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Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship
 Season 6 Results:

INROADS season 6 1728x1080.png

Overall Winner (Fellow) - Season 6


*Thanks once again to all of the hard-working writers who entered,and congratulations to our Season 6


Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winner!

We once again had a large number of entries this season (nearly 1500), boiling that group down to the list you see on this page was no easy task.  So many wonderful projects this season, keep on writing everyone, and stay well!

The Department of Disinformation - Justin McLachlan

Bog Water -  Jonathan Weisbrod

Butch. -  Rae Binstock

Internal Security -  Stefan Alexander

Love in the Time of Robots and Aliens -  David Aslan

Pandora -  Jeff Bower

Fairview  -  Mia Volta

Yokai -  Kit Modica

The Divinity Cycle  -  Nelson Downend

The Quarter Queen -  Kayla Hardy


Wickedest Man Alive  -  Autumn Cavender
The List  -  Graeme Archibald
Chivalry  -  George Alexanian
Confessions of a Hitman  -  Akevo Jenkins
THE AGE OF DESIRE  -  Suzanne Griffin
Imagination Mansion  -  Josh Corrigan
Pilotus: A Tale of Anathema  -  Bob Singleton
John of Sherwood  -  Tom Richard Santos
Who Let the Wallflowers Out?  -  Virginia Austin
Beneath The Okanagan  -  Sean Fitz-Gerald
SUNDOWNERS  -  Robert Buscemi
Tender  -  Trina Colon
Belladonna  -  Danielle Tjoelker
Objectionable Presence  -  Joanna Meyers
SALT MINE MAYHEM  -  Elizabeth Weigandt
ACRYLIC  -  Corey Farrell
Motherboard  -  Adam Scott Mazer
Loves Company  -  Jason Laurits
Pustka  -  Edel Dmytro Oksamyt
Chipmunk Charlie  -  Joe Eatherton
Comedy Eyes  -  Jeffrey Blum
Skin in the Game  -  Kofi Oliver
Barberton Daisy  -  Tiaan van Niekerk
THE DOOLING TWINS  -  Robert Rogers
Desperate Times  -  Daniel Tobin
12 STEPS TO BECOMING A LESBIAN  -  Victoria Bullock
The Femmes of Mayhem  -  Julianne Resnick
Solo Flight  -  Michael Johnson
Crips  -  Brian Koukol
Sick Birds  -  Lauren Kent
THe Aviatrix  -  Stephen Kelly
REMUS  -  Alexander Seltzer
The Language Of Wolves  -  Nan Schmid
James   - John P. Hallar
Residual  -  Cristi Rumpza
Playdate  -  Lyndal Simpson
The Bay of Piglets  -  Jake Grand
The Understudy  -  Jenna St. John
The Event  -  Izabela Borowska
American Monsters  -  Noah Jorgensen
SELF-INFLICTED  -  Edward Klau
The Vairocana  -  Jason Jacobson
When the War Came Home: 1:1  -  Stephen Scarlato
Equity  -  Elizabeth Joyce
Metal Box  -  Brayden Dalmazzone
Enter The Night  -  William Holby
Cost of Living  -  Kate Scarpetta
The Red Zone  -  TERRY PODNAR
Cross of Wotan  -  Bradley Stryker
Nobody's Heroes  -  Michael Elliott
In Dreams  -  Haley Dercher
Society of the Moon   - John Munn
Emotional Support Animal  -  Suzie Bohannon
Damsels and Dragons   -  avery koenig
THE BEAR  -  Jay Williams
Dead Language   - Tommy Tang
Maxed  -  Michael Hathcock
The Settling  -  Rachel Ingrisano
A Bullet To The Head Over Heels  -  Frank Bello
Shadowlands   - Jeremy Craig
Sunnier Climes  -  Mia Volta
Trigger Objects  -   Nik Perring
UNISON KISMET  -  Francesco Capussela
Thickest Thieves  -  Harley Jones
Trick Selfie   - Chad Wellinger
Time Hustlers  -  Andrew Hopps
Cyberpink©  -  P.A. Lopez
Apocalypse On The East Side  -  Chello C. Houston
Lilypads -   Dan Taft
Viewing  -  John Fitch
The Overturning Moment   -  Tom Holowach
The Misguided Gay Odyssey   - Alexandra Walker
Making Mead  -  David Zaccaria
Colossus  -  Samuel Joffe


Click for Quarter-Finalists

Captain Brightstar  -  Tom Armstrong
Red Hook Records  -  Jared Hada Smith
HOPIUM_treatment  -  JD Wallace
Bible Park  -  MEGAN SASS
The Paranormal P. D. pitch bible   - Jamie Marchetti
Bad Romance  -  Chad Wellinger
VOLANTINO  -  Russ Eisenman
Turf  --  Jack Gorman
Refugee  -  Ed Wiles
Blue Winter  -  Madison Sean Flannery
The Ringmaster  -  Kyle Rizor
CHASING THE DARK  -  Mike Bencivenga
Yellow Hearts SUGAR LAND TV pilot  -  tammy lynne stoner
Transcendence  -  Gavin McGibbon
Dangerous Ground  -  Brian Whiteman
Say Yes  -  Gabe Berry
The Cricket  -  Gabe Berry
Aktivator  -  James Palmer
EDWARD CARDINALD:   "THE GHOST AT..."  -   Elyssa Catalfano
East Jesus  -  Duane Graves
White Lies  -  Margaux Poupard
Beast of Virginia  -  Matthew Corley
The Passing  -  Gregory Corradino
COMPASS HILL  -  Douglas Spaltro
Mercy Dearest   - Joseph Guerrieri
Peak Water  -  John Boal
Influence  -  Melissa Ragsly
The Loveless Year  -  Stephanie Turci
NIMRODS  -  Caleb Dillon
Mr. Hugger's House  -  Dorian Frankel
Church of Gorphin  -  Mark DiStefano
Once and Future  -  Kylie Boersma
Rebooted  -  Jamaal Pittman
Identification   - Larry Collins
The Book of Raquel  -  Olga Holtz
Louella  -  Erin Cantelo
Ineffable  -  Marcus McGee
Dimebag  -  Jimmy Prosser
WORLDS APART   - Thomas Gaunt
CurioCity  -  Maxwell Gay
Electric Road  -  M. K. Ching
Inconceivable -   Lesley Fera
Diehard Fans  -  Gustavo Melo
Life During Wartime: Nowhere Fast -   Mark Bowes
Sacrificial  -  Michael Lucid
Iris  -  Carrie Fishbane
THE HOUSE OF TANG  -  Lisa Iannini
Hadleyville  -  Zach Jansen
Roaches  -  Griffin Devine
Ars gratia Artis  -  Stefan Alexander
The Red Flag  -  Grace Anderson
The Lady in the Lake  -  Casey Warfield
Cobble Hill  -  Josh Ben Friedman
Morlock  -  Anthony Povah
Aging Queens  -  Joffre Faria Silva
The Churchgoer   - Jeremiah Granden
Dead Woman Walking  -  Samuel Hutchison
A More Perfect Union -   Jonathan Weisbrod
TRICE -   Matt Foss
HONJO  -  Angelo Rocha
The Titanomachy: From Darkness  -  Mikael Holcombe-Scali
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot  -  Matthew  Domenico
Dramical  -  Adam Kelly Morton
Tears of a Clown  -  Michael Buzzelli
The Loss of Silence  -  Kevin Lyle Brunner
Message 37  -  Simon Wilkinson
LONE WOLVES  -  Luci Olivia
A Hero Complex  -  Dillon Dowell

VOYAGER  -  Kevin J. Howard
Nobody's Heroes  -  Michael Alan Elliott
The Black Paintings  -  Finn Weatherstone
Deep Reservations  -  David Schroeder, Christopher Jackson
Green River   -  Bryan Ricke
WE-MEN   - Julie Simone, Jill Sorensen
RUNESTONE:  "Dark Dangers"  -  Carey Fiock, Sterling Fiock
Innocence in a Guilty Mind  -  Paul Mortsolf
Quintana  -  William LiPera
ANEW  -  Becca Babcock
BUBBLE  -  leslie Danon


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