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TV Pilot Awards
 Season 8 Results:

Filmmatic TV Season 1728x1080.png

Overall Winner - Season 8

*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our Season 8 Quarterfinalists,  Semifinalists, Finalists

and Winner!


A.K.A. - Richard Hohenrath

The Bender Girls - Rachel Leighson

Maid to Steal - Derek Quick (Negane Meno)

The Match - Justin Ballheim

Sweetwater - Blake Robbins

Clear Creek Bluffs HOA - Kim Jaspers

Dead Boulevard - Erik Rhey

Warrenville - Craig Thornton 

The Tides - Paul Del Gesso

Tin Kickers - Ned Farr 



Dark Palaces  -  Fiona Davies
Divine Intervention  -  Khiari Jaffier
Crow  -  Matilda Corley Schulman
Kingdom Come  -  Lisa Davis
Fit  -  Isaiah Cane
Bully Bottom  -  Hadley Carpenter
Devil's Empire  -  Sarah Gray
The Senator from Rhode Island  -  Alice Camp
The Things We Bury  -  Ryan Bennett
Out of Whack  -  Derek Nicoletto
Ash to Cash  -  Pat Spivey
Of Sights and Men  -  Andrew Allen
Ulysses  -  Steven Stovall
Young Lions  -  Zachary Churchard
Jesus One-Stop  -  Frederik Ehrhardt
Dunggie Buddies  -  Ethan Gomes
Journey to Patlan  -  Jose Fernando Fernandez Flores
The Prowl  -  Manny Kargov
Slap  -  Nathaniel McCarthy
The Fountain  -  Link York
Isokon  -  Kevin Karp
Mound of Sh*t  -  Scott Phillips
Going Commando  -  Adam Hopwood
Ricky Benes  -  John Paul James
The Writers Room  -  Richard Powell
Noir Alley Blues  -  Debbi Mack
The Solar Immortal  -  James Moon
Pilotus: A Tale of Anathema  -  Bob Singleton
Rightly So  -  Mathew Kachur
Waterball  -  Anthony Colombini
Rise of Mercy  -  Callum Henderson
Certifiable  -  Lauren Mol
Mt. Clement  -  Randy Hines
Strange Magic  -  Will Jones
Squatters  -  James Barnes
Angels of the Prairie Coteau  -  Jim Lewandowski
Fair Game  -  Penelope  Lipsham
Modern Orthodox  -  Ari Silver
Up and Coming  -  David Piccolomini
Whoa Nellie  -  Arlene Bogna
Transplant  -  Tala Calil
Floating Cities Of Venus  -  John Pepin
Gods of Olympus Street  -  Will Kisor
Sparrows  -  Karen Campion
The Washbournes Pilot Part One  -  John Rodriguez
Welcome to Vade  -  Aaron Mikael
Alantown  -  Marie Patane
Beastly  -  Jelissa Mendez
Bucket -   Ryan Myers
Esperanza  -  Jamee Decio
Bad Soviet  -  Nik Sysuev
Wander  -  Hank Isaac
The Wrong Candidate  -  John Ravitz
Old guard  -  Chris Hardie
Vanilla  -  John Darbonne
Flywheel  -  Scott Anthony Cavalheiro
The Last Cabin Left on Old Sycamore Lane  -  Michael Rakoff
The Detail  -  Jonah Einstein
Mystic Pictures  -  Tony Hendriks
Rise Of The She-King  -  Edward Dawson
Gold Coast  -  Ryan Galliher
The Diva's Last Act  -  Eric McKeever
Brian & Brains  -  Nathaniel Moher
Cruise  -  WJ Ryan
Martial Classes  -  Jackie Lee
Soul Safari  -  Hester Schell
Unwitched  -  F.M. DiMeo
The Three-Legged Dog Saloon  -  Dan Barwick
The Boy Who Earned his Magic   -  Lynn Elliott
Budtenders  -  Michelle Siouty
The Phone Man  -  Jeffrey Chase
The Folklore Files  -  Warren Lane
The Pod  -  Saraphina Redalieu
Good City  -  Natalia Chown
Power Couple  -  Ari Donnelly
Dark Moors  -  Jas Kandola
Of Wolf And Man  -  Kyle Rizor
St. Louis -   D.M. Shults
Rick 182: Chekhov Your Pants and Jacket, Morty  -  Joshua Kazemi
The Zeroes  -  Kyle Kramer
Blind Man Bounty  -  Shiva Ramanathan
GoodBetter  -  Tagg West
Sadist  -  Jennifer Anderson
Out of This World  -  Jeremy Pick
Fargo: A Doll in a Hole  -  Francesco Capussela
Time Hustlers  -  Andrew Hopps
Karl Marx: The Hacienda Years  -  Shaun Lowthian
A Greek Tragedy  -  Alia Zeid
Crisis  -  Martyn Eaden
The Gig Economy  -  Jacob Mynatt
Bible Park  -  Megan Sass
Nomad 9's Mission Archangel  -  Dan Stevens
Eon  -  Kent Moran

Jack'd  -  Mike Ede
The Devil Pulls the Strings  -  J. W. Zarek
Autopilot  -  Bill Birney
Watchlist  -  Alex Vickery-Howe
Scapegoat  -  Olivia Lee
Purgatory  -  Louis Macovsky, Nancy Froeschle
Melvin  -  Jeremiah Nemeth
indian medium  -  Tapan Sharma
In the Pines: The Uninvited  -  Matthew Domingos  
Triple D's  -  Michelle Slonim, Ben Rosenfeld
Good Pussy: The Anatomy of a Crazy Cat Lady  -  Bree Wyrd
Rivers of Blood  -  Mario Theodorou
Sam -  Dave Mac
Rough Cut  -  Matthew Margo
The Coroner  -  Frederic M Cassidy
Jenny... In Training  -  Steve Abramson
Live Through the Night  -  Kristen McNaule
The Coming Back  -  Johnny Galvan
Courier Seven  -  Nick Williams
Shoot from the Hip   - James H Barrett Jr., Tony E Robenalt
Peaked In High School  -  Max Rose

The Non-Prophet  -  Ari Donnelly
Crinkum Crankum  -   Alicia Norman
Barstow  -  Brittany Scott Smith, Arjay Smith
Mount Ascension  -  Warren Bouchier
Fluid  -  Adam Rivera
Badvertisements  -  Tyler Council



Wonderama  -  Jack Mayer
The Snip  -  Billy Hanson
Gold Digger  -  Rachel Hutchings
Tresserhorn Lord  -  Baergan Vana
Love Letter  -  Ayasha Tripp
For Life (Por Vida)  -  Tristan Rodriguez
Anonymous  -  Matthew Kotelnicki
Trigger Objects  -  Nik Perring
Do Little -   Austin Guilliams
Upstaged   - Jacob Rosenbaum
Homebound  -  Scotty Kauffman
Hidden Pieces  -  Matthew Ford
Illegal Alines  -  Andrew Bryan Smith
Madame Bandit  -  Lachelle Shaddy
Demon of Kings  -  Charline Tetiyevsky
The Poor House  -  Julie Nicholson
Showroom  -  Christopher Hruska
Barbie's Cousin  -  Claire Partin
Dark Disciple  -  Michelle Holloway
Life Support  -  Andrew Hopps
Liberty City: Playa's Party  -  Gene Lembrick Jr
Arranged  -   Samip Raval
Legacy  -  RM Shafer
Where is the Father  -  Rajko Stiglic
Cigarette Girls  -  Betty Dixson
Romance for Divorcees  -  Sara Roberts
Heavy Traffic  -  Tiffany Onyejekwe
Blue Chips  -  Nick Flanagan
The Now Sound  -  Julian Shah-Tayler
Dalton & Dwayne  -   Hilary Schwartz
The Family Circus  -  Elizabeth Miller
Sahd  -  Matt Hyams
Severed Souls   -  B. Isabella Bodnar
Devil's Son  -  Jackie Lee
Farmer  -  Robert Cuen
Good Bad Luck  -  Russell Beneke
Blue Check  -  Marcelo L. Bendotti
The Nightshift  -  Shiv B
Monarch -   Rhyess Nash
The Life of Nigel  -  Pavel Christian
Origins - Pilot  -  Paul Addis
Mordred Rising  -  Larry Gilmore
Summer’s Kiss  -  Georges Salo
Lucid  -  DeAndre Harris II
The Three of Us  -  Janna Jilnina
Cancelled?  -  Thomas Ferguson
The Mulligans AKA The Retreads  -  Christopher Sweeney
Baem  -  Jacqueline Sir
The Glitch in the System  -  Josh Snyder
The Crew Bar  -  Daniel Evans
Rag Dolls  -  J M Stifle
The German Shepherd  -  Shane Weiss
Borderline Justice  -  Neil Patel
Finding Billy  -  Judy Daghestani
Frog Detective  -  Jeremy Pick
Big Trouble Little Cyber  -  Chris Cochran
Larry's  -  Sean Mahoney
Silvermane  -  Georges le Macon
Sleeping Rough  -  Kyle  Parris
Zack to Basics  -  Len Lawson
#Gentrification  -  Victoria Gleason
A More Perfect Union  -  Jonathan Weisbrod
Zeda  -  Vanessa Zamarripa
Every 10  -  Tom Burke
Piggy in the Middle  -  Louis Yule
Righteous Side of Hell  -  Eric Sanchez
Cooperstown   -  John Licata
ExPand-Man  -  Cliff Ryan
Supernatural Hunters  -  Kevin DeBacker
Life of Groupies  -  Joanne Rose
Rat City  -  Ally Gilfeather
Suburban Swim  -  Kerry McCue
Snootwood  -  Daniel Callaghan
The Algorithm  -  Chris Papagapitos
The Men's Clinic  -  Ronnie  Talent
The Pixiestick Incident  -  Michael Henry
E-League Ever After  -  Joel Mathews
Dipso Maniac  -  Tammy Lynne Stoner
Evelina  -  Ju Shardlow
Tokyo Twist  -  Rachel Williams
Wake the System  -  Micah Sloat
Second Set  -  Candace Egan
Catering Evil  -  Warren Lane
Out For Blood  -  Isobel Houseman
Melika Saving The World  -  Ed Wiles
Say Something  -  Emily Holleman



Electric Fish  -  Christopher Ross
Gallatin  -  Ryan Skinner
The Matriarchs  -  Monique Greer
Players  -  Kellin Cremeens
Coming Soon  -  Bill Kelman
The Dark Side of Fate  -  Cypress Bai
Diaspornaut  -  Reid Pickett
The Villain Project  -  Gatlin Perrin
Waves of Change  -  D.K. McAlpin
The Sessions  -  Alexander Julian
Sweet City  -  Will Downs
Clytemnestra  -  Emma Cancro
Jesus of Suburbia  -  Ramsay Burgess
Integrated  -  Geaux Francois
Song of the Watchtower  -  Christopher Graham
A Troubled Past  -  Christopher Walker
Into The Ether  -  Steve Brown
The Wolves Within  -   Ginger Marin
Days Down at the Dolphin  -  M.E. Tracy
Sombra  -  Reid McGlamery
Uptown Santos  -  Jonathan Ramirez
A Simple Game  -  Robert Rossetti
Offspring -   Hannah Silverman
Enlightened  -  Jeannie Johanna
Children of New York  -  Michelle Santy
TV-Fantasy/Untitled  -  Sarah Ball
Scapegoat  -  Olivia Lee
Till Death Rip Us Apart  -  Guil Parreiras
The Book of Raquel  -  Olga Holtz
Wizard's Duel  -  Matthew Corley
Afterlife Support  -   Jon Gibbs
The Galacticals: Save Exodus  -  Richard A. Delgado
Scuttlebutt  -  Matt Manser
The Misguided Gay Odyssey  -  Alexandra Walker
The Devil and Dr. Bennett  -  Kevin Schwartz
Here She Comes  -  Jasmine Aziz
Delivered  -  Clifford Evan
Broken  -   Dathan Paterno
Camelot  -  Joseph Cross
Mafia Secrets: Honor and Silence  -  Matt Curtsinger
Drowned City  -  Brian Fingeret
BrimKid - Pilot  -  Andrew Jones
Now and at the Hour  -  Madline Puccioni
Are We Adults Yet?  -  Jesse Riback
Camp Creep  -  Sarah Ward

Griefstruck  -  Melissa Malone, Diann Gogerty
Project Abaddon  -  Pete Borreggine, Gary Hauger
The Bard  -  Jay Apking, Amanda Cifaldi
Life During Wartime -  Mark A Bowes
Canvas 31  -  Jared Doles
Professionally Morbid  -  Wendy Bustamente
The Race  -  Alexander Platt, Slade Mead, Winter Mead
Dancing with Spies - Francis Billingsley  
Injustice!  Ex Parte Crow Dog  -  Christopher Manydeeds
You Follow Me  -   Max Mondi
AfroFantasy  -  Channing Kumeh Chea
Partners In Crime  -  Dyann, Tai-En Chiang
Streets of Dream  -  Not Today, Clare    
Chevy and Caprice Pilot  -  Petey Pete
100 Degrees  -  Dominic Abeyta
Wonder  -  Carly Krieg
Yoohoo Lane  -  Kelly Jean Karam
The Combat Art Collective  -  Baron Rotza
Retail Therapy  -  Samuel Greaves
Up Close  -  Magnus Jackson Diehl, Miles Butcher
I/O -  Molly J Vernon
The Perfect Picture   -  Tungamirai Lerato Makubire
Magic Control  -  Alane Rozell
Mercy Springs  -  Helen Hudson
Uncle Payback  -  Daniel Bodenmann
Enter the Dreadi  -  Kristina Falkerstien Jordan
28  -  Kylee Chyanne Roberts
Savage  -  Dave Mac   
Family Affair  -  Ernest Anemone
Sam & The Quests of the Magic Ink  -  Steph Kowal
Vodoun  -  Stuart Alan Creque
Limited Rescources  -  Anthony F. LoPresti
Through a Lens Darkly  -  Alissa A. Arnold
Beirut Ladies College  -  Eduardo Mitchell
Samara & The City  -  Kacy Boccumini
Burnt Bridges  -  Giana Patrice Haynia
Alias X  -  W.S. Smith
All Good  -  Kat Rollinson
16th Street  -  Kevin Michael Morin
The Miraculous Adventures of Archie Bishop & Dodge Callahan - Ryan Schwenning
The Murder of Thomas Merton  -  John Fitch III, Mitch Smith
Welcome to Johns' Cove  -  Andre Wells
Stripped  -  Claudia Musikul, Grace Slansky
By the Dark of the Black Blood Moon  -  Salvito Prano    

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