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Comedy "Dick 2.0" Making Waves at Filmmatic and Elsewhere

Noel Baker (left) & Henry Sarwer-Foner are a talented screenwriting team, with plenty of writing (and directing) experience under their collective belts.

Noel and Henry recently won Season 5 of the Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards with their witty comedic feature “Dick 2.0”. The viable script and talented pair have been making waves competition and agency-wise since their win, and they were kind enough to drop some insight on all of us (see below) :)

1) How long have you each been writing?

Noel: I’ve been at this for several years, working mainly in Toronto on Canadian film and television projects.

Henry: I’m mostly known as a director in Canada, but started writing seriously five or six years ago.

2) What screenwriting training have you received?

Henry: I went to film school at Concordia University in Montreal. I was also recently selected for the Whistler Film Festival Screenwriters Lab for a feature that’s currently in development.

Noel: I studied literature and took one college screenwriting course. Mostly just started writing and kept writing. I find working under contract with a gun to my head to be the best training money can buy.

3) How long have you been writing together as a team? Is this your only co-authored work?

Henry: Five or six years ago Noel was the story editor on my first screenplay. We hit it off and started collaborating on a couple of comedy TV series.

Noel: Dick 2.0 is our third collaboration and the first feature we’ve written together.