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Forward Momentum for Benjamin Font

Filmmatic Winner Benjamin Font (for his Comedic feature Manufacturing Co.) was recently named one of The ISA’s Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2024, and has been known to frequent Coverfly's coveted Red List. His films have premiered favorably at Tribeca, Napa Valley, and Portland Film Festivals. He has also authored ten books, including his forthcoming collection Again and Again Then The End.

A self-taught artist and storyteller from Lincoln, Nebraska, Font has completed three feature films to date – including Orion Pictures’ Dreamland and the dark holiday comedy Madness, Farewell. The New York Times declared Dreamland "a smart, understated sex comedy," and Film Threat called Madness, Farewell, "an excellent companion to your Christmas blues." Benjamin also creates short films, music videos, and sketches, and is the current host of The N’Night Show.

Benjamin recently partnered with Executive Producers Ted Genoways and Mary Anne Andrei of Tulsa University's Switchyard Magazine to bring Miciah Bay Gault's short "Greta" to life. The strange and stylish ghost story stars Cat Limket and Michael Bow along with Font's producing partner, Emanuel Borria. Font directed, produced, and scribed the adapted screenplay.

"Greta" was produced in association with Marc Carlini of Tilt/Shift Films (DreamlandShe's in Portland) and is currently in post. The film is expected to premiere in the coming months, whilst Benjamin is busy developing another project with the Tilt/Shift team.

Font currently resides in LA where he works resolutely as a freelance writer/filmmaker, independently developing his own feature and pilot projects. Discover more about Benjamin Font HERE, and please feel free to reach out to Filmmatic for a direct introduction.


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