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Pop Art Film Factory Options Bradley Stryker’s “Dragon Run”

Bradley Stryker, is a talented actor, writer and Filmmatic Screenplay Awards Winner.  His screenplay, “Dragon Run”, is a feature length action/thriller set in exotic southeast Asia.  The fast-moving script features “a grieving American tourist that wakes up with a suicide bomb surgically implanted in her torso, and 48 hours to smuggle what she thinks is 3 kilos of heroin into Vietnam”.

“Dragon Run” was recently optioned by director/producer Daniel Zirilli and his company Pop Art Film Factory.  The parties agreed to an 18-month option, and the majority of production is set to take place in Thailand.

When asked about his decision to work with Zirilli and Co., Bradley (pictured left) responded “I optioned it to Daniel because he makes movies. He doesn’t just talk about making movies, he actually makes them”. (Zirilli has 50+ Producer credits in IMDB.)  He added “Daniel and I get along great because he is an up front, no bullshit kind of guy with good intentions, and so am I.  We also both love action/thrillers set in exotic locations, which is a huge plus. …And lastly, we both love making movies for the same reasons – to tell a good story with intriguing characters.”

Stryker has completed requested re-writes for Zirilli, and the project moves forward in development.  Congrats to both Bradley and Daniel, we can’t wait to see the finished project!


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