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Horror Screenplay Awards
 Season 8 Results:


Overall Winner - Season 8

*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our

Season 8 Quarterfinalists,

Semifinalists, Finalists and Winner!


A Sojourn Most Savage  -  Bryan Yentz


The Whisperers  -  Travis J. Opgenorth


The 49th Day  -  Craig Peters


Offspring  -  Hannah Silverman

The Silent Room - David Schlow

Black Girl Magic - Sasha Kai

 Casket Girl - John Darbonne

The Age of the Empath - Steve Brown

The Forever Hotel - Justin Ballheim

Rituals - Brandon Weavil


Tracer  -  Julia Campanelli

Contained  -  Jennifer Wilton

The Ringmaster - Kyle Rizor
Wylde  -  Danny Baram
Estranged  -  Noah Campbell Smith
Blackwood  -  Joseph X Casillas
The Sparrow Diary  -  Judy Aya Williamson
LorelAI  -  Nicholas Jay
River Rifle Laser Coin  -  Joe Gill
Guiding Light RV  -  Amanda Torigiani
Scenes From the Opposite Side of the Moon  -  Anthony Colombini
A Sorcerer’s Apprentice  -  Autumn Cavender
A Demon Downeast  -  Samuel Hughes
A Worm Will Turn  -  Tara James
Grave Matters  -  Jason Sheedy
Pilotus: A Tale of Anathema  -  Bob Singleton
Life - Episode One: Birth  -  C. E. Simon
'Nam -   Ryan Thomas Hinrichs
Gang of Drones  -  Lasta Drachkovitch
Cryptid  -  Brandon Weavil
Centurions  -  Sally Stubbs
Cave  -  Rob Groenwold
The Bridge Troll  -  Jason William Lee
The Esoteric Library  -  Christian Maxwell
Tunnels  -  HF Crum
Transplant  -  Tala Calil
Skin  -  Matisse Haddad
How I Became a Vengeful, Psycho Killer  -  Laura Becker
The Witch of Acadiana  -  Nick Mendoza
Blood Key  -  David Page
The Show Must Go On  -  Bret Miller
The Verbalek  -  Stewart Fergus
The olive grove  -  Ivan Germano
Driver 27  -  Dirk Blackman
Blood Bath  -  Billy Krolick
Texas Revenge  -  David Kaneen
The Curse of Cthulhu  -  Shawn Picard
Borderlore: Chupacabra  -  J. Angel Sierra
Naughty  -  Geoff Plitt
Office Werewolf  -  Kelly McInerney
Leonard  -  Darrell McGregor
Home -   Michael Schilf
No One Leaves Alive  -  Jeff Kallet
The Levantine Corner  -  Kristos T. Perry 
Rock-A-Billy -   Bobby Baham
Centripetal  -  Ryan Patrick Smith
Something in the Night...  -  Joshua Chamberlain
Natural Born Sinner  -  Brittney Coon
Rise  -  James Barrett
Three Orchards  -  MJ Farber-Ray
It Happened Along the Road  -  Mark Clark
Don't Touch Me  -  Ervin Anderson
The Call Out  --  Jess C Wheatley
Sealed With Blood  -  Anthony Mariani
The Dark Gift  - Sergio Pintore
Interval  -  Christopher Isenegger
The Clan  -  Joshua Buxton
The Demon Stone -   Christopher Datta
Sheep  -  Sune Sorensen
The First Girl  -  David Hadley
Insurmountable  -  Jonathan Steven Green
Hell Holes  -  Adam Karpel



Corporate Monster  -   Chelsea Arlene Schmidt
Morbidly  -  Don Stroud
Mouse  -  Michael Clifton
Stupid Dead Boy  -  Alex Vickery-Howe
Body Count  -  J.C. McKearnin
All Are Not Lost  -  Melissa Ann Bruning
Mistresses of Sleep  -  Dexter E. Williams
Cuckoo, Cuckoo -  Terry Lynam
Gingers!  -  N J De Luca
The Feet of Shadows  -  Andrew Juran Bass, Sarah Ann Bass, Catherine Grace et al
Witchblood  -  Richard Hohenrath
Who Let the Wallflowers Out?  -  Virginia Austin
Within The Bamboo Forest  -  Kevin J. Howard
Oasis  -  Randall(RW) Hahn

I Would Kill For That  -  Matthew Hoch
Billy  -  Mathew Tretola
Best Served Cold  -  Bill Crossland
Prisoner of Deceit  -  Gretchen Klein
Loch Awe -   Stefan Alexander
4th Night  -  Pedro Borges
Indigent  -  Briana Cox
El Cucuy  -  Shane Redding
Vampires vs Zombies  -  Michael Maxwell
Demon Knights  -  Judah Ray
The Mentor  -  Lee Matthew Goldberg
The Mad Secrets of Amelia Havisham  -  VP Anderson
Howl  -  Zoe Kerr
The Revver  -  Mike Hanson
Rootstock  -  Nick Kokonas
The Siphonist  -  Joel Karlinsky
Trigger Objects  -  Nik Perring
Sweeney & Todd's Fabulous Cannibal Fast-Food Franchise  -  Joe  Villanti
Bkue Dreams  -  Jonathan Samuel
Night Gaunts  -  Matthias Pasler
The Praying Mantis  -  Riley Scott
Slash Zone  -  Sean Reidy
Roommate Trouble  -  Michael Lucid
'97  -  Sarah Ward
Disordered  -  Alicia Norman
Trick Selfie -   Chad Wellinger
The Decay  -  Adam Davis
They will be Monsters  -  Tony French
Riddle  -  Shiva Ramanathan
Of Wolf and Man  -  Rodolfo Salas
One Night in Purgatory  -  Robert Husted
Olivia Mabel  -  David  McClellan
The Last Cabin Left on Old Sycamore Lane  -  Michael Rakoff

The Settling  -  Rachel Ingrisano
Chosen  -  Cosmo Wallace
Pete & The Parties of Pure Evil  -  Warren Lane
Rez Nation  -  Derek Quick
Reposessed  -  Brett Block
La Parca  -  Miguel del Campo
Jump Scare  -  STAN EVANS
The One  -  Kent Moran
Matriarch  -  Scott  Naar
Ot-Z: A Prehist-horror-cal Zombie Tale -  CJ Hatch
Salsa Sangre  -  Nathan Castiel


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