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TV Pilot Awards
 Season 7 Results:

Copy of TV Pilot season 7 1728x1080.png

Overall Winner - Season 7

*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our Season 7

Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winner!


Otherworld, NJ - Matthew McLachlan

Copy Cat - Cory Marciel

The Academy - Brit Cowan

Die Ahle (The Awl) - Adam Kelly Morton

Wolf's Head - Sam Anderson

Worlds Apart - Thomas Gaunt

The PSI Race - Stephen Woodworth

The Retoucher - Lindsay Smith 

The Age of Desire - Suzanne Griffin

Welcome to Killjoy - Ginger Kearns, Chelsey Ng



Damned Nation  -  Jeffrey Henderson
Once Upon a Time In Florida  -  Tom Stovall
Once and Future  -  Kylie Boersma
Lucidity  -  Chris Muir
Bleedthrough  -  Tammy Klembith
Anathema: Pilotus  -  Bob Singleton
Scenes From the Opposite Side of the Moon  -  Anthony Colombini
Monsters We Made: Beneath the Okanagan  -  Sean Fitz-Gerald
Cox County Rambers: "Yonder Window"  -  Matt Rhoden
35 Bleak St.  -  Taylor Steele
How 'Bout Them Cowboys  -  Sean Neumann
Rightly So  -  Mathew Kachur
Apocalypse: The Musical  -  Rachel Rios
Basilica  -  Seamus Heffernan
Dollars and Nonsense  -  Robyn Swanson
Insurgents  -  Feyza Safoglu
Wheels of Fortune  -   Michael Brewer
Morning Ted  -  Alex Barnett
Grind  -  Sean Parker
A Person Other Than Grunt  -  Christopher Branch
Cassadaga  -  Dee Mick
Bog Water  -  Jonathan Weisbrod
Singularity  -  Ernesto Machina
War of the Desert Queen  -  Michael Smith
Super Creeps  -  Chris Haifley
PRIDE©  -  Greg Goodness
Hollywood Cannibals  -  Chad Wellinger
No Man's Land  -  Steven Lundgren
Confidence   - Joel Michalak
Mark of the Beast  -  Alex Fountain
A Promise of Vengeance  -  Giacomo Giammatteo
The Lavender Jungle  -  Jon Davis
The Factory  -  Jon Davis
Best Life Ever  -  Tina Gandhi
Flying Bird's Diary  -  Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
Into the Floe  -  Russ Eisenman
Into The Ether  -  Steve Brown, Robert Rogers
Blow Honey Blow  -  Traci Hays
Murder Maze Michelle  -  Michael Lucid
Rustic  -  Arlene Bogna
Ruth  -  Gerald McGowan
Fargo: "A Doll in a Hole"  -  Francesco Capussela
Puppets!!!  -  Joshua Strauch
The Dollmaker  -  Christina Cigala
Fairview  -  Mia Volta
SawDust  -  Alex Cardoo
B.A.L.L.A.D.  -  Lucas Abreu
Butch  -  Rae Binstock
Stage Fright  -  Lawrence Daly
The Accidental Terrorist  -  Stewart Fergus
Pistol  -  Latasha Mercer
Dead Celebrities  -  Rochelle Carino
Guns of Perdition  -  Jim Spivey
Life Coach  -  Phillip Ramati
Cursed Story - The Black Notebook  -  Daniel Balazs Toth
Jinxed -  Catherine Fridey
Dragonland  -  Jason Jacobson
Hearsay  -  Gannon Kenney
The Party People  -  Stephanie Turci
#thirstTRAP  -  Joe Wielosinski
Kandlestick Men -   Frank Monteleone
Downtown  -  Brian Stone
Gay Water  -  Finn Wagstaff
South to Freedom  -  Chantelle Tibbs
The City Under Glass  -  RA Peterson
Broken Arrow  -  Tommy Tang
Pact Arcanum  -  Arshad Ahsanuddin
Time Hustlers  -  Andrew Hopps
Misanthropolis  -  Sean Slater
Lila and Her Demons  -  Nicole Crowley
Dark Matter  -  Olga Holtz
In Dreams  -   Haley Dercher
The Untimely Demise of that Awful David Schwartzman  -  Rudi O'Meara
Athens: The Last City on Earth  -  Bryan Kelsey
A War to End All Wars -  Kyle T. Cowan
Kapu  -  Sean Slater
Dream Factory  -  Michael Sallee
City Of Toys  -  Lindy S. Hudis
Black Wolves  -  Sophia Baratti
Dark Destinies  -  Warren Lane
Darkness Ties -   Francesca Caizzi
At the Gates  -  Vir Srinivas
Break A Leg!  -  Brian Laughran
Offspring  -  Hannah Silverman

Demonica  -  John Austin
Madly Pilot  -  P Patrick Hogan
Bunker Radio  -  Anthony Short, David Ince
Ten to Midnight  -  Mantero De las Casas
Paradox Dawning  -  Les Zig
Practice Baby  -  Michael B. Snow
Missing In Plain Sight  -  Gary St. Martin
The Unknowners  -  Stirling McLaughlin, Wilder Konschak
Me  -  Ryan P Hughes
The Irish Girl  -  Rachel Paul
Yokai  -  Kit Modica
Dirty Jew  -  Robert Brooks Cohen
Servants Pilot  -  Desmond Hayes Roach
Son of a Mother  -  K.Page Stuart Valdes
The Long Year Town  -  Alec Seymour
Misery Man  -  Harrison Myles, Rob Dionne
The Centre  -   Cheryl Sibany
Stormé  -  Julie Fergus, Samara Kanegi

Temperance (and other Virtues)  -  Alexandra Hayes
Scarlet  -  Andrew Stopyra
Dopamine  -  CoCo Harris
Mary, Mary  -  Amira  Richler
Chester  -  Albert Stroth
Our Lady of Hollywood and Vine-"The Wow Factor"  -  Jacqi Bowe
Starkhill  -  Neiman Outlen
The F**kboy Chronicles  -  Walker Clermont
The Story of Heidelberg  -  Hunter Klein
McBeans  -  Jesse Engel
Life Support  -  Andrew Hopps
Vera  -  Shannon Brady
Confluent  -  Francis Rose
Let Me Out  -  Devin Berg
Nothing Means Nothing  -  Andrew Zeoli
Terror and Virtue  -  Ernest Pysher
Madonna: Queen of Heaven  -  Selcen Onsan
Soul Star  -  Daniel Albino
Turning Tides  -  Josh Ulrich
TwiG-Root and the Dinos  -  Peter McClelland
Wingman  -  Richard Geiwitz
Autentico  -  Matt Whigham
Journey To Pandora  -  Jeffrey Bellamy
Beef Creek (Pilot)  -  Seby X Martinez
Stripper on the run  -  Aria Bryan
Zindabad  -  Abdul Malik
Skála  -  Shauna Joy
Dr. Frankenstein, MD  -  Sam Bourne
Bad Soviet  -  Nik Sysuev
Jaya From Bollywood  -  Vyjayanthi Vadrevu
E-League Ever After  -  Joel Mathews
Death Takes a Holiday  -  Mark & Anna Casadei
The Blunders Team  -  Dean Serravalle
Onyx & The Sunflowers  -  Mia Ginaé Watkins
Yeshiva  -  Eytan Raphaely
A Bed in Brooklyn  -  Mya Baker
Fighter Mafia  -  Marco Santiago
Out on One  -  Austin Radford
Trashy  -  Chelsea Marshall
The Dirty Bird  -  Taylor McTague
Bakotopia  -  Michael  J. McDonough
Alice and Dorothy  -  Greg McCarron
Trigger Objects  -  Nik Perring
Bakersfield  -  christopher haifley
God-Shaped Hole  -  Garrett Fortcher
Even On Your Worst Day | Ted Lasso Spec  -  Joshua Kazemi
Barely Coping   - Taylor Tobin
Camraderie  -  Tim Gill
Shining City  -  Jared Ruga
The Last Savior   -  Jalleh Doty
Three Lakes  -  Barbara Gilmore
Agency of Record  -  Donald McKinney
Iri$  -  Carrie Fishbane
Threestyle  -  Matt C. Dawson
And Still Champion...  -  Jackie Letkowski
Romance for Divorcees  -  Sara Roberts
Husband, Wife & Others  -  Gustavo Melo
Single-Sided  -  Aaron Roberts
County Hinterland  -  Lisa Nagy Isaacson
Scott's Tulsa   - S L Chalmers  
Robin of the Greenwood: 'A-Wassailing' -   Courtney Bowen
Lucky's Rescue  -  Suzan Battah
Legal Guardian  -  Anisa Ishida
Nefarious  -  Catherine Hug
Pie Girl  -  David Perry
The Terminal Club  -  Kimberly St.Croix
The Shit List  -  Dave Chan
Erika, Erika! -   Marc Aronoff
The Whiplash Game  -  Dave Silverman
Max!  -  Scott Boxenbaum
Time of Your Life  -  Maggie  Grant
Places, Please!  -  Steven David Martin
As Time Goes By  -  Jon Davis
Welcome Back  -  Andrew Wood
Operation Condor  -  Jody Hadlock
Those Beneath  -  Debi Yazbeck
Blessed  -  James Cushinery
Thank God He's on our Side  -  John Kingston
The Realms  -  Ronald Glass
Deadstick  -  Stephen Barber
Spencer's Project  -  Michael Fine
The Allotmenteers  -  Kerry Watts
Waking Up Later  -  Gregory Combes
Crush MC  -  Alexandra Addams
The House  -  Pete Ballmer
The Last Stan Manning  -  Dan Frischman
No Good Romans  -  Greg Fideler
Barrio: A Ghetto Love Story -   Mateo Gómez
Hung Up  -  Michail Eggelhoefer
Bracken Fern  -  Sonja Mobley
The Surgeon  -  Richard Anderson
Bouncers   - Andrea Wahbe
House of Rejects - "Welcome Home"  -  Brian Vega
Once Upon a Time in K-Town  -  Heidi Bordogna, Carl Huebner
Desert Star News  -  Robert Haus
Mutts -   Ethan Chen
Gotta Be McGee   - Thomas (Tom) OConnor
Palisades Patrol!  -  Bob Yates
Dire Transfers  -  Nate Suppaiah
Kita Manitou Pilot   - Jodie Anders
Eagle Sun  -  Alex Freedman
Desire Untamed  - Qituwra Anderson
The Affected  -  Shane  Harbinson
Johnnies  -  Ben Pavitt
A Brat Blooms in Bushwick  -  Judd Schlossberg
Reddit Detective  -  Tom Knoblauch
This is it?  -  Brian Schwab
The Seeds of Arius  -  Cory Jordan
The Three of Us  -  Janna Jilnina
New Olympus  -  Matthew Nicholson
Base  -  Samantha Brennan
Yellowjackets "Vulture"  -  Zina Kresin
Mourning Straight Tegan  -  Arun Narayanan
Deep Sleep  -  Morgan Quaid
Cannibal's  -  Casey Sutton
Quiet Mountain  -  Tristan Fuller
Postponed.  -  Marcelo L. Bendotti
Black Lotus  -  Stephen Law
Redhill  -  Eevin Hartsough
Sticky Fingers  -  Brian Koukol
Chronic  -  Rose Hurley
Double Bogey  -  Alexander Hooper



The Upstairs Lounge  -  Gregory Vines
Thunder Ripper -  Jeff Walsh  
Musky Hole Rep  -  Brian Kahn, Lana Wilson
The Extra   -  Joseph Zimmerman
Did You Have a Plan?  -  Regan Lavin
He Won't Rise Again  -  Greg Roque
The Seed-Bearers: The Mongrel -   Lynn H. Elliott
Cabbagetown Confidential  -  Erik Long
Follow Your Bliss  -  Sam Roth
The Winters: Pilot  -  Claire Irene Giegerich
Eat What You Kill  -  Leslie Lyshkov  
Galápagos  -  Lukas Hassel   
Hour of Blood "The Resurrection Vampires"  -  Jim Harkins
PC Police  -  Tapan Sharma
The Hole in the Woods  -  Rachel Greenhoe
Gush  -  C.J. Arellano  
Shamans  -  Michael Thomas Gossette
Bruce Wayne  -  Anthony K Short
Solicitors  -  Evan Morton
Pembrook  -  L. E. Coleman
Rest Stop  -  Rebecca Lee, Casey Feigh
Third Shift  -   John Gearries, Rich Baker
The Mentalverse -   David Hunter Fein
Chrumbs  -  Aubrey Joy Maddock
The Unified Field Theory of Love    
Narcolepsy, Inc  -  Sikivu F Hutchinson
Human Nature  -  Brian Power
Paleolithic  -  Frank Jenkins
In The Shadows of November  -  Bill Albert
Bad Seeds 1-hour Series Pilot  -  Sean Nash
Miley's Ride  -  Dara Harper, Larry Little, Richard Lasser, Dennis Edwards, Larry Little
Guardian of Ash  -  John Austin
Camouflaged Sisters  -  Lydia Genner, Lila Holley
Last Resort  -  Alejandro Leopardi, Sean McKenzie
Shark's Instinct  -  Bethany Maines
Hunter Killer  -  Steve Garvin
My Life as a Doormat  -  Ivy Tobin
King of the B's  -  Matt Patterson, Joe Wagner
Today's Date  -  C. E. Simon
Baby$itting Money  -  E. Amato

Drop Dead. -  Frankie Campisano
All Bi Myself  -  Adam Patla
Another Lifetime  -  Brayden Dalmazzone
Systemmancer  -  Logan Grimes
Woodbury Grounds  -  Joanne Bellew
Roadmap  -  Nell Thomas
How To Steal A Kingdom  -  Valerie Bartholatus
Cultish  -  Michael Mortimer
Control + Alt + Kill  -  James Moon
Kingdom  -  Kyujin Kim
Sacred Bodies  -  Megan Winkelmann
F!@$n' Holidays  -  Margie Stokley-Bronz
Always A Bridesmaid  -  Cynthia Mersten
Mr. Hugger's House  -  Dorian Frankel
Public Displays of Affection  -  Samantha Jose
Food & Drink  -  Karen Wall
Mystery Manor  -  Andy Gonzalez-Bendiksen
Magic Egg Roll  -  Rick Williams
Copycats  -  Matt Manser
Death's Assistant  -  Brian Gene White
My Life With Cats  -  Bear Kosik
Troublemaker  -  Elijah Noble El
Say Uncle  -  Larry Collins
The Radical Wrestler  -  Nader Chamas
Thief: The Child, The Graves and The Keeper  -  Skylier Jones
Novela Americana  -  Mahalia Latortue
Forever Love  -  Sean Reidy
DoGoodr  -  Kit Carter
Thriving  -  Hunter Gardner
See You Next Tuesday   -  Alison Thalhammer
Charm City Paranormal  -  Grant Miller
The Sessions  -  Alexander Julian
Just Look at Yourself  -  Rachel Ingrisano
422  -  Danny Range
Escape Plan -  Tal Almog
Pro-Black  -  Ben Locke
Pititski's Gym  -  Erik Potempa
Empire of Sin  -  Victor de Almeida
The Stoker Society  -  Alex Paulk
Z-Listers  -  Tess Trotter

Ineffable  -  Marcus McGee
Freaks vs. Chavs  -  Mark Dollard
Mr. Pleasure   - Nicole Kemper
In the Pocket  -  Ryan Goldblum
Sun Woman, Moon Man  -  Lyndal Simpson
Loupes  -  Ferit Atalay
Dumbing Down  -  Christi Carter
Your Friend Might Be An Alien  -  Scott Clements
Greetings From Ghost Town  -  Mary von Aue
1st Jen  -  Vera Brooks
First Lady  -  Jason June
Hatshepsut  -  Rima Lyn
Affluenza  -  Trevor Smith
Living Wild-Alaska, Pilot: Snag. Catch and Release  -  Dorene Lorenz
The Divine Nine...Yesterday's Today  -  Jody-Lynn  Reicher
Limited Liability  -  Rupak Nag
Time Console  -  Frank Velasquez
Take Care  -  Margaux Poupard
Wives Without Borders  -  Susan Hahn
Impossible Jigsaw  -  Patrick Skeyhill
Rebooted  -  Jamaal Pittman
Agent X: Genesis  -  Trevor Lincoln
Worlds Apart -   Ron Artis Jr.
What is Life?  -  Jennifer Becker
Coahoma  -  Matt Foss
Has Been  -  Joshua Dillon
Under The Influence  -  Carleigh Foutch
Witch Hunter  -  Tim Kontje

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