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Check out the Hollywood International Screenwriting Competition

silver on blk

Hollywood is the home of the entertainment industry, and the Hollywood International Screenwriting Competition was created by a passionate group of industry executives to get talented writers the exposure they deserve.  The competition’s goal is to connect great writers with seasoned production professionals. Competition winners will be circulated to Hollywood managers, …

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Jason Brubaker on the Several Paths to Filmmaking

Jason Brubaker2

Jason Brubaker is a Los Angeles-based movie distribution executive specializing in direct to consumer distribution strategies. As the founder of Brubaker Unlimited, he currently consults with media companies, rights holders and content creators to develop strategies to source content, maximize distribution, grow audiences, build buzz and create community around each …

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The ICFFA Summer Awards coming to Hollywood, June 19th


The Independent Cinema Foundation is dedicated to making the on-screen creative process accessible to everyone and visible for all to enjoy.  They educate with workshops, seminars and round tables, and elevate by reward and recognition at film festivals and awards presentations. They also entertain the movie-going public via sales and …

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Meet Screenwriter Tom Rico

God Particle1

Tom Rico is an accomplished screenwriter, whose post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller “The God Particle – Resurrection” has garnered numerous accolades on the screenwriting competition circuit, including a win for best Science Fiction work in our own Filmmatic Screenplay Awards ( We caught up with Tom after his win and asked him …

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Meet Screenwriter Karleen McSherry


Karleen McSherry is a passionate screenwriter, who also happened to garner a Finalist placement in our initial (2016) season of the Filmmatic Screenplay Awards for her amazing science fiction screenplay “Land of Light”.  Marleen also attended Filmmatic’s annual Sundance networking event, “Monday on Mainstreet”.  I asked Karleen as we drank …

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