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Sci-Fi/Fantasy Competition
 Season 1 Results:

Filmmatic Sci-Fi Season 1 Final 1500x400 (1728 × 1080 px).png

Overall Winner - Season 1

Galileo  -  Richard Stokes

*Thanks once again to all who entered,

and congratulations to our Season 1 Quarterfinalists, Semifinalists, Finalists and Winner!

*Thanks as well to our amazing sponsors Finla Draft, Monday On Main Street, and InkTip!


Can't Save 'Em All!  -  Charlie Ricottone

 Battleborg  -  Mark Renshaw

 Protocol One  -  ​Geoffrey Colo

 Rim of the World  -  Chris Knauer  

 Natural Born Sinner  -  Brittney Coon

 Fix  -  Jeff Bower

 The Corpse Dresser  -  Daniel Cooper


 The Applicants  -  Justin Ballheim

 Biomass  -  Rob Tymchyshyn

 Rewinder -  Arun Narayanan


Transitions  -  Joan Butler

The Apocalypse Spell  -  Chuck Czech
The Charge Of Conception Island  -  Abbott Dodson
Black Dog Betty  -  Paul Ziller
Ulysses    steven stovall
Ot-Z: A Prehist-horror-cal Zombie Tale  -  CJ Hatch
The Age of the Empath  -  Steve Brown
Renaissance  -  David Woll
Welcome to Sex-Mart  -  David E. Bonk
World Enders  -  Amanda Keener
Pale Shelter  -  Russ Eisenman
Long Lake  -  David McQuillen
Exiles -   Mahonri Stewart
Veldt  -  Madison Sean Flannery
Tallok  -  David Luz
Solicited Mind  -  Alex Millichamp
The Realms  -  Ronald Glass
Head Girl -   Jon Platt
Mortality  -  Seamus Gearin
The Stoker Society  -  Alex Paulk
Righteous  -  Kathy Patterson
Marooned  -  Marc McCutcheon
Planet of Stones  -  David Beshears
Time Tourists  -  Josh Miller
Iron and Steel  -  Gary Blackwood
The Deadhead  -  Justin Ballheim
Hunt Man's Land  -  Ryan Skinner
What's Left Of Us  -  Rae Jones
The Countess: The Death of Dante Edmonds  -  Diana Densmore
The Lone Magpie -   Kaya Day
Loch Awe  -  Stefan Alexander
The Fixers  -  Joe McClean
Dead By Knight  -  Harley Jones
Novus Arcanum  -  Michael Maxwell
Control Z  -  Jorge  Alexandro Pulido
Please and Thank You  -  Hal Kirkland
Isobel  -  Charlie Braithe
Filter  -  James Briggs
Safari  -  Tom Firestone
Carpathos  -  Drew Englund
Badlands  -  Jack Polo
Jackrabbit  -  David Schlow
Carbon  -  Brian Penn
Past Time  -  William McGhee
Almost Human  -  Bernhard Riedhammer
Daisy Chain  -  Francisco Castro
What Liba Felt  -  Nik Perring
The Complex  -  Ryan Matta
The Tides  -  Paul Del Gesso
C.R.Y.P.T.O.  -  Mand Paskuski
How to Set the World on Fire  -  T.K. Riggins
SINder  -  Danielle R Erlich
The Witches of HR  -  Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
Peasants  -  Kristina Grosspietsch
Society of the Moon  -  Jack Warner
Saturday Morning Siege  -  Robert Walcott
Only Apparently Real  -  Michael Richter
Dark Matter  -  Rossella Di Campli
Life on the Land  -  Catherine Bonny
Emily Greene  -  J.M. Kallet
Warriors of Legend  -  Casey Warfield
Gemini World  -  Matthew Kelcourse
Into The Trees!  -  MJ Farber-Ray
Nordheim  -  Duane Graves
The Exhibitant  -  Tim Northburg
The Gunscout  -  Zach Waggoner
Alone  -  Kirk Weddell
Out of This World  -  Jeremy Pick
Drowned City  -  Brian Fingeret
Skpow!  -  Stephen Notley
Orangeade  -  Faisal Qureshi
Machines  -  Izabela Borowska
The Recycling Man  -  Carlo Ballauri
Silverlight  -  Victor Spiegel
Terms of Entanglement  -  David Schroeder
The Siphonist  -  Joel Karlinsky
The Stranger  -  David Herzfeld
Enigma  -  Christian Maxwell
Star Trek: Humanoid Resources  -  Ellie Simon
The Halfway Initiative  -  Amy Whittenberger
Displacement  -  Toby Marks
Sons Of The Dollar  -  Guilherme Viegas
The Lottery  -  Victor Ridaura
Gamer Girl's Nightmare Odyssey  -  Tom Burke
The Non-Prophet  -  Ari Donnelly
Blackout  -  Angelique Letizia
Slayer  -  Alain Loubeau
Instant Justice  -  Dan Buckley
The Audit  -  Giuseppe Cocca
Starfall  -  Seda Anbarci
Corius  -  Jason Balas
Pangea  -  T. C. Smith
Mischevious  -  Warren Lane
Deliverance  -  Olga Holtz
Rulers of Wander-land  -  Courtney Bowen
The Affected  -  Shane  Harbinson
Songs of Fog and Light  -  Brian Wapole
Lifepasser  -  Ted Bronson
The Last Prison  -  Richard Geiwitz

Sixgun Saint  -  Warren Lane
The Unseen  -  Shiva Ramanathan
The Menagerie  -  Kyle Rizor
My Real Imaginary Friends  -  Kyle Rizor
Mecha Madhouse  -  Stan Evans
Nomad  -  Jeremy Brown
Unison Kismet: The Twin Samaritan  -  Francesco Capussela
The Titanomachy: From Darkness  -  Mikael Holcombe-Scali
Time Hustlers  -  Andrew Hopps
Star Crossed  -  Rodolfo Salas
Crowns Of Capfici  -  Carol Bass
Nightfall  -  Matt Curtsinger
The Warrior Summit  -  Geaux Francois
Sandstorm  -  TERRY PODNAR
METAMORPHOSIS  -  Robert Wooldridge
Coy Dog  -  Matthew Corley


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