip Dishon
Simsim  -  Nikhil Kamkolkar
Jupiter  -  Mida Chu
Cult Of Love  -  Jonathan La Luz
Rusty Rivers Rides Again  -  Benedict Ransley
Jisatsu   - Jamie Benyon
A Package of Dreams  -  Bradley Look
A Dream Come True  -  Frank Scott
A Simple Home Invasion  -  Brian Laughran
My 1 and Only -   Bernard Mersier
A Bride For Bernard  -  John Neill
Our Past Has Eyes  -  Gina Screen
Faces  -  Bohdan Brown Cholod
Let's Talk About Dennis  -  David Alan Morrison
No Pebble Tossed  -  Chris Willis
The Purgatorians  -  Pamela Idenya
Last Resort  -  Marco Gabriel
Bubble Boy  -  Matthew Ferro
Crispin, Clown of Earth  -  Stephen Dickey
Kilo Five India Echo Clear  -  Kelly K. Davis
Only You   - Jay Brothers
Every Week  -  Russ Meyer
The Rot  -  McKenna Johnson
Andiwal  -  Joakim Behrman
Inflorescence  -  Justin Paul Myler
Her Face  -  Marc Prey
Sensational  -  Kay Barnes
Taken Young  -  Marven Likness
Becoming Sam   - Gary D Jaworski
Espionage Hits the High "C": A Christoff Lewis Mystery  -  Eric McKeever
Solarcross   -  Brian Patterson
Wendy &  Vee  -  Jean-Baptiste Canac
Wishful Thinking  -  Kim Hornsby
Windswept  -  Deric Olsen
Regarding the Pain of Others  -  Phil Vengrinovich
Hunger Pains  -  Rodolfo Salas
Unseen  -  Dustin Bennett
Self Checkout  -  Mark Flehmer
Squeak    Teresa Nigolian
Fraud  -  Chris Conway
Breakthrough  -  Michael Fuller
Give  -  Tim Lynch
Dietary Requirements of the Common Dragon  -  Leah Huss
The Typewriter  -  Anna Novakov
The Modern Sisyphus  -  Kirsten Rusko
The Empty Room  -  Jack McIntyre
Festival 2017  -  Matthew Lessall
Bandit  -  Ali Keller
Dead at the Wheel  -  Mike Fairbrass
Spectral Delivery    Becca Barnes
Hobbies  -  Steven Luna
Heavy Flow  -  Paige Wood
The Magician's Assistant  -  Caledonia Hanson
Desperately Seeking Santa  -  Elizabeth Weigandt
The Devil's Mistress  -  Andy Volk
First Responder  -  Shazib Khan
Oh, Percy  -  Richard Sirianni
Dybbuk  -  Stephen Cockburn
Let's Dance  -  Robert Robles
Moral Dilemma Game Show  -  Jeffrey Adkins
The Doppelganger  -  Steve Walter
On the Winds  -  Destin Hicks
Painting With Fire  -  Samuel Nightengale
Smile  -  Ivana Strajin
Waiting for Schrödinger  -  Kevin Hanna
The Trait  -  Jason Seelmann
The Silence  -  Rod Sutton
The Devil and His Blues  -  Sam Watson
Danica The Ugly  -  Jamila Jackson
American Crush  -  Dee Gilliam
The Cornucopia  -  William Leiren
James -   Adam Jones
Danny & Karen  -  April ODonnell
Doomsday -   Ashleigh Coffelt
Value of a Ring   - Jessica Sutton
In-State Pilot: You Know How Wild Hogs Are  -  Lincoln Anderson
Developmental   -  Tommy Heleringer
The Angel Who Never Was  -  Jeanne Haskin
Unfound  -  David Toussaint
American Gospel  -  Kip Calendine
Tenant  -  Symmes Culbertson
Golden Pointe  -  Elizabeth Shiller
Ring  -  Francisca Zapata
Madhavi  -  Jacintha Charles
Town Street  -  Dylan Amick
Last Thursday  -  Kevin Machate
36 Hours in Havana  -  Anthony Pinkett
Head Rush  -  Kavesh Vythilingam
The Anniversary  -  Kevin Mann
Xanadu  -  Das Bleu
Piece of Cake  -  Jamaal Pittman
Every Good Boy Does Fine  -  Mathieu Cailler
Boneseed  -  Brett Brooks
Struggling in Boston  -  Christopher Walker
The Rising Storm -   Natasha  Mikaela
Diamonds  -  Peter Andrews
Restaurant Z  -  Matt Moon
On the Coast of Lonesome  -  Mark Wasserman
Human Game 3: The Revelation   - Nathan Waire
My Life as a Doormat (Pilot Script)  -  Ivy Tobin
The Delusion  -  Joshua T. Harrel
Glass Skin  -  Monica Ammerman
Bitemark  -  Michael Stinson
Man Cave  -  Mark Higgins
Soar   - Steven Blows
Interface  -  Robert Milner
Edith In Her Natural Habitat  -  Max Raimi
Simon Lore  -  Gregory Pricoli
A Burden to Bear  -  Celeste Smith
Man  -  Chandler Hubbard
Log  -  Michael Boaks
Assimilated  -  Christopher Guerrero
I Forbid You  -  Krista Olivarez
You Got Types? -   Bixby Elliot
The Astronaut -   Dicot Alvarado
Pictures Only  -  Charles A. Honeywood
Best Wishes  -  Matthew Hoch


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